The 51 Best Phrases of Federico Moccia

Today I leave you a compilation of more than 50 Quotes by Federico Moccia , The famous Italian author of several novels like Forgive if I call you love, Three meters above the sky or I want you.

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Quotes by Federico Moccia

1-In life we ​​always seek explanations. We waste time looking for a reason. But sometimes it does not exist. And sad as it may seem, that is precisely the explanation.

2-In life you can not have everything; However, it is necessary to aspire to it, because happiness is not a goal but a lifestyle.

3-It may be necessary to travel before knowing what is the appropriate goal for us.

4-If you are all the time pending of the opinion of the others, of what they will say, you are not free to tell your story. However the best thing is the freedom to do it, you do not have to let yourself be conditioned.

5-When the heart decides, when it has the courage to change paths, should not wait.

6-Some movies make life seem so much easier than it is. That's why disappointments come later.

7-The most beautiful love is a wrong calculation, an exception that confirms the rule, that for which you have always used the word"never."

8-Excuse me if I call you love.

9-Life ends only when you stop living.

10-Every time you meet someone your life changes and, whether you like it or not, we have met; I have entered into your life and you into mine.

11-The paths fork, each one takes a direction thinking that in the end the roads will be united again. From your way you see the other person becoming smaller.

12-It is you from whom you must not trust... The excess of security makes you slip more easily.

13-There are moments when everything seems possible and everything can change. Everything is within reach. Easy and beautiful. But suddenly comes the doubt, the fear of being wrong and not having understood well what the heart really feels.

14-The secret after a victory is not to play again. You have to be able to get up from the table at the right time.

15-When you pursue a dream, you find many signs on the road that indicate the direction, but if you are afraid you do not see them.

16-Sometimes, what may seem a rarity, something impure, is nothing but a different beauty, which we do not know how to accept. At least not yet.

17-It suddenly happens, something is triggered and in that moment you know that things are going to change and that's when you realize that things only happen once. And then you realize that things only happen once, and that you will never feel the same again. That you will never be ten feet above the sky

18-Three meters above the sky is a sensation that runs your body at 100,000 bytes per second, causing a blood supply that nourishes the heart until you do a thousand pound per hour.

19-Sometimes fear is an ugly thing. It does not let you live the most beautiful moments. It's a kind of curse if you do not know how to beat it.

20-Those who really die are those who do not live. Those who are repressed because they are afraid of what they will say. Those who make discounts to happiness.

21-We were together, the rest of the world I forget.
22-There are so many things that I miss. But today I feel like not thinking.

23-It could be said that in love, the pain is proportional to the beauty of the story that you have lived. A good maxim.

24-You are up there, unreachable. There where only the lovers arrive:"You and I... Three meters above the sky.

25-Any decision inevitably entails a moment of pain and happiness.

26-When you waste time on the phone, when the minutes go by without you noticing, when the words do not make sense, when you think that if someone listened to you, you would think you were crazy, when neither of them -want to hang up, when After she has hung you realize you have done it for real, then you are lost. Or rather, you're in love.

"And I've decided to live my life as a fairy tale." Only this one is not yet written. It is I who choose, step by step, moment by moment; I'm the one who writes my story

28-I cry for the beauty of the love I felt. And that I no longer feel!

29-Love is a wrong calculation, a bet to play that does not respond to our logic.

30-Tuning is something that has to do with music. Or worse, with circuits. Love, on the other hand, is when you do not breathe, when it is absurd, when you miss, when it is beautiful even if it is out of tune, when it is madness.

31-Before or after the things that you have left behind reach you. And the stupidest things, when you're in love, you remember them as the most beautiful. Because its simplicity has no comparison.

32-The best solutions are on the fly. They are there, in the air, ready for us. Just catch them. It always depends on when we are, of course, but thinking too much about a thing can spoil it.

33-The sympathy is fundamental. It is born of imperfection.

34-I love you above all that we can not see, above what we can not know.

35-I love you above all that we can not see, above what we can not know.

36-It feels good to think about the past when the future is scary.

37-The Blue Prince does not exist. To love is another thing: it is to accept a person with his defects and mistakes.

38. Things end when there is a reason for them to end, a valid motive.

39-When a love is over you can find everything except one why.

40-When a story ends the pain is usually proportional to the beauty of the love lived. And then, they arrive on time for treason, memories.
And when you least expect it, when you think everything goes in the wrong direction, that your life, programmed in every detail is sinking... suddenly, it happens.
The strangest thing is that sometimes we do not realize how much the people around us want us.
43-An accident can be positive or negative. It depends on how you look. The way your life changes from that moment on.

44-And it's there, right at that moment, when you realize that things only happen once, and no matter how hard you try and you will never feel the same, you will never have the sensation of being ten feet above the heaven.

And in an instant I remember everything I could not tell you, everything I wanted you to know, the beauty of my love. That's what I wanted to show you.

46-You only notice the wonder of a love when you've lost it

47. Remember, dream and follow my advice: lightness. A smile and everything will seem easier.

48-Life is a series of dreams that end badly, it is like a shooting star that fulfills the wishes of another person.

49-There is no turning back, you feel it, and right then you try to remember when everything started and you find out that everything started earlier than you thought.

50-Love is like ghosts, everyone talks about him but few people have seen him for real.

51-I would look at you millions of times without ever learning from memory.

52-Love is like lightning, it is not known where it falls until it has fallen.

53-Sometimes words can be dangerous, they take the lead and say more than we originally intended to express.

54-Love is a flower that no one has ever given you and that you will always remember.

55-There is only one thing that has the power to change a person's life: love.

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