The 43 Best Phrases by Percy Jackson

I leave you the best Percy Jackson Phrases , A fictional character from the fantastic novels Percy Jackson and the gods of Olympus, The Heroes of Olympus and The Trials of Apollo by writer Rick Riordan.

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The 43 Best Phrases by Percy Jackson

1- His name was Talia and gave his life to save three. And as he was dying, his father Zeus found another way to keep him alive. A way to keep all mestizos alive. A gift to make sure no one in the camp died the same way. Every day, the story of Talía inspires me, and his tree, protects my home - Percy Jackson

2- I think the fact that Zeus is immortal means he can hold a grudge forever. -Quiron

3- Did you know that Christians have a god that can do just the opposite? Turn water into wine! That is a god! -Dionisio

4- I wonder Percy if the success of your first mission was just a stroke of luck. Would clarify

5 - I would rather lick a few hooves before continuing to see how you let yourself be affected by what Clarisse tells you, without offending Grover. -Annabeth

6- Have you ever felt that everything you've achieved, maybe it was not you who did it, it was luck or something? -Percy

7- Do not call the big house unless you screwed up. -Grover

8- Oh... I hate your ideas. -Percy

9- The next person or horse who calls me"the wine guy"will end up turned into a bottle. -Dionisio

10. You are very presumed, Lord Ares, for someone who runs away from the cupid statues. -Grover

11- With great power comes a great need to take a nap, wake me up later. -Nico the Angel

12- As you will know, it is said that you are the only heir of Poseidon; But I'm afraid that was a mistake. -Quiron

13- If my life is going to mean something, I have to be the one who lives it. -Percy

14 Do you have any idea how much my kingdom has burned down only in the last century?

15- Having a half brother is better than having no one. -Grover

16- Dad was good to guide me here, I lived north in the forest, one day a trident appeared on my head, shone and pointed south. - Tyson

17- The term politically correct is"ocularly odd"-Grover

18 - Stand up and fight... hero. -Annabeth

19- What, you think I steal the lightning? Omnipotence has reaped you brother, we are forbidden to steal our powers from each other. -Poseidon

20- The next time you try to drown someone, first make sure he is not a half-god who knows how to swim. -Luke

21- Why do you have to be with a guy like that? It smells like pipes and is not even able to keep a job. Why are you doing this to us? -Percy

Do not you know the prophecy? Well you can add that to the list of things your friend Chiron does not tell you. -Luke

Knowledge is not always power, sometimes it is a burden. -Quiron

24- They say that when the gods wish to torture us they respond to our prayers. -Quiron

25- When I met your father everything was so perfect, he was brilliant; Then you were born and everything made sense. But he did not abandon us, he was forced to leave us, he loved you. Leaving you was surely the most difficult thing you've ever had to do in your entire life. -Sally

26- Before knowing the future you must know the past well. -Oracle

27- No loser is able to defeat minotaur, your blood is special, you have the blood of a god. -Grow

28 - You are very powerful, a threat to the brothers of your father: Zeus and Hades. That must have been why your mother married your stepfather. Your stench of insurance kept hidden the scent of your blood and kept you hidden from whatever the great gods sent to kill you. -Quiron

29- I definitely have strong feelings for you, but I have not decided whether it is in a good or negative way. -Annabeth

My father is a jerk, we never talk. I think we all have problems here with our parents and that's because all the gods are the same: Egoists. -Luke

31- What a pleasant surprise to have visitors so young, we tend to feel alone here. That's the reason I create my statues. -Jellyfish

32- They say that the eyes are the window of the soul, I hope you find my eyes... attractive. -Jellyfish

"There are generals and there are privates, you should be grateful to have not even been able to enter the army. Would clarify

34- This is no place for the living, die first and then return. -White

35- All lives end in suffering and tragedy. -White

36. He is cruel and abusive. The only thing I want is a way to get out of this hell. A war between the gods would only end that possibility and then she would be alone, alone with him. -Peséphone

37- I am the one who must leave behind, I am the protector, that is my duty. -Grover

38- The gods have held power for a long time, I say that it is time for us to take control of the world, a world in our image, a world of new heroes. -Luke

I did not steal lightning, it was Luke, son of Hermes. He said he was angry with you, with all of you. He wanted them to destroy themselves. -Percy

"I do not expect you to forgive me, but I want you to know that I thank you for everything you've done. -Poseidon

41- I did not do this for you, I did it to save my mother.- Percy

42- I know I'm not the father you deserve but if you ever need me then I'll be there, in your thoughts and in your dreams, being by your side. Always -Possidon.

Everything is better with a brother. -Tyson.

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