The 41 Best Phrases of Metaphysics

Below you will find over 40 Phrases of metaphysics Of authors with excellent thoughts such as Aristotle, Schopenhauer, Voltaire, Deepak Chopra or William James.

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Phrases of metaphysics

1-Thousands of books of metaphysics will not teach us what the soul is.-Voltaire.

2-A glorious morning at my window pleases me more than a book of metaphysics.-Walt Whitman.

3-Metaphysics is the art of methodically disconcerting oneself.

4-When the speaker and the listener, neither of them understands what is meant, that is metaphysical.- Voltaire .

5-Metaphysics is a restaurant where you get a menu of 30 thousand pages and there is no food.-Robert M. Pirsig.

6-It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.-Aristotle.

7-All men by nature wish to know.-Aristotle.

8-The world is, of course, nothing except our conception of it.-Anton Chekhov.

9-Metaphysics is almost always an attempt to prove the incredible by appealing to the intelligible.-Henry Louis Mencken.

10-Logic works, metaphysics contemplates.-Joseph Joubert.

11-Metaphysics is nothing more than an obstinate effort to think clearly.- William James .

12-The mind rules all things through all things.-Janet Morris.

13-Something is happening everywhere, and most of the things nobody understands.-Janet Morris.

14-Science is not only compatible with spirituality, it is a deep source of spirituality.-Carl Sagan.

15-Belief is the death of intelligence.-Robert Anton Wilson.

16-The map is not the territory.-Alfred Korzybski.

17-The world is governed by characters very different from those who imagine those who are not behind the scenes.-Benjamin Disraeli.

18-One possibility is: God is nothing but the power of the universe to organize himself.-Lee Smolin.

19-There is enough metaphysics in not thinking about anything.-Alberto Caeiro.

20-The extent to which your consciousness expands, is the degree to which you understand yourself and the universe.-Gina Charles.

21-Your thoughts create your reality.-Paul Jackson.

22-Life is not an amusement park, but a school.-Franz Bardon.

23-Man suffers because he takes seriously what the gods do for fun.-Alan Wilson Watts.

24-When the dogma enters the mind all intellectual activity ceases.-Robert Anton Wilson.

25-The change happens very slowly and very sudden.-Dorothy Bryant.

26-You are a perfect spiritual being. Acostrumbate to that idea.-Chris Prentiss.

27-Energy defines life, not the flesh and blood. We are finite energies experiencing infinity.-Stanley Victor Paskavich.

28-In the deep night of metaphysics every cat looks black.-Terry Eagleton.

29-You do not need to be a scientist to know how powerful your imagination is.- Chris Prentiss.

30-There is an act of faith in any conclusion that the mind can conceive.-H. Mortara.

31-All of the visible world is a representation of the invisible world.-Dan Pedersen.

32-After your death, you will be what you were before your birth.-Arthur Schopenhauer.

33-The past is always written for the future.-S. Stone.

34-To create reality, focus beyond the result, as if it had already occurred.-Gregg Braden.

35-The universe will use any vehicle and any means to communicate with us. Our job is to be alert and listen.-Elaine Seiler.

36-Time is the mind of space.-Samuel Alexander.

37-Words have the power both to destroy and to heal. When words are true and kind, they can change our world.

38-All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts we create the world.

39 - Everything we see is nothing more than a dream within a dream.- Edgar Allan Poe.

40-In the midst of the movement and the chaos, the stillness remains within you.-Deepak Chopra.

41-There will be a moment when you believe that everything is finished. That will be the beginning.- Louis L 'Amour.

42-Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed.-Antoine-Laurent de Lavoisier.

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