The 63 Best Phrases of Vegeta

I leave you the best Phrases from Vegeta , One of the main characters of the anime series Dragon Ball.

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The 63 Best Phrases of Vegeta

1-"I will take care of everything. You do not have to try training Kakaroto, I'm sure you would not stand it. Besides, I guarantee that I will not need your help to take care of the androids."

2- [To Trunks]"Shut up kid! Where is your honor? Like all pure blood Saiyans, Kakaroto would rather die fighting than win with the help of the hermit's seeds! He trained in the time room like us!"

3- [To Babidi]"You can control my body and my mind but there is something that a Saiyan will always have, his pride!"

4-"There is something safe in life. The strongest is above anyone and can conquer all!"

5-"This is too much, it is enough that Kakaroto surpasses me in power, but now his son too?"

6-"How could I let this happen to my son? He sacrificed everything for me and I did nothing but ignore it! Do not! There is still time to change things! Cell, you made me mad! You humiliated me, you made fun of my Saiyajin lineage, but you got very far!"

7-"These dragon spheres caught my attention. Think of the possibilities Nappa, if we can seize these spheres, we can want anything we want. Do not you think it's worth traveling to earth?"

8- [About Goku]"He has completely defeated me. First with his own actions and then through those of his son."

9- [About Goku]"How? How dare you die like that? I never had the opportunity to test my strength against you. You died without fear. How does that leave me? I am not a warrior and I will never fight again."

10-"I find it hard to believe that my cells are in your body. How did you turn out to be so ugly? What a waste. Although it's obvious where you got your strength."

11-"Kakaroto, you're awesome, I never had a chance against Buu, you're the only one who can fight him."

12-"I think I understand why a genius like me could never overcome you, I thought it was because you had someone to protect. I thought your urge to protect allowed you to use your skills, this could be a reason."

13-"I fought as I wished, because it was fun to kill my enemies and feed my ego. You're different, fights not to win but because you refuse to lose, going beyond your limits no matter who your opponent is."

14-"When you did not kill me, it was because you saw that other people could care about me like now. Kakaroto, you're number one."

15- [To Android 18]"Let me ask you, is a machine like you afraid?"

16-"While I was with you, I became one of your own. It was despicable. I even had a family and the land seemed to me a beautiful place to live."

17-"Trunks, never hold you when you baby, let me do it now."

18-"What happens Freezer? Is your brain another weak, unused muscle?"

19-"Kakaroto! Avoid the next attack if you can, if not right, this planet will be broken!"

20- [To Cell]"Are you ready to witness a power that has not been seen in thousands of years?"

21-"Yes, Cell's perfect form is complete. He will soon be the strongest opponent I have ever faced."

22-"I say let him be transformed. If Cell destroys androids, it will save me work! Fighting a single battle is simpler than four. I do not care how strong he becomes. I'll beat him!"

"Now, if any of you want to go for Cell or the droids while you're gone. Welcome, I'll finish the job once it fails."

24-"Do not remind me. I'm so upset that hurting someone like you is the therapy I need."

25-"Strength is the only thing that means something to me."

26-"Hear me! I do not care about the people on earth but I promise I'll destroy Cell."

27-"This can not be happening. Each time I grow stronger, a greater power appears to challenge me. It's as if fate makes fun of me with a smile, as Kakaroto does."

"It sounds incredible. With that merger Piccolo has become stronger than me, even being Super Saiyajin. It is impossible! It's nothing more than a simple Namek!"

29-"Go play if you fancy but leave me Cell. I do not want anyone getting in my way, do you understand?"

30- [To Majin Buu]"You are nobody, only a magician I am a warrior! The prince of the Saiyans! Vegeta!!"

31-"Hey Kakaroto, next time I'll be the Super Saiyan God and you better cooperate!"

32- [To Beerus]"How dare you! That's my Bulma, miserable!"

33- [To Freezer]"At least try to die with honor and do not dream of reviving again."

34- [A Freezer]"Thank you for the offer but I can not. That Kakaroto bug can be very annoying, but our rivalry is what drives me to be stronger. I can not kill him."

"I tried to warn you, but here you are. I think you'll always be a naive idiot."

36-"Your fight is with me Kakaroto, unless you want more people dead in your consciousness."

"Tell me Kakaroto, are you a slave when you have what you want?"

38-"You do not mind Gohan. For a warrior yes and you know as well as I that Kakaroto will return to the other world in one day, I will not miss the opportunity."

39- [To Kaio Shin]"Not important eh? What do you know? I spent most of my life under someone else's orders! I watched my race diminish at the hands of a few, tell me it's more important than your own strength!"

40-"I have the blood of a Saiyan prince in me, Kakaroto is only a low-class soldier! Even so I had to see him overcome me, my fate went to waste."

41-"Kararoto even saved my life as if he were a helpless child, he robbed me of my honor and his debts must be settled!"

42- [To Babidi]"Get out of my head! They will not distract me anymore! You will need more than your mind games to stop me!"

43-"I am the ruler of all the Saiyajin, even of you Broly!"

"I'm a prince! The prince of the Saiyans! Why should I give my strength to a lower-class warrior like you? Tell me why!"

45- [To Android 18]"If you give up now, I promise I will make you useful, like a toaster or a washing machine."

46-"You ran out of guarantee with me a while ago, you're going to be recycled!"

47-"There are very few who train as hard as I do to achieve this kind of power."

48-"Thou hast bowed down to me, thine enemy in the quarrel. That's like giving up. I can not tolerate a Saiyan who acts that way."

49-"Kakaroto, I have accepted the fact that you are the strongest Saiyan, but even so, I have no intention of being Saiyajin number two! One day I'll beat you! I will defeat everyone in the universe! I'll be number one!"

50- [To Majin Buu]"You're a fool, I'm going to tear you to pieces. There will not be a trace left of you!"

"Trunks, Bulma, this is for you. This is also for you Kakaroto."

"You've been a good person, Kakaroto, not me. The other world is not for me. Fighting against him will be bread, much better than my existence on earth."

53-"Merge with you? I'd rather be dead!"

54- [To Goku] You want my help? You got the guts to come and ask me that! Do you think I do not know what you did to me?

55-"I was in the other world! I know about your technique, your Super Saiyan phase 3. You hid it from me in our fight, you made me think I could beat you!"

"Enough of your lies! You are an insect! Do not you see my humiliation? Get out of me!"

57-"So I'm right, After three millennia, it finally happened. A new Super Saiyan has emerged and I, the prince of the Saiyan, have been the witness of this lower-class warrior."

"I am the only one who understands that he has become even better than himself. If Kakaroto could do it, then I can too! Until then, I am at your mercy. He is the strongest Saiyan of the universe."

"Hey! What is happening? Curse! I do not feel different, this is how it should happen or not? Someone say something! Am I immortal or not?"

"Is that all? It's over? You mean when that guy dies, dragon spheres are useless?"

61- [To Trunks]"Fool, do not concentrate on beating Goku Black! Look beyond him. Strive to be the strongest in the universe! You have Saiyan blood in your veins! My blood!"

62- [To Trunks]"You have that Mai girl to protect. If things go wrong, you and she should take the time machine into the past, you know?"

63- [To Goku]"He destroyed our home planet, it was him. Your father and mine, the whole planet, he broke it, nobody survived except us, ask him if you want. He'll tell you, he's proud of that."

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