The 7 best countries to study and work abroad

Are you planning to live abroad? Have you stopped to think which countries to study and work better adapt to your needs? Undoubtedly, it is an experience that can open many doors, not only work but also personal. An adventure that sometimes it only appears once in a lifetime and that the people who know how to take advantage of the opportunity, end up remembering and thanking forever.

In this article we want to encourage you to live your own experience of study and work abroad. It is for this reason that we have compiled for you all the information you need to make the jump: we have spoken with all members of the GrowPro Experience team to tell us about their experience, give us their best advice and we can share it with you.

Think no more! You are one step away from changing your life forever. You dare?

10 Reasons to study and work abroad

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  • Improve your chances of finding work. Having had an experience of international study and work is a factor that employers value highly. It shows independence, value and ability to adapt. Also, if this experience has given you the opportunity to develop your career with a vocational course, or if it has allowed you to improve your knowledge in a language, better than better.
  • It makes you leave your comfort zone. Leaving our comfort zone is important because it makes us develop new skills, puts us to the test and gives us a boost of motivation when we realize that we are capable of doing so. The new challenges that you will face in a different country will make you grow as a person.
  • It is a great way to know a country. Visiting a country during a vacation is great but unfortunately in 15 days you do not have time to get to know it thoroughly or integrate into your lifestyle. On the other hand, if you have the opportunity to live and work during a long season, you will be able to discover the most special corners of the country, integrate yourself in its culture and really live the experience that country can offer you.
  • You make friends from all over the world. In most countries to study and work that have good conditions it is easy to find more people from all over the world in your same situation and without a doubt either at school or at work they end up making great friendships. Friendships from around the world with which you can live hundreds of adventures and once your experience is over will continue to be important for you. Of course ... then you will have to visit them in their respective countries!
  • You can learn languages. If you travel to a country that has a language different from yours, it will be a great opportunity to learn it. It is for this reason that many of the best countries to study and work are Anglo-Saxons, because they are a good opportunity to learn or improve English. And you know ... there is no better way to learn it than by practicing it in a country where it is spoken.
  • You know yourself better. Sometimes we need to take our day-to-day distance, our friends, our family and even our country, to discover who we are and what we want to do in life. It is for this reason that many people who live an experience of study and work abroad, when they return to their countries, have much clearer ideas about their future.
  • It brings you to travel to other countries. Besides studying and working, you will also have vacations and free time that you can take advantage of to travel. If you also have the luck to live this experience in a country far from your native country, it will open a whole world of possibilities for you to travel to other countries that are now close but that from your home were very far away. It is for this reason that many of the people who decide for example to study and work in Australia, end up visiting also New Zealand or Indonesia.
  • International quality training. Most countries to study and work abroad under the best conditions are accustomed to a constant flow of people from all over the world who intend to improve their careers. This makes many schools that offer high quality training and international recognition for all types of courses.
  • You live new experiences. Living in another country for a while, out of environment, away from your friends and away from your routine allows you to venture to do things you had never done before. Learning to cook in Spain? Diving in Australia? To take a parachute in New Zealand? Or, maybe try skiing in Canada? There are many options and you will surely fall in love with any of them.
  • An experience that you remember all your life. There are experiences that come to you very deep, that make us fall in love and change us for a lifetime. These vital experiences are stored in our memory, we always remember them and we share anecdotes and experiences. Undoubtedly living an experience in one of the best countries to study and work abroad will be something you will never forget. You have to fill your whole life with experiences like this!

The 7 best countries to study and work abroad

1. Australia

Countries to study and work 1

Australia is undoubtedly one of the best countries to study and work abroad. Really! It gathers all the requirements that can be expected for an experience like this: good quality of life, a large number of job opportunities, a first level academic education, an open and multicultural mentality and of course ... Pure natural beauty!

To begin it is important to know that With the student visa you can work in Australia while studying. Ideal for you to pay your expenses! It is also very easy to find work, since there is hardly any unemployment in this country and the best part is that the salaries are very high if you compare them with those in Spain or Latin America.

To live an experience like this the best is to have the help of an agency like GrowPro Experience , that for free advises you, does the paperwork with the schools (it is necessary to do a course with a school to obtain the student visa), manage your visa and help you throughout the experience. These are some examples of the experiences they offer. -> Consult Experiences

2. Canada

Countries to study and work 2

Another of the best countries to study and work abroad is Canada. It is the country of Most impressive National Parks of the world: forests, mountains, lakes, flora and fauna in its purest form. A destination that Enables lovers of nature and adventure .

But in addition to the unquestionable beauty of Canada , there are many other interesting factors why you should think about this destination for your experience. The standard of living in Canada is high, it is easy to find work, wages are good and its cities are very welcoming. Nor can we forget that it is a country where English and French are spoken, so it is a good opportunity to learn these languages.

Unlike other countries in Canada You can not work if you are going to study languages , you can only work with the student visa if you are going to do a Career Program that are basically courses oriented to a work aspect: business, marketing, hospitality, design and any sector that comes to mind. You can check the best courses on this link -> Consult Experiences

3. Sweden

Countries to study and work 3

Sweden stands out for having an incredibly solid educational system : its schools and universities that are among the best in the world and has one of the highest literacy rates on the planet.

Pioneer in the adoption of new technologies, it is one of the most developed societies, where the blurred differences between social hierarchies guarantee the flow of ideas, opinions and creativity among its inhabitants . In addition, it has the advantage that although Swedish is the official language, most Swedes have fairly advanced English. So communication will not be a problem!

But Sweden has much more to offer its inhabitants. Their awareness of sustainability allows their globalized culture to coexist in harmony with its nature , full of mountains and frozen lakes. Also, remember that it is the country of the Northern Lights. A show that you can not miss!

4. United Kingdom

Countries to study and work 4

Considered the cradle of English, the United Kingdom has always stood out as one of the most demanded countries to study and work abroad. And it's not surprising, since it has a wide range of internationally recognized and valued courses .

Undoubtedly, its cosmopolitan city par excellence is London, one of the capitals of fashion, art and culture. Thanks to its multicultural character, will make you feel at home from the first moment , saving you the cultural shock process and opening your arms to integrate yourself in your labor market.

Without yes, we must not forget other equally interesting and perhaps more original options, such as Manchester, a city imbued with its football passion and a flourishing music scene. In any case, the economic and human development It will make your stay free from big worries.

5. New Zealand

Countries to study and work 5

Studying and working in New Zealand is doing it in a country recognized for its safety and freedom . Its economy is rich and developed and, in fact, its main cities are among the main ones with the highest quality of life in the world.

New Zealand offers great facilities when finding work in a dynamic market , promising and competitive. The New Zealand education system, on the other hand, sits on the foundations of the British educational system, so that its titles have an international level. Taking all this into account, opting for a professional career in the country is an intelligent bet. You can discover the best study and work experiences in New Zealand at this link -> Consult Experiences

But the balance between work and free time is one of the fundamental pillars of the kiwi lifestyle. And it is that it can not be ignored that it is a country to get lost in, with exuberant landscapes ideal for lovers of adventure sports as well as fans of the Lord of the Rings, The Chronicles of Narnia or The Last Samurai (if you feel like it, here you can discover more curiosities of New Zealand ).

6. Germany

Countries to study and work 6

Germany is a country that is worth knowing for its fascinating history and culture . It has a good tourist structure that offers entertainment for all tastes, from the most traditional to the most modern.

Regarding the standard of living, let's be honest: it is high, but the salaries are also generous and, in addition, work schedules allow a perfect combination of professional and personal life. Yes, the opportunities are endless in such cosmopolitan cities like Berlin, Munich or Frankfurt.

It also highlights its high academic level, quite economic costs compared to large destinations like the United States. Who knows, maybe in your free time you will start learning German ... In addition, thanks to its situation in the heart of Europe, you will be able to know many other countries of the continent.

7. Ireland

Countries to study and work 7

Ireland will give you a warm welcome! And it is that thanks to its accentuated sense of community, it is about one of the most welcoming societies that you can find Of course, do not think that the love they feel for their history stops them from modernizing. In fact, he is well acquainted with technology and has prodigious institutions, especially in Dublin.

While it is true that you will love traveling around the country marveling with your green landscapes, its charming villages and its unique wild coasts , another reason why Ireland is an option to consider is its location close to Europe, which will allow you to travel with ease.

Also, if your goal is to learn English at a good level, the particularity and complexity of his accent will train you to be able to decipher any type of pronunciation. There will be no one to stop you!

10 Tips for studying and working abroad

1. Select the country that best suits what you are looking for

As you have seen in our list, there are many countries to study and work abroad that are really interesting. For this reason, the first thing you should do is be honest with yourself and select the one that best suits your needs and tastes . Think about how factors such as weather or food can influence your mood.

Of course, you must also be realistic and practical, taking into account that you can meet the entry requirements . Surely between one aspect and another you will shorten your list of countries to study and work and arrive quickly at the final proposals.

2. Save money

Countries to study and work 8

Although you are going to work in the country and will be able to cover a large part of your expenses, it is important that you prepare yourself economically to study and work abroad. First, because you will need to make an initial investment to pay for flights, the initial payments of the school in which you are going to study, the lodging and the maintenance until you find a job.

Second, it is important to save because many countries to study and work require you to present funds that show you have enough money to be able to stay in the country even if it's initial. How much you need to save will depend a lot on the country you choose, the studies you want to study and the standard of living you are used to.

3. Investigate the study options that interest you most

As we have said, many of the best countries to study and work abroad have a high educational quality , so they provide an opportunity that you can not afford to miss. Reflect on where you want to face your future and investigate the study options that interest you most.

You must pay Special attention to the different courses that are at your disposal and, above all, the conditions to which it is subject. This is especially important if you want to combine your studies with a job that allows you to cover your expenses.

4. Do not leave everything for the last moment

Improvising is a tempting option when traveling that adds a very attractive adventure bonus. However, we are sorry to tell you that this will not be the best occasion to delay the details until the last moment. Otherwise, your arrival will be excessively stressful.

Arriving in an unknown country where you do not handle the language and above you do not know anyone is always hard, so a good organization will help you to lighten the contact during the first days if you know what you should do at each moment. Make us cases: decide how you will use your first days in the new destination and take off all the possible procedures as soon as possible, the better.

5. Open your mind and do not be afraid of anything

The most usual thing is that during the first hours you feel a little out of place. After all, you find yourself in an environment that is not yours and you must get by with completely new tools . However, be assured that these sensations will change drastically as you assimilate the change of your life and adapt to the new circumstances.

After the first days, your curiosity will begin to awaken and you will be invaded by the desire to go out and discover new corners and people. That is why we advise you to keep your mind open and do not refuse to try new things. Your confidence and self-esteem will grow to levels you had never imagined .

6. Help from a specialized agency

Preparing a trip abroad is not a simple procedure, especially when the stay is long. It requires great dedication both in time and attention, including exhaustive searches of information to find out all the necessary requirements facing our entry and stay in the country.

It is at this point that the specialized agencies In countries to study and work come into play as a truly interesting option. They have all the updated data, so not only can you solve every little question that arises, but also can take full responsibility for all the paperwork .

7. Investigate the country before traveling

After having decided which of the countries to study and work for, you will have to go deeper into all the information that is at your fingertips . Traveling abroad to establish yourself during a season is not a simple process: it requires you to be informed about all the details imaginable.

From simple questions such as the essential places you must visit, taking advantage of your free time to requirements to guarantee your well-being in the country . To give an example, an issue that you should not ignore is the hiring of health insurance in those countries to study and work where health is private. Otherwise, the costs will come out for an arm and a leg.

8. Improve your language before arriving

It is likely that during the days leading up to your trip you feel especially nervous, and that this nervousness will accompany you in your first hours in your destiny. To reduce this feeling and give you an injection of confidence, we recommend that you try to improve your language level before arriving.

In this way, you can face your arrival with the freshest language, more by the hand, what you will greatly facilitate the adaptation stage . Your options are varied: from resorting to a language exchange to doing everyday activities such as watching a movie or reading the news in the target language. You will see how it is very helpful!

9. Do not take definitive accommodation until you arrive in the country

Many people make the mistake of looking for their final accommodation before traveling to the country . What they are trying to do is make sure that they will not miss a home; but this presents several problems:

  • If you do not visit the accommodation in person, you may be deceived by the photos or even by the buyer.
  • You will not know your roommates until the moment you arrive.
  • The area you have chosen to live may not be the one you like the most when you get there.
  • Sometimes, the floors that are offered online are more expensive than you can find thanks to word of mouth once you are there.

The best advice is that you take a temporary shelter for the first weeks , in a hostel or similar, that allows you to explore the area and visit from there what will be your definitive accommodation (or at least one more stable).

10. Live and enjoy the experience because it flies by!

Countries to study and work 9

Regardless of how well or badly the language is given a priori, launching yourself to the adventure of studying and working abroad is an experience you will never forget . Not only for the professional benefits that may derive from it, but especially for the personal enrichment that will provide.

When you leave your comfort zone, you will grow emotionally, and surely you will meet unique people from all over the world along the way. It is important that you keep this idea in mind so that you can squeeze each and every one of the moments to the maximum there lived, because, I warned you, it will fly by ...

We hope you enjoyed this article, our selection of countries to study and work abroad and the advice we have offered you. Now it's your turn, you have to take the step and venture to enjoy this great life experience. If you talk to people who have already lived it, you will surely convince yourself!

For now, we encourage you to leave us your impressions in the comments section. Which of the countries to study and work that we have proposed to you would be your favorite and for what reasons? What would you like to study abroad? Share with us your thoughts about it, we will be looking forward to meet you!

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