The 50 Most Serious Air Accidents in History

The air accidents With more serious airplanes have been highlighted by the impact produced in the history of the humanity and by the amount of deaths produced.

And not only for the number of victims left by each of these, but also for the devastating effects they produce.

Plane crash in the sea

In turn, an air crash is understood as any unforeseen circumstance produced in aviation and resulting in fatality. It can happen either on land, during takeoff, in flight or at the time of landing.

He airplane Is one of the means of transport where more passengers are transported. And where the probability of survival is drastically reduced with respect to any other.

Among the five most common causes of air accidents are: a pilot error, considered a human error; An error in the mechanics of the airplane, inclement weather; Sabotage and other human errors, such as lack of fuel, or a poor indication of the control tower.

However, despite its risks, traveling in this medium is considered very safe, even above the train or the car.

Yet according to various statistics made in recent years, one in a million and a half aircraft, suffers from an accident.

List of the 50 most serious plane accidents in history

1- May 4, 1949. Basilica of Superga, Italy. 31 dead

It was a disaster caused by the combination of bad weather conditions and a navigation error where an Italian Airlines plane, in which the football team known as the Grande Torino was traveling, crashed into the Basilica of Superga.

The accident resulted in a total of 31 fatalities, including 18 players from the Turin team.

2 March 3, 1974 . Ermenonville France. 346 dead

The plane belonging to the flight 981 of the Turkish Airlines, crashed in a forest belonging to France. They killed 346 people, and it is considered one of the deadliest accidents of all time.

It is known as the accident of Ermenonville, name of the forest of France where the accident occurred.

3- 27 March 1977. Tenerife, Canary Islands. 583 deceased

It is known as the crash of the Rodeos and, as the worst catastrophe in aviation history where two flights, a Dutch airline and an American, collided when taking off.

The causes of the sinestro were: the climate by the presence of fog, a bomb threat by which all the planes relocated in the airport of this city, and the bad indications of the control tower. The result of this catastrophe left 583 dead and 61 survivors.

4-25 May 1979. USA. 273 dead

American Airlines Flight 191 crashed after 23 seconds of taking off killing all passengers and two people on the ground.

5- 28 of November 1979. Mount Erebus, Antarctica. 257 dead

A flight known as a scenic flight, through which a panoramic visit to Antarctica was made, crashed on Mount Erebus on Ross Island in Antarctica, leaving a total of 257 deaths, with no survivors. This Accident is known as the Disaster of Mount Erebus.

6 - 19d And August of 1980. Airport of Riyadh, Saudia. 301 deceased

Saudia Airlines Flight 163 caught fire within minutes of its landing. The cause of the fire was attributed to the butane stoves used by Muslim pilgrims, passengers of the flight.

The 301 people who traveled on this flight died of fire and smoke inhalation.

7- 1 September 1983. Soviet territory restricted. 269 ​​dead

A Boeing 747 airplane of more than 200 passengers, corresponding to the Korean airline of South Korea, was shot down by the Soviets, when they intercepted it flying over restricted territory.

This air crash is one of the most serious accidents during the history of the Cold War.

8- 23 June 1985. Atlantic Ocean, coast of Ireland. 329 dead

This plane crash was the result of a sabotage of a group of Canadian militants. In which a bomb exploded on board Flight 182, killing 329 occupants.

9- 12 Aug Osta of 1985. Mount Takamagahara. 520 dead

Commercial flight collided 12 minutes after takeoff on Mount Takamagahara, 100 km from Tokyo due to decompression of the plane. He left 520 dead and 4 survivors.

This air accident happened to the history for being the greater aerial disaster of a single airplane involved in the same one.

10-12 December 1985. Gander International Airport, Canada. 256 dead

Air crash occurred just minutes after the takeoff of one of its stopovers in Canada. Flight 1285 moved US troops from Cairo to Kentucky.

Among the causes of the accident was determined that the accumulation of snow on the wings and, the overweight of the airplane at the time of takeoff, were determining factors and cause of the catastrophe. It caused the death of the crew and all the passengers on board.

11- July 3, 1988. South of the island of Qeshm , Southern coast of Iran. 290 dead

Flight 655 was a commercial flight shot down towards the end of the Iran-Iraq war by an American missile launcher, having been mistaken for a plane belonging to the Iranian Air Force. The fatal consequence of this was a balance of 290 dead.

12- 21 December 1988. Lockerbie, Scotland. 270 dead

Flight 103 of Pan Am Airlines crashed in a field near Lockerbie, Scotland, as a result of the bomb exploding inside. This being the result of a terrorist attack. All the passengers and 11 people on the mainland were killed.

13-26 May 1991. Thailand. 223 dead

Air Lauda Flight 004 crashed across the Thai border because of a human failure in the handling of aircraft engines. As a result of the air accident the 223 passengers of the same have died. Among them, was Donal Mcintosh, member of the UN, who was working in the fight against drugs.

14-11 July 1991. Rey Abdulaziz International Airport from Mecca , Saudi Arabia. 261 dead

The air accident was caused by a fire caused in one of the tires of the aircraft at the time of taking off since it was deflated.

Minutes after takeoff the aircraft crashes near Ray Abdulaziz International Airport. In this air accident there were 261 dead.

fifteen- 26 Of April 1994. Nagoya Airport, Japan. 264 dead

It was a plane crash resulting from a pilot failure to land at Nagoya Airport, Japan. That resulted in 264 deaths and 7 survivors.

16- January 8, 1996. N'Dolo Airport, Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo. 237 mu Erts

Air crash caused by lack of aircraft speed at takeoff resulting in 237 deaths, and 6 survivors crew members.

17-17 July 1996. Atlantic Ocean, New York. 230 dead

Sinister produced by a short circuit that produced an aircraft explosion 12 minutes after takeoff. It caused the death of the 230 people who were on board.

18-12 November 1996. Charki Dadri. 349 dead

The plane crash occurred in India's Charki Dadri village when two flights collided in mid-air. All individuals on board both aircraft died, with a total of 349 people.

August 19-6, 1997. Antonio B. Won Pat International Airport, Guam Island. 228 dead

Korean Air Airlines Flight 801 crashed just yards from the Antonio B. Wont Pat. The cause was attributed to a human fault referred to a misinterpretation of the signals for the landing of the aircraft by the pilot. The result of the accident was 228 dead and 26 survivors.

20- 26 September 1997. Villa of Pancur Batu, Indonesia. 234 dead

Flight 152 of the Garuda airline crashed moments before landing due to a lack of communication with the control tower.

234 people died was the balance of this air accident, considered the deadliest in the history of Indonesia.

21- 2 September 1998. Nova Scotia. 229 dead

The catastrophe was caused by a fire in the cockpit of the aircraft, which crashed into the ocean, next to Nova Scotia. All passengers on board died of a total of 229 individuals.

22- 25 July 2000. Hotel de Gonesse, France. 113 dead

Air France flight 4590 crashed into Gonesse's hotel in France, just minutes from its takeoff.

The cause of the plane crash was a fire in one of its wings at takeoff. It left a total of 109 passengers on board and 4 people who were in the hotel.

23- 9 September 2001. New York 2700 dead

It is considered one of the greatest aerial tragedies in history. Attributed to a terrorist attack against the United States of America.

The four flights that participated in this tragedy were responsible for the greatest loss of life in the history of commercial aviation as two of them crashed against the Twin Towers

24- November 12, 2001. Queens, New York. 265 dead

American Airlines Flight 587 crashed shortly after it took off, because of an error on the part of the pilot in its reaction to the turbulence present at that time. The result of the accident was 265 people dead.

25-25 May 2002. Taiwan. 225 dead

China Airlines Flight 611 disintegrated in the air as a result of a bad repair of the aircraft, made more than 20 years earlier. The remains of the plane crashed in the Taiwan Strait leaving 225 people dead.

26- February 19, 2003. Kerman, California. 275 dead

This air accident corresponds to an airplane of the Iranian Air Force, which took to the Revolutionary Guards to an unknown mission. It crashed in the mountains near the province of Kerman, resulting in 275 deaths.

27- 3 January 2004. Red Sea. 141 dead

A Boeing 737 from Egyptian company Air Flash crashed into the Red Sea, minutes after taking off from Sharm el Seji, Egypt. Producing the death of 148 people, including 135 French tourists.

28- August 16, 2004. Maracaibo, Venezuela. 160 dead

Mcdonnell Douglas MD 82 aircraft from West Caribbean Airlines crashed near Maracaibo in Venezuela. Leaving a total of 160 people dead.

29-6 December 2005. Tehran, Iran. 116 dead

A Hercules AC 130, a military aircraft carrying civilian passengers, including numerous journalists, crashes into a building in Tehran, Iran, killing the 116 people who were traveling there.

30- July 17, 2007. Sao Paulo, Brazil. 199 dead

The Airbus A320 aircraft of the TAM airline crashed at the Sao Paulo airport in Brazil. 199 people died as a result, including 13 individuals who were not part of the passengers of the flight.

31- 14 September 2008. Russia. 88 dead

The Boeing 737 for Aeroflot Airlines Flight 821 collided near Perm Airport, Russia. His 88 passengers died.

32- 1 June 2009. Atlantic Ocean. 228 dead

The air accident corresponding to the flight 447 of Air France, disappeared in its route from Rio de Janeiro to Paris.

It was a product of a failure of the pilot who and according to the data recorded in the black box, triggered with an inadequate response to the indicators of air speed that were with a defect. As a result of the accident, 228 people have died.

33- 30 June 2009. Indian Ocean. 152 dead

Yemenia Flight 626 crashes into the Indian Ocean, 30 minutes before arriving at its destination, the Comoros Islands.

In that crash 152 people die, and a survivor, a 12-year-old boy whose mother died in the tragedy, was rescued.

34- 15 July 2009. Iran. 168 dead

The Tupoley 154 aircraft of Caspian Airlines caught fire shortly after its takeoff, by a technical fault, falling in a town of Iran. Which caused 168 deaths.

35- 10 April 2010. Smolensk Air Base Close to Smolensk , Russia . 95 dead

It was an airplane accident caused by a failure in the operation of the pilot in charge of the aircraft, who disobeyed orders given by the control tower.

The tragedy took the lives of 95 people, including the president of Poland, Lech Kaczynski.

36- 12 May 2010. Tripoli, Libya. 103 dead

An Afriquiyah Airways Airbus A330-200 crashed when it landed at Tripoli airport. It was detected that the cause of the accident was a bad operation of the pilot at the time of the landing. The tragedy killed 103 people.

37- 20 May 2010. Java Island, Indonesia. 97 dead

A Hercules C130 corresponding to the Indonesian army, collided against a town of Java Island, causing the death of all the passengers and crew on board.

38- July 28, 2010. Margalla hills , Islamabad , Pakistan. 152 dead

The Airbus A321 aircraft of Pakistan's Airblue airline crashed as a result of bad weather, killing 152 people.

By then it was the air crash with more deaths, happened in Pakistan being the first mortal accident of an Airbus A321.

39- 2 September 2011. Robinson Crusoe Island, Chile. 21 dead

In this case, the Chilean Air Force CASA C212-300 Aviocar plane crashed into the sea.

This accident is known as the tragedy of Juan Fernandez, and as the greatest tragedy in the history of Chilean aviation.

In that the 21 occupants of the flight died, among them Felipe Camiroaga and Roberto Bruce, presenter and journalist respectively of the Chilean TV.

40- 20 April 2012. Pakistan. 127 dead

A Boeing 727 from privately owned airline Bhoja Air was hit 10km before arriving at the Pakistani airport. A total of 127 people died.

41- June 3, 2012. City of Lagos, Nigeria. 159 dead

The plane crash on Dana Air's 992 flight was caused by a mechanical failure in the aircraft's engines. Which led to an emergency landing, in which the plane crashed.

This accident, caused the death of the 153 passengers, plus the one of 6 people who were on land. On this flight was Alhaji Ibrahim Damcida, deputy secretary of the Ministry of Industry.

This tragedy is also recognized as the largest aviation accident in relation to the number of deceased, in which an MCDonnell Douglas MD-83 (model of the aircraft) was involved. It was the most deadly air crash of the year 2012.

42- 16 October 2013. Lak Mekong River, Pakse. 49 dead

Flight 301 from Laos Airlines crashes into the Mekong River in Laos, killing 49 people. Among them, more than ten were from different countries.

It was the deadliest air crash ever produced on Laotian territory and also the worst airline accident since its founding in 1976.

43- November 17, 2013. Kazan, Russia. 50 dead

In the plane crash, a Boeing 737 from Tatarstan Airlines was involved, which crashed when it landed at Kazan airport, Russia.

As a result, 50 people were killed, including the eldest son of the president of Tatarstan, Rustam Minnekhanov, Irek, as well as the local head of the Russian Federal Security Service, Alexander Antonov.

44- 11 February 2014. Algeria. 123 dead

It was an air accident caused by bad climatic conditions, in which was involved a military airplane Hercules C130 that transported to soldiers and their relatives. As a result of the accident he left the death of 123 people.

45- March 8, 2014. Indian Ocean. 298 dead

The Boeing 777 for Malaysia Airlines flight 370 disappeared from the radar in the Indian Ocean, leaving 298 people missing, which are considered dead.

This air accident has stood out in history for not having been found to date, no rest of the aircraft, nor its passengers.

46- July 17, 2014. Villa of Grábovo , Shajtarsk . 298 dead

Flight 17 of Malaysia Airlines crashed 40km from the Russian border in a combat zone. It is estimated that the commercial plane was shot down by a missile, killing 298 people.

47- 24 July 2014. Mali. 116 dead

Air France's 5017 flight crashed north of Mali, near the border with Algeria. Its 116 occupants died. It was the third aeronautical disaster, commercial aviation, within a week.

48- December 28, 2014. Java Sea. 162 dead

The air crash on Air Asia Airlines' A320-200 flight 8521 crashed in the Java Sea as it headed for Singapore.

This air accident is the third event in 2014 involving a Malaysian airline.

March 24, 2015. French Alps of Provence. 150 dead

Flight 9525 from the Germanwings company crashed in the Estrop massif in the French Alps of Provence.

This air crash is considered the worst catastrophe in European aviation in five years, 150 people died in the tragedy.

50- November 28, 2016. Cerro Gordo, Of Antioquia, Colombia. 71 dead

The plane crash of flight 2933 corresponding to the airline Lamia, is known as the Chapecoense tragedy because when it crashed in the Department of Antioquia, it killed the football squad corresponding to that football club. Who was going to play the final of the South American Cup.

The plane crashed for lack of fuel and could not reach its destination, causing the death of 71 passengers. However, from this air accident, 6 survivors have been rescued.

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