The 60 Best Educational Films (Kids, Teens and Adults)

I bring you a list with the best Educational films For children, adolescents and adults. If you think there is something missing from this genre, you can leave it in the comments.

Are you one who loves teaching or educational topics and can combine it with audiovisual productions? Would you like to teach values ​​or aptitudes to your children or students?

Educational films for young people

Like other genres such as mystery, police, animation or war, the cinema has also dedicated throughout its history a space linked to educational concepts.

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Great educational films for children, teens and adults

1- The club of dead poets

Dead poets society

Possibly the most famous film about education of all time.

It tells how a literature professor comes as a substitute for a few days to the institute. The teacher, played by Robin Williams, awakens the love of literature in his students and instills values ​​such as the famous"carpe diem".

The predisposition of the students is such that they create a reading club, becoming the central axis of the film

2- A wonderful mind

An amazing mind

Winner of the Oscar in 2001, this film starring Russell Crowe will not disappoint you.

His plot counts as a young man with a prodigious mind, capable of solving any mathematical problem, and truncates his career and his personal life when he discovers that he suffers schizophrenia .

In spite of this, the disease will not be an impediment to be able to aspire to achieve great milestones in his life.

3- The boys of the choir

The boys of the choir

Film that moves us in the late forties in the middle of World War II.

Clèment, a teacher frustrated due to the rules imposed by his school, decides to create a choir in order to cope with the dictates imposed on him.

The soundtrack of the film is considered one of the best in film history.

4- Between Teachers

Between Teachers

Between Teachers It is not a film, but a documentary that gives us the experience of a teacher during twelve days of class with a group of eleven students.

For almost an hour and a half, you will know what a series of educational classes can give you and the effect and influence they can have on young boys.

5- Agora


One of the most lauded Spanish feature films of recent times. Directed by Alexander Amenabar, the plot moves us to the root of the education that was imparted in the first centuries after Christ.

The location is Alexandria and the protagonist, a teacher who teaches with a series of ideas not very pleasing to the society of his time. This will lead to a series of problems promoted by the religious conflicts of the time.

6- The doctor

The doctor

Speaking of religions, the background of this film will also be the battle to decide that"beyond is better".

A young Englishman will have to pretend to be a Jew so he can go to the best medical school in the world, located in Asia. There you will learn the teachings of one of the greatest eminences in the matter of the moment and you will have to deal with a series of challenges that will test you.

7- Dangerous minds

Dangerous minds

A former US Marine fighter who currently serves as a teacher in Palo Alto, tries to correct some young people who do not take the lessons too seriously in an unconventional way.

Based on the novel My Own Don't Homework , This film will make you understand the dangers that can lead to strong instruction

8- The wave


What would happen if the authoritarian ideals of the Second World War flourished in the 21st century? How would they originate?

Based on an actual experiment called the Third Wave, a teacher who has just arrived in a class decides to establish a series of rules, which a priori seem harmless.

As the days pass, students end up wearing the same, coining a sign of identity next to a slogan and a symbol. Totally shocking and that serves to realize that in school everything is easily manageable and moldable.

10- Street Journals

Street newspapers

History of a teacher who tries to influence a rebellious and tolerant secondary school students to transform them completely.

Based on life lessons, the protagonist will get her children to show attention and even passion for their classes.

11- The club of the emperors

The club of the emperors

A professor at St. Benedict College receives a rebellious and totally out of control student in the new course. After 20 years, they meet again, with the surprise that the boy has been Become seated man and successful in business.

The club of the emperors Tells how the relationship between teacher and student will develop after that time.

12- School of Rock

School of Rock

One of my favorites, where two of the most basic aspects for the correct development of a child are mixed: music and education.

The plot talks about how a substitute comes to class. Students are quickly fascinated by their teaching method, even forming a rock band .

13- Mr. Holland's Opus

Mr. Holland's Opus

One of the most curious educational stories on the big screen. A musician is forced to dedicate himself to teaching due to economic problems, something that does not finish assimilating.

His main obsession is to finish each day classes to finish as soon as possible, something that leads him to receive different calls for attention from his superiors.

14- The story of Ron Clark

The Ron Clark Story

Film reported as a biography. In it, you can see the day to day of Ron Clark, Snowden Elementary School teacher, who lives in North Carolina. Its philosophy is based on controlling and planning the students under its tutelage.

Ron himself will try to put rules and limits on everyone to unsuspected levels.

15- Mary Poppins

Mary Poppins

It is worth noting that there is no school or school here, but its educational intention is totally clear.

A family where parents can not care for their children call a caretaker. This will have to take care of two rebellious children, who with the passage of time will change their manners to be totally delighted with the new nanny.

16- Unforgettable Lessons

Indomitable Lessons

Film premiered in 1988. It tells the story of a teacher who decides to give his students an advanced calculation theme for their age.

These, surprisingly pass the tests, something that will be questioned by the board and that will take them to create a series of problems to them that they had not counted before.

17- Forbidden education

Forbidden education

Film-documentary in which a deep analysis of the form of educar of the present society is realized.

It is a critique that attempts to uncover the shortcomings of current education systems and proposes a new way of teaching. To understand all this, you will have nothing more and nothing less than more than two hours of video.

18- The indomitable Will Hunting

The unstoppable Will Hunting

Typical history of the Young smart and bright Which misses its potential. Will works as a concierge at MIT, and it is not until a certain point in the movie that he realizes all the talent he hides.

As a result of this fact, it will decide to dedicate itself to promote this gift and to study to obtain a future much more promising than the one that augurated to him with the aid of its therapist.

19- The tongue of butterflies

The tongue of butterflies

Movie that exposes the fear that Moncho feels at school. This derives from his fear because his teacher, Don Gregorio will beat him.

This method of teaching was quite normal at the time, but Don Gregorio used an observational model of education. In the end, the relationship between both characters will flourish and Don Gregorio will become something like a"life teacher"for the young Moncho

20- Stars of the Earth

Stars on Earth

An Indian feature tells how Ishaan, a small child of only eight years, suspends an exam in his school. This is coupled with mistreatment on the part of both their teachers and their classmates and classmates.

In Stars on Earth You will explore the mind of a boy to whom society gives way.

21- The smile of Mona Lisa

The smile of Mona Lisa

A teacher who has just been transferred to Wellesley University will discover a number of obstacles in her teaching.

Its educational model is revolutionary and based on new techniques, however the problem comes when it realizes that the institution in which it is located is totally traditional and anchored in the past.

22- Living is easy with eyes closed

Living is easy with eyes closed

An English teacher, starring Javier Cámara uses Beatles songs to teach the Anglo-Saxon language to his students.

This story based on real facts tells the integration and concern that a teacher has for the learning of his students, to the point of trying to meet John Lennon himself.

23- Today starts everything

Today starts everything

The crisis in the mining sector has hit hard at a kindergarten where parents no longer have the money to guarantee their children's education.

For this reason, the director of the school Daniel Lefevre begins to perform a series of actions to be able to help, both educationally and socially, to his students.

Surely with this poignant story you will learn the value that the help of others can bring.

24- The class


French production that tells the story of a literature professor of a multiracial institute. This union of different cultures will lead to different problems and confrontations.

Faced with this, the protagonist must contend in order to achieve the coexistence and integration of all his students.

25- Where is my friend's house?


Mohamed is a young man who does not take his homework to school. That is why he is threatened with expulsion.

His companion Ahmed inadvertently takes Mohamed's notebook, so he decides to return it by leaving in the middle of the night in an act of friendship so that the second is not expelled.

26- Being and having

To be and to have

Unconventional film where they are narrated, like the film of Between Teachers , The adventure for six months of a teacher in a class with students of very different ages.

Monsters University

Monster University

The second and long awaited film of Monsters S. A.

On this occasion with an educational background, where the protagonist, Mike Wazowski goes to the University. With it, you will learn the fear that goes through facing new stages as well as how to overcome them successfully.

28- Buddha exploded out of shame

Buddha exploded out of shame

Film that shows us how there are societies in which it is not easy to go to education.

A six-year-old Afghan girl desperately wants to go to school. This will become a bit complicated when you see how your classmates will not make things easy in a country where girls do not have the same rights as boys.

29- Chain of favors

Chain of Favours

Centered film in a school where the protagonist, a young man iniquieto, thinks a way to do disinterested favors for the rest.

Chain of Favours Is one of those movies with a great story that will shake you.

30- Billy Elliot

Billy Elliot

A young man who loves to dance ballet should strive to fulfill his dream, something that does not look quite well within his closest circles.

Young Billy should be trained well enough in ballet classes if he wants to go to high school.

31- The newbie

The 60 Best Educational Films (Kids, Teens and Adults)

Benoit, the new school boy, is bullied by a gang of arrogant boys. Determined to not mistreated, Benoit organizes a big party, but only three students appear. What if this group of losers was going to be the best band of all time?

32- Conduct

The 60 Best Educational Films (Children, Teens and Adults) 1

Chala, a boy from Havana lives with his drug-addicted mother and survives training dogs.

33- The teacher

The 60 Best Educational Films (Children, Teens and Adults) 2

It tells the story of Freddie Quell, a veteran of the Second World War who struggles to adapt to a postwar society. Dodd, the leader of a religious movement, sees something in Quell and accepts it in the movement.

34- The history teacher

The 60 Best Educational Films (Children, Teens and Adults) 3

It tells the story based on real facts of a class of adolescents of a district of Paris. It contains very emotional scenes and narrates the change in the opinions and interactions of a class of adolescents.

35- Hurts

The 60 Best Educational Films (Kids, Teens and Adults) 4

It tells the story of a real experiment made during the government of Salvador Allende at Saint George's College; To integrate into the school children of poor and humble classes.

36- Way of the school

The 60 Best Educational Films (Kids, Teens and Adults) 5

This is a documentary that tells the true story of four children who have to face a lot of difficulties to get to school.

37- Mad hot Ballroom

The 60 Best Educational Films (Children, Teens and Adults) 6

Students from various elementary schools in New York learn ballroom dance and compete in a city contest.

38- Elephant

The 60 Best Educational Films (Children, Teens and Adults) 7

Several normal high school students go through their daily routine while two others prepare for something more malicious: the slaughter perpetrated by two teenagers at Columbine High School.

39- Lives counted

The 60 Best Educational Films (Children, Teens and Adults) 8

Five seemingly disparate individuals seeking happiness intersect in their ways in ways that will unexpectedly affect their lives.

40- Rebellion in the classroom

The 60 Best Educational Films (Children, Teens and Adults) 9

A rookie teacher confronts a class of turbulent and undisciplined working-class teenagers. Some of the problems and fears of adolescents in the 1960s are reflected.

42- Half Nelson

43- Professor Holland

44- harry potter and the Philosopher's Stone

45- Napoleon Dynamite

46- Honor Game

47- Rushmore Academy

48- Cyberbully

49- The duff

50- School Ties

51. Adios, Mr. Chips

52- The history teacher

53- The Browning version

54- The great debate

55- Course 1984

56- Simitrio

57- Conrack

58- United to succeed

59- The children of a lesser god

60- The Knights of the South Bronx

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