The 30 Most Famous Jehovah's Witnesses

exist Famous Jehovah's Witnesses Who profess this religion which corresponds to a more primitive form of Christianity, attached to the one that Jesus practiced next to his apostles, according to his own words.

Jehovah's Witnesses have their own interpretation of The Bible Called New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures , Whose main function is to worship Jehovah as creator and true god.

Famous Jehovah's Witnesses

Some of their curious facts are that they preach their teachings in the streets, door to door and do not celebrate birthdays or traditional holidays such as Christmas or New Year.

At present, there are a large number of personalities from the world of music, culture and politics that share ideas and dogma.

The 30 known Jehovah's Witnesses are

1- Michael Jackson

The 30 Most Famous Jehovah's Witnesses

Known as the"King of Pop", he was raised in the faith of the Jehovah's Witnesses. He participated in religion during his childhood along with his family and brothers and continued to preach door to door, twice a week, even when his fame had begun to grow, in 1984. They say that to do it without being recognized was disguised in a cap , Mustaches and lenses.

Until that date, Michael Jackson behaved like a faithful Jehovah's Witness, without making blood transfusions or celebrating"pagan parties".

However, the Elders (leaders of the congregation) did not approve the making of videos as"Thriller", for accusing him of promoting spiritualism. In this way, he retired from religion in 1987.

2- Prince

The 30 Most Famous Jehovah's Witnesses 1

The famous American singer / songwriter Prince, became Jehovah's Witnesses in 2001, after the death of his mother. Despite being globally recognized for his homosexuality and his excesses in all areas, Prince was a believer in God and for a time he practiced the beliefs of this faith.

His family belonged to the Seventh-day Adventist religion, which has many similarities to the Jehovah's Witness beliefs.

Prince carried the faith in his own way, but handed out pamphlets in the street which led him to connect more with the people. There are even rumors that his death could occur due to not accepting medical treatments forbidden for Jehovah's Witnesses.

3- Luke Evans

The 30 Most Famous Jehovah's Witnesses 2

The famous actor, Robin Hood (2010),"The Hobbit"(2012 and 2014) and"Fast and Furious 6"(2013) participated in the religion of Jehovah's Witnesses. His family brought him down this faith, without celebrating their birthdays or parties like Christmas.

The actor considers that the activity of going door to door preaching with his parents although it was very difficult for him during childhood, helped him to forge his character and learn to overcome rejection, which was very useful in his training as an actor and Not be accepted in some jobs.

4- Michelle Rodríguez

The 30 Most Famous Jehovah's Witnesses 3

The famous American actress starring in films such as the saga of"Fast and Furious"and"Avatar", in addition to successful series such as"Lost", was raised under the strict precepts of Jehovah's Witnesses and used to attend church every day Along with his grandmother. He also participated in door-to-door preaching.

For Michelle Rodríguez, the religion in which she grew up was an inspiration for a permanent search for spirituality and other beliefs.

The actress defines herself as an existentialist, although at present she is no longer an active practitioner or participant of this religion.

5- Dwight Eisenhower

The 30 Most Famous Jehovah's Witnesses 4

The number 34 president of the United States between 1953 and 1961 was also raised under the faith of Jehovah's Witnesses. His father introduced him to religion in 1915, but when he became an adult, Dwight Eisenhower and his brothers left the Jehovah's Witnesses

However, the influence of religion was significant in his life, since during his second takeover as president, he used a Jehovah's Witness Bible.

It is also said that he added the words"under God"in the Loyalty Commitment, during his tenure as President of the United States.

6- George Benson

The 30 Most Famous Jehovah's Witnesses 5

The renowned American musician, jazz guitarist and singer, is famous for his song"This Masquerade,"which won the Grammy Awards in 1978. George Benson is currently a retired musician and is an active participant in Jehovah's Witnesses, even belongs to the Elders of the Congregation.

The Elders are the men who have spent more time in religion and are chosen for their maturity and spiritual knowledge to lead the rest of the members of the congregation, guiding, counseling and encouraging other members of the faith to follow in the path of Spirituality of this religion.

7- Mickey Spillane

The 30 Most Famous Jehovah's Witnesses 6

This prominent American writer, known for his black crime novels and his protagonist, private detective Mike Hammer, became the Jehovah's Witnesses faith, despite the content and plot of his books, considered pornographic and immoral by some Of other members of the Jehovah's Witnesses.

Throughout the years, more than 250 million copies of his books have been sold worldwide and he is one of the 15 best-selling fiction authors in the United States.

Mickey Spillane also has the particularity of having interpreted its own famous personage Mike Hammer, in the film"I, the Jury". Spillane continued writing until the date of his death, in 2006.

8- Jill Scott

The 30 Most Famous Jehovah's Witnesses 7

This well-known American actress and singer is famous for her collaborations as a jazz and rhythm and blues vocalist with musicians Eric Benet, Common and Will Smith and her participation in the musical Broadway Rent.

Jill Scott also won a Grammy Award in 2005 for her song"Cross MyMind"in the BestUrban / Alternative R & B style. She is currently the lead actress in the HBO series"Number One Ladies, Detective Agency,"the story of a single woman trying to push her own business in Botswana.

As a child, from the age of 12, Jillfue raised by her grandmother under the faith of the Jehovah's Witnesses, however, was never baptized. He does not currently belong to any religious association.

9- Selena

The 30 Most Famous Jehovah's Witnesses 8

The famous Texan-American singer known as the"tex-mex"queen, Selena Quintanilla (1971-1995), murdered by the president of her fan club at the height of her career, was part of a family that respected All the principles of the faith of Jehovah's Witnesses.

In fact, it is said that the moment he arrived at the hospital after receiving the shots, doctors suggested a blood transfusion, to which his father flatly refused.

Selena Quintanilla also did not celebrate her birthday, because during the birthday the celebration is only for an individual, while the Jehovah's Witnesses always want to give their attention only to Jehovah, so they asked their fans not to remember it during their birthday.

10- Serena and Venus Williams

The 30 Most Famous Jehovah's Witnesses 9

The world-famous and successful tennis players were raised under the teachings of Jehovah's Witnesses and to this day profess the faith. Venus Williams has the same upbringing and follows the precepts of religion despite criticism.

However, the congregation has criticized the sisters' dressing rooms and the fact that neither has been baptized, as well as their evident nationalism, although for Jehovah's Witnesses beliefs a person can not prove affiliation to any country Or ideal that is not Jehovah.

Even so, to this day, Serena Williams has made public her gratitude to her faith and Jehovah for helping her achieve all her sporting goals and has stated that she seeks to marry a man who professes her own beliefs.

11- Geri Halliwell

The well-known British singer and former Spice Girl Geri Halliwell grew up under the faith of Jehovah's Witnesses under the influence of her mother and, like every child in religion, lived her childhood without celebrating birthdays or important holidays such as Christmas.

Shortly after, the singer left the religion at the moment of beginning its race of singer in a transgressive and controversial group as were in its time the Spice Girls. Even the rumors say that before that period, some of his works were posing as naked model. She is currently married and has one daughter, Bluebell.

Terrence Howard

The famous American actor Terrence Howard, known for his films as"Iron Man","The Brave One","Pride","Crash","Mr. Holland's Opus,"and"Hustle & Flow,"has openly demonstrated an approach to Jehovah's Witnesses, especially as the host of the Knocking documentary series, which is a look into the beliefs of this religion.

Terrence Howard has stated that he would like to be a Jehovah's Witness, while his wife raised her children under the precepts of this faith.

13- Naomi Campbell

Successful British model and businesswoman Naomi Campbell was born and raised by her mother in the faith of Jehovah's Witnesses, although she is no longer a practitioner.

Naomi, in addition to her great career as a model, is known for her permanent spiritual search for religions, which has led her to be part of such different cults as Hebrew Kabbalah, Candomblé in Brazil, Orthodox Church in Russia and many others.

14- Patti Smith

The controversial punk rocker of the 70s was raised in a family that professed the faith of Jehovah's Witnesses. From her formation in the faith she still maintains her interest in studying the Bible, although she is no longer an active participant of the religion, which she abandoned at the age of 13.

Patti Smith's sister is still Jehovah's Witnesses, and for Patti, religion and spirituality are very important. She believes that God is present in all aspects, but above all her interest is in the human condition.

Patti relied on his knowledge in the ancient scriptures to write the song"MercyIs", one of the main themes of the new version of the movie"Noah."

15- Dave Mustaine

The leader of the heavy metal band Megadeth was raised as a Jehovah's Witness during his childhood. When he became a musician he left the religion and began his career as a guitarist in another important metal group, Metallica, from where he was expelled for his alcoholism in the early 1980s.

Since 1983, Dave Mustaine has achieved a successful musical career with Megadeth. But it was not until 2002, when an accident on his right arm made him seek to reconnect with religion and spirituality. Currently, Dave Mustaine claims to have been reborn to religion.

16- Sherri Shepherd

The American comedian was also raised in a family that professed the faith of Jehovah's Witnesses. When at age 14 she told her family that she was interested in the boys, she was harshly reproved by the elders of the congregation, and forbade her to speak to or look at the young men of the opposite sex.

But at age 17, Sherri had her first boyfriend and could not continue serving the punishment. However, his real break with religion was when the Elders forbade him to speak with his father, because he was doubting the wisdom of these.

Despite this, Sherri has always stated that faith is a fundamental part of her life and her faith in God is an important pillar in her life.

17- Xzibit

The American rapper and television presenter was raised in a family who professed the faith of the Jehovah's Witnesses, but now he no longer practices religion.

18- Janet Jackson

Like her older brother Michael Jackson, Janet was raised in the faith of Jehovah's Witnesses, but her differences with religion made her stop practicing her.

Janet has excelled by being a talented woman who managed to build a career in the world of entertainment without being in the shadow of her famous brother. In addition to succeeding in music, she has developed a facet of fashion designer with great success.

19- Lou Whitaker

Lou Whitaker was one of the most recognized baseball players in the history of the United States and a former Major League player.

He always continued to profess his faith openly as a Jehovah's Witness, being even more important than his successful career in the Detroit Tigers. Currently, Lou Whitaker is considered one of the best players of all time.

20- Coco Rocha

The young Canadian supermodel Coco Rocha is an active and open practitioner of Jehovah's Witnesses' faith. Despite her successful career in the fashion world, Coco has always stated that her religion is very important although there are few who dare to say it publicly.

21- Chet Lemon

Another major player in the Major League Baseball is an active practitioner of the Jehovah's Witnesses religion. During his career he has participated in the teams of the Chicago White Sox and the Detroit Tigers, with whom he won the World Series in 1984. He has been a Jehovah's Witness since his adolescence.

22- Ja Rule

The rapper, whose real name is Jeffrey Atkins, was raised under the Jehovah's Witnesses' faith for his mother, but left the religion when she was disenrolled from the congregation.

However, he recognizes the importance of God and spirituality in his life, so he is currently under the guidance of Pastor Lentz and has produced some themes with gospel influences.

23 - The Notorious B.I.G

This young rapper, assassinated in 1997 by what is thought was a rematch by the death of musician Tupak Shakur a year before. However, in addition to his life in music, he was also raised as a Jehovah's Witness.

24 - Damon Wayans

This famous comedian, director and producer of television and film producer, was raised with his brothers also as a Jehovah's Witness in a family where religion was fundamental. Most of them are still active practitioners of this faith.

25 - Gloria Naylor

American novelist Gloria Naylor was part of the Jehovah's Witness religion during her youth. It is famous for his book The Women of Brewster Place, published in 1982, book that was winner of an American Book Award like best novel.

The story of a group of black women seeking to claim their rights in a neighborhood that ran over them was the plot of a mini series and then a successful series in the 1990s. Other books by Linden Hills (1985), Mama Day (1988) and Bailey's Café (1992), where she enters the world of female sexuality.

26 - Teresa Graves

Teresa Graves, the famous American actress and singer, became the faith of Jehovah's Witnesses, which prevented her from continuing to play the role of"Get Christie Love,"a successful television series about a woman African American policeman, who seduced men and killed villains.

Shortly after, it left the television and dedicated its life completely to the religion, until its death in the year 2002.

27 - Kid Gavilan

Boxer Gerardo Gonzalez, better known as Kid Gavilan, embraced Jehovah's faith in his adult life.

This Cuban sportsman became known for being one of the very few boxers who have never been knocked out during their careers and for beating such famous competitors as SugarRay Robinson, Bobo Olson, Carmen Basilio and Tommy Bell.

28 - Dave Meyers

Basketball player DaveMeyers, famous for playing four seasons in the NBA. During his adulthood he became a Jehovah's Witness, actively participating.

During his last years he was part of the elders of the congregation and organized classes and basketball clinics for children. He died in 2015.

29 - Mark McCumber

This professional American golf player is an active and devout practitioner of the Jehovah's Witnesses faith. In 1988 he won the Players Championship. Today he is dedicated to preaching his religion and showing people that Jehovah's Witnesses are good citizens.

30 - Gary Gygax

Ernest Gary Gygax, the famous American designer and co-creator of the video game Dungeons and Dragons was an active Jehovah's Witness and a fervent Christian who passed away in 2008.


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