The 30 Most Famous Dwarves in History

The Most famous dwarves in history They correspond with celebrities of the artistic world to the greatest extent and, for having excelled in some field throughout history, with their talent.

Dwarfism has not been a difficulty for them, because it has been the main cause for which they have achieved most of their work. Although there are those who as a result of this disease, suffered other medical problems that led to death and even suicide.

In the last years the success of the dwarves with great talents and artistic gifts for the performance is evidenced, reason why they were contracted by means of communication. Being many of them, big Hollywood actors.

It may be said that they have recently gained the charm and respect of individuals, as they have so often been scorned and reduced to mockery and amusement.

Today it can be said that lead a life of success forming part of the list of the 30 most famous dwarves in history.

Top 30 most known dwarves in history

1- Angelo Rossitto (1908-1991)

The 30 Most Famous Dwarves in History

American actor known as 'Little Angie' or 'Moe'. He participated in innumerable films and series from the decade of the 50 onwards. Some reputed as Superman , Ali ba ba and the 40 thieves Y Mad Max .

At 83, he had to undergo surgery for heart problems and failed to overcome the operation.

2- Billy Barty (1924-2000)

The 30 Most Famous Dwarves in History 1

Billy Barty was the name with which William John Bertanzetti became known. He participated in several short films with small roles, standing out for his enthusiasm in each place of work.

A well-known film, where Barty has acted is in The Lord of the rings . Barty also stood out for his promotion of the rights of those affected by dwarfism.

3- Bushwick Bill (1966)

The 30 Most Famous Dwarves in History 2

Rapper Jamaiquino, creator of southern rap, platinum in 1991 with his album called Can not be stopped .

As a product of alcohol and marijuana, she was the victim and author, with a friend, of being shot in one of her eyes.

He was detained, but was quickly released and faced only minor charges.

4- Charles Proteus Steinmetz (1865-1923)

The 30 Most Famous Dwarves in History 3 Charles Proteus Steinmetz with Edison

His real name was Karl August Rudolf Steinmetz and he was born in Germany. He worked all his life in the company General Electric, being recognized by the analysis of AC circuits, helping to impose the distribution of electric energy by means of alternating and non-continuous voltages as was done at the time.

He was also a professor at Schenectady University in New York, where he collaborated until his death.

5. Charles Sherwood Stratton (1838-1883)

The 30 Most Famous Dwarves in History 4

Known as General Tom Thumb for his artwork. At the age of 5 years he toured America with his artistic skills of acting, singing and dancing. At 6 he was an internationally recognized artist, having twice been to Queen Victoria.

He died at age 45 due to a stroke

6- Danny Woodburn (1964)

The 30 Most Famous Dwarves in History 5

His full name is Daniel Charles Woodburn. He is recognized by his works of acting, being an American actor that by his dwarfism usually performs performances of Christmas elves.

Highlights in theater performing various comedies of great success. He has worked on a lot of films with great actors like Arnold Schwarzenegger, and for films of infantile character. Being his last work the interpretation of the Master Splinter in the film of The ninja turtles .

7- David Rappaport (1951-1990)

The 30 Most Famous Dwarves in History 6

He was an American actor, whose full name is David Stephen Rappaport, being recognized by its interpretations in cinema and television.

He has made several films and participated in series and children's animations, but his greatest recognition was thanks to the films Girlfriend Y Heroes of Time .

David suffered from depression, which led to his 49-year-old to commit suicide, shooting himself in the chest.

8- Don Santiago de los Santos

The 30 Most Famous Dwarves in History 7

He was the most famous Filipino dwarf of the nineteenth century. In his childhood he was close to death and it was the Viceroy who helped him recover by giving him the same upbringing as a child of his own.

Thanks to his intelligence and small stature, he became famous in England at the age of 19.

9- Felix Silla (1937)

The 30 Most Famous Dwarves of History 8

Felix Anthony Silla is an Italian actor renowned for his performances in various films and television shows. Its most successful role has been in the series The Addams Family .

It has also been who executed the role of Robot Twiqui in the series Bock Rogers In the 25th century and who gave voice to Mortimer Gótico, one of the characters in The Sims, the best selling videogame of the year 2005.

10- Gary Coleman (1968-2010)

The 30 Most Famous Dwarves in History 9

American actor whose full name is Gary Wayne Coleman. Although Gary suffered from an autoimmune disease for which he had to be transplanted of kidneys in two occasions and, that took a stop in its growth, was a very popular figure.

With his charisma he has gained the affection of the public, especially during his appearance in the television series called Black and White in America , Y Arnold in Spain.

He participated in numerous films and television series, passing to his 42 years by an intracraneal hemorrhage produced by a fall.

Harry Earles (1902-1985)

Harry Earles is his stage name from which he adopted the surname of a man who gave him work when he emigrated from Germany to the United States.

He has worked in numerous films along with his 3 sisters and, towards the 30's he dedicated himself to the circus for more than two decades. Among his cinematographic appearances is his role in The Wizard of Oz 1939

12- Hervé Villechaize (1943-1993)

Born in France, he suffered from dwarfism due to a serious thyroid problem. He worked as an actor in the United States in several productions, being the most successful, his performances of Nick Nack in The Man with the Golden Gun , Series 007 film.

He committed suicide at the age of 50, leaving a note in which narrated the dismay of his family and thanking Kathy, his wife, for the love given during their marriage years.

Jack Purvis (1937-1997)

British actor recognized for having participated in the trilogy of Star Wars Interpreting different alien creatures. In a motorcycle accident, Jack was quadriplegic, dying at 60 years of age.

14- Jason Acuña (1973)

Actor and presenter of television of Italian nationality, recognized in the artistic world for being protagonist of the group Jackass, who are famous by its appearances in MTV.

In addition to his artistic skills, Jason is a professional skater and the first contestant to receive a perfect score on NBC Celebrity Circus, a reality show from the USA.

15- Jeffrey Hudson (1619-1682)

He was an English dwarf, belonging to the court of Queen Henrietta Maria. For that reason was known with the nicknames"the dwarf of the queen"and"Mr. Minimus". Considered for its small size, one of the wonders of the world.

In a duel during the English Civil War he killed a man and was expelled by the Queen. This forced him to escape but was captured by Berber pirates, being his slave for more than 25 years in North Africa. After his rescue, he was sent back to England.

16- Joe C (1974-2000)

His name is Joseph Calleja but became famous as Joe C in the world of rap in the United States, gaining popularity with the group Kid Rock.

He also represented a character from the famous cartoon The Simpsons as a special guest.

He died in the year 2000 because of several medical problems triggered by his dwarfism.

17- Johnny Roventini (1910-1998)

Popularly known as Johnny Philip Morris, he was an American actor famous for being the spokesman for the cigarette maker Philip Morris.

Johnny was dedicated to advertising being present in all the media, and working for that company for more than 40 years.

18- Josh Ryan Evans (1982-2002)

American actor known for his performance as Timmy in a soap opera called Passions . He was characterized by having the voice and appearance of a small child, due to his dwarfism.

He died in 2002 during a medical intervention, due to heart failure of congenital origin.

19- Kenny Baker (1934-2016)

British actor recognized for his interpretation of the robot R2 D2 in Star Wars . His last participation in this saga was realized in the film Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens In 2015. A year before his death at 81 years of age.

20- Marshall Pinckey Wilder (1859-1915)

Actor, monologue, comedian and American cartoonist, enjoyed a favoritism of the British royal family.

He was the author of three books and head of company, arriving to have an income of up to five figures at that moment by his incommensurable talent. Always outstanding for his good humor and companionship with his work colleagues.

21- Michael Dunn (1934-1973)

American singer and actor, known for his roles in horror and comedy.

His fame was due to his participation in the series The Wild Wild West, interpreting to Dr. Loveless in the year 1965.

He suffered from cirrhosis of the liver due to alcoholism because of his scoliosis, a chronic disease which brought him various medical complications, ending his life at 39 years of age.

22- Michael J. Anderson (1953)

American actor known for his work in the series Twin Peaks Y Carnivale Issued by the HBO channel.

In addition to his development as an actor, Michael has previously worked for NASA developing as a computer technician, providing support for the company's space shuttle.

23- Mihaly Michu Meszaros (1939-2016)

Hungarian actor and circus performer famous for his interpretation of ALF, a Marmac of Melmac, for which Meszaros had to carry a suit that represented that personage.

He worked on a large number of television projects, but his success is attributed to the interpretation of the famous character cited.

24- Nelson de la Rosa (1968-2006)

Actor of Dominican origin, known as 'The smallest man in the world' and as 'The Rat Man' worldwide.

His success made him an international actor, having filmed a movie in Hollywood with Marlo Brando and participating in the music video for the band Illya Kuryaki and the Valderramas. Nelson passes away at age 38 due to cardiac arrest.

25- Peter Dinklage (1969)

American film, television and theater actor. He has participated in films of Death at a Funeral Y The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian among other.

But its stardom was due to the interpretation of Tryon Lanister in the series Game Of Thrones (Game of Thrones), winner of two Emmels and a Golden Globe.

26- Tamara de Treaux (1959-1990)

American actress who began working in theaters and formed her band called The Medflies .

It was heard by the film director Steven Spielberg, who offered to work on film, a proposal that Tamara accepted and was recognized for participating in the ET film.

Tony Cox (1958)

American actor who has made numerous films, achieving fame when performing the performance of Ework in the film S Star Wars, Episode VI - Return of the Jedi .

His fame made him part of the Eminem video clip in the song Just Lose it .

28- Verne Troyer (1969)

American actor recognized for participating in films Harry potter and the Philosopher's Stone , Interpreting Griphook and Mini Me in the saga of the films of Austin Powers .

29- Warwick Davis (1970)

British actor famous for working in movies Star Wars , Playing Ewok or Professor Filius Flitwick in the saga of the Harry Potter films.

30- Zelda Rubinstein (1933-2010)

American actress known for making the medium Tangina Barrons in the films of Poltergeist . This launched him to fame, getting him to film several more films, always with a similar role to that made at that time.


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