The 37 Best Phrases by Neil Strauss

Then I leave you more than 30 quotes of Neil Strauss , Is a journalist, writer and expert in seduction, launched to fame by the publication of his first book"The Method".

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Neil Strauss

1-To excel at something, there are always obstacles and challenges that one must pass. It's what bodybuilders call the"pain period." Those who strive, are willing to face the pain, get tired, humiliate themselves, be rejected, are the ones who become champions. The rest stays on the sidelines.

2-Attraction is not an option.

3-It is not enough to be yourself. You have to be your best self. And that is a difficult task if you have not yet found your best self.

4-Without commitment, you can not have depth in anything, be it in a relationship, in a business or in a hobby.

5-If you have the ability to learn from your mistakes, then failure is literally impossible, because every rejection brings you to perfection.

6-If there was something I learned, it is that the man never chooses the woman. All he can do is give him a chance to choose him.

7-We are only fragile machines programmed with a false sense of our own importance. And from time to time the universe sends us a reminder that we do not really care.

8-After all, everyone's favorite subject is themselves.

9-To get a woman, you have to be willing to risk losing her.

10-One of the reasons I became a writer is that, unlike starting a band, directing movies or acting in theater, you can do it alone. Your success or failure completely depends on you.

11-One of the things I've learned is like receiving a compliment. Simply saying"thank you"is the answers that a person can confidently say.

12-There are only a few ways to be rejected or ignored. Why does a completely strange person have control over your self-esteem?

13-I have never relied on collaborations because most people in this world do not end things. They do not finish what they begin; They do not live what they dream, they sabotage their own progress because they are afraid that they will not find what they are looking for.

14-Winning the game was to leave it.

15-A man has two primary drives in his early adulthood: one toward power, success and achievement; The other towards love, company and love. Half of life then was out of order. To go after it, it was to stand up like a man and admit that I was only half a man.

16-In life, people expect good things to happen to them. And waiting, they lose them. Normally, what you want does not fall on your lap; Falls somewhere nearby and you have to recognize, get up and put the time and work to get it. This is not because the universe is cruel. It's because he's smart. He knows we do not appreciate the things that fall on our lap.

17-In fact, every woman I met seemed disposable and replaceable. I was experiencing the seducer's paradox. The better seducer he was, the less he loved women. Success was no longer defined by flirting or finding a girlfriend, but by how well she acted.

18-What most of us present to the world is not necessarily our true self; Is a combination of years of bad habits and behaviors based on fear. Our real life is buried under all insecurities and inhibitions. So, instead of just being yourself, focus on discovering and permanently bring your best self to the outside.

20-God is next to the winner.

21-Women like nice men. They just do not like weak men. So you can be nice, but you must have confidence and be strong mentally. For a woman to be with you, she needs to feel safe with you.

22-The good thing is that women have such high expectations of men that inspire us to live by them. That's what I've learned about male-female relationships.

23-Never ask a woman if you should kiss her. Instead, learn to read body language.

24-Most guys who define themselves as"very nice"just behave like that because they want to like everyone and do not want anyone to think badly of them. Do not confuse being fearful and weak of mind with being pleasant.

25-A large number of women - not all of them, many of them - feel insecure about men being men.

26-Your appearance does not matter, but as you present yourself.

27-Many people make the mistake of trying to defend principles in relationships. My goal is long-term happiness. And I make decisions that will not undermine that goal.

28-The great thing about the heart is that it has no master, despite what reason can think.

29-The trick, when you're calling, is figuring out how to keep a balance between being attractive enough to hold someone's attention and not seeming overly available.

30-We have the idea that love is supposed to last forever. But love is not like that. It is an energy that flows freely, that comes and goes when it pleases. Sometimes he stays for a lifetime; Other times it stays for a second, a day, a month or a year. So do not fear love when it comes, simply because it makes you vulnerable. But do not be surprised when you leave either. Just be content to experience it.

31-Just because you're interacting does not mean you're attracting. Learn to recognize the difference between courtesy and interest.

32-The ignorant are not blessed; Are the target of a joke of which they are not even aware.

33-It's not lying, it's flirting.

34-We make fun of the people we are most afraid of becoming.

35-Love is a prison of velvet.

36. The natural instincts of men seem to alternate between periods of love relationships and periods of hedonistic singleness.

37. Fame will not make you feel better about yourself.

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