The 55 Best Tide Phrases

I leave you more than 50 Tidal phrases , One of the most important rock bands of the current musical scene in Spanish. His styles include hard and punk rock.

The group was founded in 1997 and today has six studio albums, two compilations and a live album.

Main Group Tide

I leave you some of the phrases most chanted and sung by his followers during the last years. You may also be interested in the following link to the best Rock songs

1- What the hell will happen to him that he does not fly anymore? Perhaps the feathering of the moon has been wetted by his feathers? Wicker heart.

2- What is your life? I'm glad to see you. Just like never before, just as always... I skin a heart in the brambles of my voice and it kills me the same sun that shines on you. Skinning.

3- What do guts know with closed fists? They know that they drink the bitter drinks, they know everything and more to stand, from the loneliness, you know why bread is always hard. Stale bread.

4-... And there laughing watching as each minute hand is devoured by the waves. Fuck the wind .

5- At the height of the parsley they have all my dreams, I make a dress with everything that I have lost and it already makes sense to smile. Veins with smoke and words.

6 - Before I cut my veins to give you ass, I paint a heart. The Shrimp has already said it.

7- Here I will be, waiting for you to step all gray mornings and evenings afternoons. Between concrete.

8- Bathe in my eyes, fuck the sea that wants to rock you at your whim. Fuck the wind .

9- Tell me about the rain, the days of shit and spoon, the rare rot of willing. Shit and spoon.

10- Let me tell you my story of wound and caresses, my story of nobody, my hunger, all my lies. Fuck the spring.

11- Sleep with me, if you are stone, I will be stony road. Sleep with me, I sing you, I lull you, I cling to you, I shelter you, I love you. Sleep with me.

12- We started by screwing a screw and it was of the hands and to kicks with the pieces nobody could undo this one puzzle pigheaded. To the ass of a worm .

13- Neither kiss as they know those who know they can not kiss. To the ass of a worm .

14- That my pillow is full of when you were not, songs that never sang, kisses of those you never gave me. Sleep with me .

15- That my bed is made where there are no windows, where the looks are eager. Sleep with me .

16- And for some time I decide to dream, to clutch my way with mud and shit me in all flying, and you see, awake as I lay down. Sleep with me .

17- And he looks at me sideways when he thinks I do not look at it, as I will not look if it burns as stubble as I neglect. Sleep with me .

18- She feels good, I sit on the quiet floor to look at her. Pedaling .

19- Child rise up! I do not feel fucked today, I'll stay in bed. Pedaling .

20- What do you want, love? Well, we are two. Pedaling .

21- Tomorrow I will return, that's what they all tell me, come on, kiss me and leave. Pedaling .

22- I try to do it right, but we are left alone and my little silver. Pedaling .

23- I do not even feel lonely without you, in short, to drive without further ado. Pedaling .

24 - It is the whim of the eye that sees how it dies only through the same peephole, the same door that wants to break. It is a hand trying to catch some piece of love. The hour of the flies.

25- It is so simple to make me happy, to give me air in the face, to play the guitar of the Kolibri, to dance at dawn if you give me the whim, to ring the door and ask for me, your hands open, lips To see you smile As your grandmother wants.

26- That is you and I, the sky and the ground, bitching and love, laziness and sleeplessness, sandpaper and velvet.

27- That is you and I, the sky and the ground, bitching and love, laziness and care, sand and velvet. Sanding and velvet.

28- The disheveled smile of going against the winds, to go against the winds.- Petenera.

29 - More black than the blight, harder than the cucumber, stiffer than a plank, my heart gives me every time you say no. Mojama.

30- My heart is pounded by bulerías if you look at me. Varnish.

31- My house is where you are, the same eyes, the same light. The same nails.

32- Meanwhile, between the holes that let us time lets your hair fly... Fuck the wind .

33- Look at her smiling, even if I sing quietly very calm and very quiet, because with no, I do not want to be a poet.

34- Do not let me sleep, tonight I'll get them to show their teeth to the world with you.

35- Do not do me a fuck if I happen to your vera selling failure as if it were peppermint. The trail.

36- I do not want your temporary love, your flow of gall, your desire to lose, although I know that if you leave I'll stay in nothing. Temporary love.

37. I am nothing more than what you once saw, my gray smile, my sad eyes, trying to get off the ground. Complaints.

38- Do not fall asleep in my nana of brokenness, which is the song with which the sun awakens. Nana of broken .

39- Sadness, you who show your panties to life, do not forget to leave my head. You get awake and in my veins you put tears of wax like fists, so that when I cry I hurt. Press sadness .

40- Someone bring me a Rum, but without ice and without Coke, that Coke takes away my dream to enjoy.

41- Who say that the night has fallen short, you do not care and I do not care, and yesterday, what will I do if yesterday was yesterday? The son of Agnes .

42- What else does it give you if I bring you, if I take the road, if I put the wine, I tell you. What if I urinate in that destiny for which I was born, I tell you. Transiting.

43- That we do not want to be so much. We want to be a little sun and a little night, we want to be wind and calm, storm, rain and smell of wet land. Like the trileros.

44. Let the sun fall to clusters, and with him the drunken god who wanted to make you suffer. Cut my tongue

45- That I'm tired of rowing, lonely companion, from your door to mine. One thousand carats.

46- That I'm flapping again, break the glasses, giving your steps between flight and flight. Virgin of Failure .

47- She will comb her hair a little and she will look so beautiful and she will come out muttering her things at dawn...

48. If I cut the trapeze strings, it was to climb and tie them, and to see the moon again. The trapeze .

49- If we are nobody nobody will find. Fuck the wind .

50- I was always that black sheep that knew how to dodge the stones that they threw to give, and the more years go by, the more I leave the herd because I do not know where it's going... Like the west wind .

"I just want you to love me, like you, like everyone else. Alfileres.

52- And when the stars come out, I'm already hanging from the shred of a dream, the whole world is not worth, last night I was small. The green dog.

53- And the olive trees tell me that I get tired of dreaming about you, that I'm cornered and I do not have any shots, that it's time to wake up. By horse .

54- And if the wounds want to salt them only the locks and the scars of loneliness will be found. Fuck the wind .

55. I will go barefoot and you will strip naked to the sound of the love of the snoring drum that touches the moon. Fuck the wind .

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