The 39 Best Phrases of Beautiful Disaster

I leave you the best Beautiful Disaster phrases , Translated to Marvelous Disaster, a romantic novel of the American author Jamie McGuire, this also created the saga The Maddox Brothers.

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Beautiful Disaster phrases

1- Welcome to the bloodbath! If you're looking for Economy 101... You're in the wrong fucking place my friend! If you are looking for The Circle, this is Mecca! Adam

2- I make the rules and direct the fight. Bets end once the opponents are on the ground. It is not allowed to touch the fighters, not help them, no betting changes, and nothing to enter the ring. If they break the rules, we'll break your face and get out of here without your money! That's includes you, ladies! Do not use your whores to cheat the system, boys! Adam

3- Our next fighter needs no introduction, but because it scares me to shit I'll do it anyway! Shiver in your little shoes, and throw in your ladies panties! I introduce you: Travis"Rabid Dog"Maddox! - Adam

You're a big pain in the ass, you know that? But God! How Much I Love You - America

5- I'm going to stay with Shep, I'll see you tomorrow Queen of the Quadrilateral -America

6 - America is my friend, you need to look for another shoulder, Lex -Travis

7- I know who you are, but do not get your hopes up. It's hard not to notice when fifty drunks call out your name. -byby

8- Do you have a tic or something? Your eyes do not stop moving. But in fact they are incredible eyes What color are they? Gray? -Travis

9- Do not even think about it, she's like my sister. You are not his type -America

10- Baby , You just said no, now will not stop. -Splepley

11- Aha! A smile, I'm not a rotten bastard after all. It was a pleasure meeting you, young pigeon. -Travis

12- You are an intelligent girl Abby so I warn you now, if you fall into their shit and end up hating it, you can not pay it neither with me nor with America Ok? - Shepley

13- I am not one of those Barbies Or one of your admirers up there. I am not impressed by your tattoos, your stupid charm, your forced indifference; So you can quit your routine Ok? -byby

14- Travis Maddox? By God Abby, since when did you start fishing in deep water? -Finch

15- He has an A in all classes, is a fucking genius. I hate it. -Splepley

16- I had a father with problems of alcohol and bad temper, in addition to four brothers who carried the gene of idiocy. -Travis

17- I like your Look Natural, girls usually do not dare to dress well. -Travis

18- He'll be fine, it'll only take him a while to finally accept that Abby is resistant to his charms. -America

19- I do not train for my fights, Adam calls me, tells me where the meeting will be and I go. -Travis

20- How can you use someone like that, treat it that way? You will have sex with her but you will not even accept her number.

21- Women often justify their actions with what they invent in their heads. She did not tell me in advance that I was expecting a relationship and I did not tell her I was expecting sex without commitment. How is that different? -Travis

22- Have you ever let a girl - who is a friend - stay at your house? Have you ever taken and gone to get a girl to school? Have you had lunch with her every day? No one knows what to think about us, even when we explain! -byby

23- I have never treated you otherwise than with respect to Pigeon. -Travis

24- I was drinking Ok? Your skin was 3 centimeters from my face, you're beautiful and you smell fucking amazing when you sweat I kissed you, I'm sorry! Get over! -Travis

25- I should tell you not to prove my point. But I would hate it if I say no and you never ask me again. -Travis

26- You do not need an excuse Pigeon, all you need is to ask for it. -Travis

"If it makes you feel better, then I will not let it hit me." I will not leave you if you want to touch me for your fans. But how fun can it be that I just slaughter someone and that person does not even give me a punch? It would not be good for business. No one would bet against me. -Travis

28 - If you end up taking you to the back seat of your car, do not come crying later. -Travis

"No, this is just a car. The love of my life will be the woman who bears my name. -Travis

30- I have to say, I was a bit nervous about picking up the woman Travis Maddox is in love with... her apartment. You do not know how many people told me today that I'm crazy. -Parker

31- You have to get rid of the bet, I can not go out with Parker and live with you at the same time. It looks terrible. -byby

32 - No. You said it yourself: a bet is a bet. After the month, you go with Parker, become a doctor, get married and have your children and never see you again. -Travis

"You're so beautiful... I've been distracted all night with the image of your hair tied around your neck. -Parker

34. If you sleep with him, I do not want to know. I'm going to jail for a long time if I find out that he... just do not tell me. -Travis

35- Ask what, if I could get a tattoo? I love you, and I want everyone to know that I am yours. -Travis

36- You look beautiful but you can not wear that... that is, your legs wow! And it's only half dressed, you can see your whole back. -Travis

"I've never been so sure of anything in my life. I turned, made my way to the room and there you were. Nothing else mattered. I did not even know if we would make it or not. I just wanted to be wherever you were, wherever that meant. The only thing I'm afraid of is a life without you. -Travis

"I knew the moment I met you that there was something about you that I needed. It turned out it was not something, it was you. -Travis

It's us, nothing makes sense unless we're together. -Abby.

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