The 47 Best Phrases of Gandalf

In this article I leave you the best Phrases from Gandalf , in The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit.

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Phrases of gandalf

  1. "It is not important to know how much time remains, but what to do with the time that is granted.
  2. "It is not the physical force that matters, but the force of the spirit.
  3. "The world is not in books and maps. It's out there!
  4. -I know many things that only the wise know.
  5. -Whoever hits first, if he hits hard enough, he will not have to hit again.
  6. "I have no advice to give to the one who despairs.
  7. -Only those who see the end are beyond despair.
  8. "One must follow the path that necessity chooses.
  9. "A burnt hand is the best teacher." Then any warning about the fire comes right to the heart.
  10. "If you return, you will not be the same.
  11. "Hatred often turns against itself.
  12. "The trip does not end here. Death is only a road we all have to take.
  13. "I consider you a great person, Mr. Bolsón, and I appreciate you very much; But ultimately you're just a simple guy in a huge world!"
  14. "I will not say do not cry, for not all tears are bitter.
  15. "Danger comes at night when you least expect it.
  16. "Only you can decide with the time you've given."
  17. "A wizard is never late. Not soon, Frodo Baggins. It arrives just when it is proposed.
  18. "It's worth nothing to speculate what tomorrow will bring."
  19. "Darkness for dark affairs.
  20. -Many of those who live deserve to die and some of those who die deserve life. Can you return the life? Then do not rush to dispense death, for not the wisest knows the end of all roads.
  21. "A ring to rule them all." A ring to find them. A ring to lure them all and tie them in the darkness.
  22. "Keep your tongue stuck after your venomous snake fangs." I have not overcome fire and death to exchange fallacies with a mangy worm like you.
  23. "You can find the things you lost but never left."
  24. "You may ask what my acts are for when we have proved that they are altogether useless."
  25. "Even the very wise can not see all the ways.
  26. "A traitorous weapon is always a danger to the hand."
  27. "Courage is the best defense we have now.
  28. "The old wisdom was forgotten in the West. The kings made tombs more beautiful than the houses of the living, giving more value to the name of their ancestors than to that of their children.
  29. "Not all gold shines, not all wanderers are lost; The deep roots do not reach frost; The vigorous old man does not wither.
  30. "Hobbits are really amazing creatures. You can learn all their customs in a month and after a hundred years they still surprise you.
  31. "They're foolish."
  32. "No doubt, more than ever, I suppose."
  33. "I will help you carry this burden, Frodo Bolson, as long as it is you who carries it."
  34. "He who breaks something to find out what it is, has abandoned the path of wisdom.
  35. -A lot of people like to know in advance what is going to be served at the table; But those who have worked in the preparation of the feast prefer to keep the secret; For surprise makes the words of praise more loud.
  36. "Generous acts are not to be repressed by cold advice.
  37. "The explanations the young men need are long and tiring.
  38. "Even the most able spiders can leave a loose thread."
  39. "We can not escape. A shadow moves in the dark.
  40. "For staring eyes the truth can be hidden behind a grimace.
  41. "This is often the case with the facts that move the wheels of the world; They do small hands because they must.
  42. "Good stories deserve a good ending."
  43. "It is wisdom to recognize necessity, when all other courses have already been considered, though it may seem mad to those who are bound to false hopes.
  44. "Hope is not victory.
  45. "The visitor who escaped through the roof will think twice before returning through the door.
  46. "He can not be both a tyrant and a counselor.
  47. "A traitor can betray himself and unintentionally do good.

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