The 43 Best Phrases of Freddie Mercury

Then I leave you over 40 Freddie Mercury phrases , The singer, songwriter and vocalist of the rock band Queen, died on November 24, 1991.

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Freddie Mercury Phrases

1-I will not be a rock star, I will be a legend.

2-I do not want to change the world with our music. There are no hidden messages in our songs. I like to write songs for modern consumption.

3-I always knew it was a star and now, the rest of the world seems to agree with me.

4-When he is dead, I want to be remembered as a musician of some worth and substance.

5-The bigger the better, in everything.

6-Success has brought me idolatry and millions of pounds. But it has kept me from having one thing that we all need, a love relationship. Love is a Russian roulette for me.

7-I'm so powerful on stage that it looks like I've created a monster. When I am acting I am an extrovert although inside I am completely different.

8-Excess is part of my nature. I need danger and excitement. I'm never afraid to get in the lurch.

9-I am very emotional; I think I could go crazy in several years.

10-People get nervous when they know me. They think I'm going to eat them.

11-Forget the rumors of our separation, we will be together until death.

12-Modern paintings are like women, you will never enjoy them if you try to understand them.

"I'm just a musical whore, my dear.

14-I do not like my teeth to be so prominent. I want to fix them, but I do not have time. Otherwise, I'm perfect.

15-I am romantic, but I put a barrier around me and it is difficult for people to enter and know my real self.

16-Destroy your soul to hear that you are a fashion, that you have no talent and that your whole career has been devised.

17-For people like John Lennon we would live in peace. For people like him who killed him we live as we live.

18-I suppose I have always lived the glamorous life of a star. It's nothing new, I used to spend every penny.

19-It's a beautiful day, the sun shines, I feel good and nothing is going to stop me now.

20-The ideal formula for writing is naked on the beach. That's it.

21-Women are like modern works of art. If you try to understand them, you will not be able to enjoy them.

22-If it's planned, it's boring.

23-I do not consider myself a leader. The most important person, perhaps.

24-Who wants to live forever?

25-I have fun with my clothes on stage; It's not a concert you see, it's a fashion show.

26-I like leather. I like to imagine that I am a black panther.

27-We are a very expensive group, we break many rules. It's unprecedented to combine opera with a rock song, my dear.

28-What will I be doing in 20 years? I'll be dead dear! Are you crazy?

29-The worst illness is boredom.

30-I think I get along well with most people. I'm sure I would even get along with King Kong.

31-I dress to kill, but with good taste.

"I think my melodies are superior to my lyrics.

"I do not mind dying tomorrow." I have lived, in the full extent of the word.

34. Money may be vulgar, but it is majestic.

35-The press hated us during our first years because we did not give them the slightest case and they could not with us, and that was also the case with Led Zeppelin

36-People get restless when they know me. They think I'm going to eat them. But deep down I'm pretty shy.

37. I like to be surrounded by splendid things.

"I'm a mess with money; I simply spend what I have.

"I thought we'd be great, and we were.

40-Money may not buy happiness, but it can give damn good.

41-On the stage I'm a demon, but I'm barely a social rejection.

"I want to lead the Victorian life, surrounded by exquisite disorder.

43-A concert is not a live performance of our album. It's a theatrical event.

"You can have it all in the world and remain the loneliest man, and that's the bitterest kind of loneliness. Success has brought me the idolatry of the world and millions of pounds, but it has kept me from having the one thing we all need: a lasting love relationship.

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