The 57 Best Phrases of The Great Gatsby

Then I leave you, in order of appearance, 50 Phrases from The Great Gatsby , Work of the American writer F. Scott Fitzgerald published in 1925.

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Phrases of the great gatsby

1-When you feel like criticizing someone, remember that not everyone has had the same opportunities you had.

2-And then, thanks to the sun and the incredible shoots of leaves that were born in the trees, the way things grow in fast-motion movies, I felt the familiar conviction that life was beginning again with the summer.

The breeze blew through the room, raising the curtain inward on one side and out on the other, like pale flags, twisting them and throwing them toward the frosty roof of bridal cake that was the ceiling, and then made curls On the tapestry red wine, forming a shadow over it, like the wind blowing on the sea.

4 Slender, languorous, hands gently resting on hips, the two young ladies preceded us at the exit to the brightly colored terrace, open to the sunset, where four candles flickered on the table in the already pacified wind.

5-His concentration had a not so pathetic, as if his complacency, more acute than before, is not enough for him.

For a moment the last ray of sun fell with romantic affection upon her radiant face; His voice forced me to lean forward, breathless as I heard her... then the brightness left, and each ray left his face with reluctant regret, as the children leave a lively street when darkness arrives

7-The silhouette of a moving cat cut itself against the rays of the moon, and as I turned my head to look at it, I realized that I was not alone: ​​at about fifty yards, the figure of a man with his hands in The pockets, staring at the golden pepper of the stars, had emerged from the shadows of my neighbor's mansion. Something in his leisurely movements and in the safe position of his feet on the lawn indicated that it was Gatsby himself, who had gone out to decide which part of our local firmament belonged to him.

8-I have not got drunk more than twice in life, and the second was that afternoon. That is why all that has happened is wrapped in a foggy gloom, even though the apartment was full of the most cheerful sun until after eight o'clock at night.

9-I was inside and outside, at the same time enchanted and annoyed with the endless variety of life.

10-The lights increase their brightness as the earth moves away from the sun, and now the orchestra is playing the strident cocktail music, and the opera of voices rises higher.

11 They often came and went without ever having seen Gatsby; They came after a party with a simplicity of heart that was their own entry ticket.

12-At random we tried to open a door that seemed important and we found ourselves in a Gothic, high-ceilinged library, carved in carved English oak, and probably transported in its entirety from some overseas ruin.

The moon was higher and, floating in the estuary, there was a triangle of silver scales, which trembled slightly to the sound of the tense metallic score of the garden banjos.

14 He smiled sympathetically; Much more than just understanding. It was one of those exceptional smiles that had the quality of leaving you alone. Smiles like that are only one or five times in a lifetime, and they understand, or seem to do, the whole outside world in an instant, and then concentrate In you, with an irresistible prejudice in your favor. It showed you that I understood you to the point where you are understood, I believed in you as you would like to believe in yourself and assured you that you took the precise impression that you, at your best, you would want to communicate.

15 As I waited for my hat in the hall, the library door opened and Gatsby and Jordan left at the same time. He was telling her some final word, but the anxiety in his behavior suddenly became tense formality as several people approached him to say goodbye.

A sudden emptiness seemed to emanate from the windows and gates, enveloping in complete solitude the figure of the host, now standing on the porch with his hand raised in a formal farewell gesture.

17-In the charming metropolitan twilight I sometimes felt that loneliness gripped me, and I felt it in the others: in the employees who wandered in front of the windows, hoping it was time for a lonely dinner in a restaurant, young employees wasted in the The most intense moments of night and of life.

18-Each person is supposed to own at least one of the cardinal virtues, and this is mine: I am one of the few honest men I have met.

19-Then everything was true. I saw the skins of flaming tigers in their palace on the Grand Canal; I saw him opening a case of rubies to calm, with their depths illuminated with crimson, the yearnings of his broken heart.

20-One can take care of what he says, and also, schedule any small irregularity of his own in times when others are so blind that they do not see or do not care. It is possible that Daisy would never have been unfaithful to Tom, and yet there is something in that voice of his...

21-Gatsby bought that house just to have Daisy across the bay.

22-With a kind of vehement emotion began to ring in my ears a phrase:"There are only the persecuted and the persecutors, the busy and the idle."

The rain subsided, a little after three-thirty, leaving a damp haze, through which occasionally droplets swam like dew.

He turned his head at the soft, graceful touch of the door. I went outside to open it. Gatsby, pale as death, with his hands sunk like dumbbells in the pockets of his sack, was standing in the middle of a puddle of water, staring tragically into my eyes.

"We have not seen each other for a long time,"Daisy said, her voice as natural as possible, as if nothing had happened.

It was time to return. While it was raining it seemed as if their voices whispered, rising and expanding again and again with breaths of emotion. But in the present silence I thought that one had fallen on the house as well.

Compared to the great distance that had separated him from Daisy, it had seemed very close to her, almost as if he touched her. It seemed as close as a star to the moon. Now it was once again just a green light on a dock. Her enchanted object count had dropped by one.

The rain was still falling, but the darkness had receded in the west, and there was a pink and gold surge of foamy clouds over the sea.

29. No amount of fire or freshness can be greater than that which a man is able to treasure in his unfathomable heart.

"They had forgotten me, but Daisy looked up and stretched out my hand; Gatsby did not even know me. I looked at them one more time and they looked back, remotely, possessed by an intense life. Then I left the room, and went down the marble steps to enter the rain, leaving the two alone in it.

But her heart was in constant turmoil. The most grotesque and fantastic whims pursued him on his bed at night.

32-For a while these dreams were an escape for his imagination; Gave him a satisfactory idea of ​​the unreality of reality, a promise that the rock of the world was firmly seated in the wing of a fairy.

Moved by an irresistible impulse, Gatsby turned to Tom, who had agreed to be introduced as a stranger.

34-I never ceased to be saddened to look through new eyes at the things in which one has spent the capacity for adaptation.

35-Daisy and Gatsby danced. I remember my surprise for his conservative and funny fox-trot; I had never seen him dance. Then, they walked to my house and sat in the stands for half an hour, while, at her request, I stood guarding in the garden

"He talked a long time about the past and I wondered if he wanted to retrieve anything, some image of himself perhaps, that he had gone to love Daisy. She had lived a disorderly and confused life since then, but if she could ever go back to a starting point and relive it slowly, she might find out what the thing was...

Her heart began to pound with more and more force as Daisy brought her face closer to hers. He knew that when he kissed this girl and forever wrought his inexpressible visions with her perishable breath, his mind would cease to wander restlessly as the mind of God.

For a moment a phrase tried to form in my mouth and my lips parted like a mute, as if there were more battles in them than the mere shred of astonishment. But they made no sound, and what I was about to remember was kept incommunicado for ever and ever.

39. Our eyes rose above the rosary and the warm meadow and the weed-like debris of the canicular sunshine days of the beach. Slowly, the white wings of the boat moved against the cold blue limit of the firmament. Beyond lay the wavy ocean with its myriad placid islands.

40-We are all irritated because we had passed the effect of beer, and aware of it, we traveled in silence for a while. Then, as Dr. T. Eekleburg's faded eyes began to peer in the distance, I remembered Gatsby's warning about gasoline.

"There is no conclusion equal to the conclusion of a simple mind, and when we walked away, Tom was feeling the hot lashes of panic. His wife and his lover, who an hour earlier seemed so sure and inviolable, were slipping by leaps and bounds of his control.

"He never loved him, do you hear me?" He exclaimed. She only married you because I was poor and tired of waiting for me. It was a terrible mistake, but in the depths of his heart he never loved anyone but me!

"She hesitated. His eyes fell on Jordan and over with a sort of appeal, as if realizing at last what he was doing, and as if he had never, in all this time, intended to do anything. But it was done. It was too late.

"Then I turned to Gatsby, and was stunned by his expression. It seemed, and this I say with the Olympic contempt for the unusual gossip in his garden, as if he had"killed a man." For a moment the configuration of his face could be described in this fantastic way.

45-They left without a word; driven out; Converted into something temporary; Isolated, like ghosts, even of our piety.

46-The"death car", as the journalists called it, did not stop; Came out of the gloomy gloom, made a brief and tragic zig-zag and disappeared into the next curve.

"He slowed down, but without stopping, until, as we approached, the faces of the people who were in the workshop made him slow down automatically.

At last Daisy passed him over. I tried to stop him, but he could not, and then I pulled the emergency brake. At that moment it collapsed on my legs and I kept driving.

"Although they were not happy, and neither of them had touched the beer or the chicken, they did not look unhappy either. In the picture the unmistakable atmosphere of a natural intimacy was perceived and anyone would have said that they conspired.

"They had never been so close to each other during the month they had been loving each other, nor had they communicated more deeply to each other than when she brushed her silken lips against the shoulder of her coat or when he touched the tips of her fingers gently , As if she were asleep.

"They're rotten people,"I shouted through the meadow. You're worth more than the whole damn group together.

52. The meadow and the road were full of faces of those who imagined their corruption; And he had been standing on those steps, hiding his incorruptible dream, when we said goodbye with his hand.

A new world, a more unreal material, where poor ghosts, breathing dreams instead of air, wandered randomly everywhere... like the ashen and fantastic figure slipping towards him through the amorphous trees.

54. There was a slight movement of the water, barely perceptible, as the current flowed from one end to the other, whence it came out. With small curls, which were nothing but the shadow of waves, the mat with its load, it moved irregularly around the pool. A small stream of wind that slightly corrugated the surface was enough to disturb its uneven course with its uneven load. The clash against a pile of leaves spun it slightly, tracing, like the wake of an object in transit, a small red circle in the water.

"I wanted to bring someone." He wanted to go to the room where he lay and reassure him:"I'll get you somebody, Gatsby. Do not worry. Have confidence in me and you will see that I will bring you somebody..."

"So when the blue smoke from the brittle leaves rose in the air and the wind blew and the newly washed clothes stiffened in the wires, I decided to go home.

Gatsby believed in the green light, the orgiastic future that year after year recedes before us. At that time we were elusive, but it does not matter; Tomorrow we will run faster we will extend our arms further... until, a good morning...

58-In this way we continue with laboriousness, ships against the current, in regression without pause towards the past.

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