The 65 Best Phrases of Cantinflas

I leave you the best Cantinflas phrases , Probably the best Mexican comedian in history. He was an actor and won the Golden Globe in 1956.

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1- There's the detail! That is neither the one nor the other, but the opposite.

2-"There are moments in life that are truly momentary"

3-"The moments happen and the minutes too... and then to the seconds. Then, from second to second, grab the second air. And then you're so cool that you are. And one so in love."

4- Democracy, you see, according to the Spanish language translated into Castilian, it means demo, like who says Dimo ​​and Dimo ​​with what we stay.

5 -"As the great poet said, he did not say anything because he was not given time, but as Chicaspear said, the 'philosophy' of life is' to be or not to be ', which means' I saw you or not'."

6 -"And as Napoleon said: He that divides and divides, it is his Bonaparte."

7-"I do not suspect anyone, but I distrust everyone."

8-"If a sacrifice is needed, I surrender my part and take yours."

9-"We are at war because we are already. For what reasons, you will tell me. And I will answer: fundamental reasons that every conglomerate must understand and there are three: the first, the second and the third. What things are true? So that's it."

10-"God said goodbye (to Adam and Eve). But before saying goodbye, he said to them,"They will eat the bread with the sweat of their brow."

11-"Something bad must have the job, or the rich would have grabbed it."

12-"The world should laugh more, but after having eaten."

13-"Artist: name given to many craftsmen."

14-"I am not for you to tell me, neither am I to tell you..."

15-"I love, you love, he loves, we love, you love, you love. I wish it were not conjugation but reality."

16-"Tons, as it says..."

17-"Or we act as knights, or as we are."

18-"Not that boring?"

19-"For me all ideas are respectable even if they are 'ideítas' or 'ideotas'."

20-"How do you say he said he said?"

21-"Here I am before you and you in front of me... and it is a truth that no one can deny."

22-"Underdeveloped countries tend to develop into a natural unwinding because if we do not wind up."

23-"I am here because I am nowhere."

24-"Something bad must have the job, or the rich would have grabbed it."

25-"If a sacrifice is needed... I surrender my part and take yours."

26-"People who hear me, Artist: name that many craftsmen give themselves. Here I am before you and you in front of me and it is a truth that nobody can deny. And now I ask myself, and why am I here?"

27-"I think that Humanism is intimately linked to the evolution of people, to the overcoming of the Human Being. And the reason for my life has been overcoming."

28-"If I had chosen to be a carpenter, I would be a good carpenter; If he had been an electrician, he would now be a very good electrician. I always believed that overcoming the office is linked to the overcoming of the whole being."

29 -"He who sets the foot, and recognizes its lack, proves its value, recognizing its lack."

30-"The world should laugh more, but after having eaten."

31-"The first obligation of every human being is to be happy, the second is to make others happy."

32-"Or we act as knights, or as we are."

33-"We are in an era, in which man, scientifically and technologically... is a giant. But morally... he's a pygmy."

34-"If only we ruled our lives for the sublime words that 2000 years ago said that humble carpenter of simple Galilee, barefoot, without frak and decorations 'love, love one another.'"

35-"Unfortunately, you misunderstood and confused the terms. And what have they done? What do they do? Arm yourselves against each other. I said."

36-"The difficult thing I do immediately, the impossible I take a little more."

37-"I love, you love, love you, we love, you love, you love.
I wish it were not conjugation but reality."

38-"Humor is a serious thing and seriousness is a thing to be taken with humor."

39-"I have a doubt: is everything very expensive or is it that I am poor?"

40-"Political power is simply the organized power of one class to oppress another."

41-"How do you say he said he said?"

42-"At your orders boss!!!"

43-"This tool I brought her from Paris, I made French, pure acerier, no hojalatier."

44-"I like the bouquet and the bile, it's like to raise a dead man."

"If he does not suppose it, he means that he does not know what he is saying and if he does not know what he is saying, he means that it is based on pure speech and I have never known anyone to be judged by pure speech. "

46-"As you are committing arbitrariness with us, as you are not in the right, we believe and you must also believe as conscious people who are you, say: 'these honest, decent, good families are set free.' "

47-"Very curious but you are also working without necessity and the one who works on Sunday God punishes him."

48-"Well, the little flame, seven months, because he was born very weak, and you have the problem of food, and then the llamas do not talk and of course we give him his lechita with peppermint so he does not fall heavy, That its merengue, its atolito."

"Well, I should know where you think I am, I am where I should not be and you are in your place, so that you stay and I go."

50-"So you believe that I acted with premedication, alebaca and breeze, and how do you know so many things?"

51-"Have you seen? He does not know what to answer, he'd better confess or worse, you never told him to be discovered and you discovered him, you robbed the bank, he blew up the vaults, you beat this poor, helpless old man abusing his decrepitude."

52-"This execution has no value because they claim the income accrued according to contract and income is not 80 pesos but 40, article, law, cases provided for in the Executive Committee of Water and Flood against Alcañales, as that says: Article 3418 of the Law on Taxes on Difficult Jumps'. How did you see her colleague?"

53-"You do not shout at me condemned, you are outlawed. I am going to consign you to them if you do not leave me, by usurpation of power, burglary with premeditation, treachery and wind, insult to a defenseless lady and besides that, noone to the honorable bar of lawyers to which I do not have the Pleasure to belong."

"Give me another drink, this one with more uranium."

55-"Grammar is art or science, because in this we have not agreed, which teaches us to read and write correctly the Spanish language."

56-"The verb conjugate is conjugated in this form: the conjugate, she conjugates, you conjugate, they conjugate, your conjugate and I conjugate, this is because I like the orange."

57-"If I am not in the class here, why do the years pass through me? Although it seems mature, I am emphasizing the 17 April."

"It's better, of course, than figured out, but tell the bearded man not to look at me, since he came in, he's looking at me and he's going to hurt me."

59-"Legal medicine is the whole of an essence that we could call ourselves according to physiology. You have two classes of legal medicine, the medicine that is already legal being legalized and we have the physiology or antonomy master."

60-"The law of gravity is a law like there are many that is useless."

61-"The law is the law, is not it? That's why everything depends on the lock, the blow when falling, the harder the lock, the harder the blow."

62-"We were not going to pay in easy installments? There is the bad thing, the fertilizers are easy but to pay them are redo."

63-"I'm going to write your girlfriend in pure onion paper so she lets go crying as soon as she lets her eyes out."

64-"I do not advise you to get married in winter, the winter is very cold and you are already very Friday, better wait for spring, feel more romantic and much more fufurufu."

"It is what I say, who am I and what am I looking for here? Nothing. Do you know me? No, right? I do not know you either and as you are playing sheriffs and thieves, I retire."

66-"Atoms are something you naturally do not understand because they are things you do not see. They are particles that come being, that grabbing a force that when rubbing Do you know the chinampinas? Much more dangerous man."

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