The 7 best school cases according to ages Discover them!

Easter holidays are just around the corner and who does not like to return to school with something new? In school the most important thing is to study and think about the future, but for this it is necessary that children have all the school supplies they will need over the years Since when do you change your child's case? /daughter? Today we tell you which are the best cases school so your kid can keep his pencils, erasers, pens and other school materials Let's start!

The best school cases according to ages

The 7 best school cases according to ages Discover them!

What did you use when you went to school? What drawings, themes or colors did he have? What was your favorite thing about your school kit? There are so many variants that it is difficult to choose which is the best, especially since it depends on the amount of tools you want to keep, the weight you are willing to carry, the colors or themes that you like and the style of the case that you find more practical, comfortable and safe. The best sellers, because they usually collect the best features, are:

1. Fabric and zipper

The classic that even our grandmothers used when they were going to take classes at school. These are the school cases simpler, but also the safest to manage because it is difficult for school supplies to fall out when they fall without opening the zipper, in addition, the fabric hardly carries the backpack with weight and are available in almost any color, theme or drawing that the children of the house may want, so Finding a cloth and zipper case and "such" or "which" character will not be difficult. This case is ideal for all ages because of its simplicity.

2. Multi-storey

They were very fashionable in the early 2000s (you probably remember them) and today they are even used by artists of the drawing and, even, to store makeup tools (such as brushes, eyeliners, etc.). These cases have the convenience that we can organize school supplies by sections, for example: in one section the pencils, in another the pens and in another, utensils such as scissors or ruler, etc.

In addition, they are available in various models and materials : we have the classic circular cloth, some more hard type folder with pencil holders, with removable compartments if they are metal or plastic, etc. These are ideal for the primary, because they allow to carry more things.

3. With pen holders

Perfect for the practice of the baccalaureate , are the most comfortable when writing or drawing because they allow you to have the case on the table, open, while you are in classes or doing the task without fear that things will get too messy in case of falling, so it will only be It is necessary to lift it off the floor and continue with it.

In addition, school cases with pen holders allow to maintain the order of school supplies for longer ; there are also some that combine this option with the multi-story option. Look for them in your children's favorite models!

The 7 best school cases according to ages Discover them! one

4. Coloring

One of the problems of buying cloth cases for children in preschool or early age is that they tend to scratch everything True? Then not only the cases but the backpack, the flannels, the apron and others are adorned by scribbles of colors.

So as not to truncate the imagination of kids and prevent you from having a heart attack when you see the colored stripes in the case, you can buy cloth cases coloring : they are made of a washable material that allows to take out the marks of colors and markers, so that you and your students will be super happy: they will be able to draw and you will be able to maintain the cleanliness.

5. Metal

Very popular between the 80s and 90s, metal cases may be somewhat scandalous to fall Who has not given a scare a metal case? But also They usually love children . They are usually divided into removable compartments and are of small sizes, so the organization will not be a problem They will have everything at hand quickly and there will not be too much space to mess up. In addition, they are the ones that get dirty less quickly and those that are cleaned with less difficulty. They are ideal for primary and high school.

6. Acrylic

Surely, when you went to school, you wanted one of these, or are you going to deny it? They may be large and bulky, but it is impossible to deny that everything fits here: pencils, pens, pencil sharpeners, scissors, erasers, rules, etc. In addition, they are also usually divided by compartments that, together with their characteristic of firm material, allow to keep everything in order and some have removable options. They are ideal for primary and high school, yes: make sure that the color and designs are the taste of who will use them.

7. With padlock

What is usually the biggest problem when using metal or acrylic cases? You're right, when they fall : the sound is loud and everything flies from the case, messing up and rolling on the floor. To avoid this problem, you can continue opting for these cases, but with the variant of the lock, so they will only open if you allow it. This option is better to use after 8 years , so that the key is not lost (and so they can go practicing for the keys of the house).

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