The 41 Best Phrases of Bruno Mars

Then I leave you over 40 Bruno Mars quotes , The famous singer, songwriter and choreographer born in Hawaii.

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Bruno Mars quotes

1-To write a song you must have imagination, to have imagination you must be free.

2-When everything in life gets complicated, it only takes one day to change it.

3-Always try to smile, because we all deserve more than tears.

4-When it's your moment, it's your moment.

5-Pick up some fans and a handful of enemies along the way.

6-Do not give up. Keep trying, you'll make it.

7-Never say you can not.

8-I think success is fun.

9-The yesterday has come and gone, and I have learned to leave it where it is.

10 -I just do what seems right to me.

11-We only have one life to live, so it's better to make it special.

12-You can not knock on the door of opportunity and not be prepared.

13-I take the music seriously, but I like to have fun.

14-It is not what you did, but what you did not do.

15-If the perfect thing is what you are looking for, stay as you are.

16-It's fun to see how time flies when you're in love.

17-I have had presidents of great record companies who have looked me in the face and said:"your music stinks, you do not know who you are and we do not know how to sell that".

18-I simply write songs that I believe strongly and that come from the interior. There are no tricks. It is honesty with melodies.

19-Everything I write comes from personal experiences.

20-No one sells a song better than the person who writes it.

21-I have learned that people are watching, so I do not do stupid things.

22-Life is not so bad when you're climbing so high.

23-It's funny how time flies when you're in love.

24-Sometimes I like the songs I write and sometimes I want to shoot them in the face.

25-We are not afraid to die young and live fast.

26-I am not an example to follow, but there are people who think that yes and I can not do stupidities.

27-I have never had faith in love or miracles.

28-Women always tell me that I come from another planet.

29-If I were a girl, I would be in love with Bruno Mars.

"If I were a billionaire, I'd be smart with my money."

31-There is only one carrot and all of them have to share it.

"I never understood why my parents named me Peter; At the age of two, they called me Bruno.

33-I want to be on the cover of Forbes magazine, smiling next to Oprah and the Queen.

34-Nobody gets into my house and challenges me in my play station. No one.

35. I still dream of a simple life.

36-Someone told me something that stuck to me:"you have to imagine your life and then go back". I have been living from that motto for a while.

37-Hawaii is paradise. Sounds cheesy to say, but there is music in the air.

38-Revenge is sweet, I love the taste it gives me.

39-It's probably the world's but feeling, when you're deeply in love with a woman and she does not feel the same, and you do not know why.

40-Take me to a place where I forget everything.

41-For years I heard that my music was not commercial, it did not fit. That he would not sell.

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