The 30 Most Famous Dogs in History

Think about Famous dogs Is to visualize in our mind the adventures of Rin Tin Tin, Scooby Doo or Pluto, historical characters from the movies and television who have delighted the youngest and the greatest. However, there are many more, regardless of whether they starred in a film, whether they were of a race or another or its genre.

"The dog is man's best friend,"says one of the world's most popular sayings. But these words are not metaphorical but have a real sustenance.

Historical famous dogs

These carnivorous mammals, which become a subspecies of wolves, have a very particular relationship with humans and that is why it is one of the favorite animals as a pet in the world, a throne that shares with cats.

There are dogs of all types and all share a feeling of loyalty, friendship and love with humans, which makes them exceptional companions.

They stand out for having a very developed ear and smell, which made them, besides good friends, great partners for the tasks of control, investigation and rescue.

According to archaeological studies, dogs have lived together for 9,000 years with humanity and have, on average, a life expectancy of between 15 and 20 years, depending on their race and size.

It is estimated that there are more than 800 breeds, more than any other animal on the planet, and there are about 400 million specimens worldwide.

Dogs have great intelligence, can learn up to 500 words, and stand out for their ability to socialize, thanks to their sympathy.

Top 30 most famous dogs in history

1- Rin Tin Tin

The 30 Most Famous Dogs in History

He is one of the best known dogs in the history of television and film. This German Shepherd was the protagonist of the series The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin And also starred in more than 20 films, which earned him a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

The history of this dog is particular. It is not a single issue, but two are the protagonists of the series: Rinty and Nannette, two brothers who were found by an American soldier on the battlefield of World War I in France.

The animals learned different tricks and when they arrived in the United States they became acting stars. Rinty's children continued their legacy when he was already an old dog.

According to the legend, the academy of Hollywood wanted to him to grant the Oscar to better actor to Rinty, but decided to award an actor not to take away seriously the prize.

2- Lassie

The 30 Most Famous Dogs in History 1

The series and the film with its name gave him worldwide visibility. Although it is a Collie, the race is also known by the name that obtained in the fiction.

Pal was the first animal that characterized Lassie during the first six MGM productions, followed by other dogs that took the leading role.

The story is based on an English novel by Eric Knight, who came to TV and film in the 1950s and had its last sequel in 2005.

3- Laika

The 30 Most Famous Dogs in History 2

Its fame is not due to be protagonist of some series of television, but that Laika was the crew of Sputnik 2, the ship that in 1957 was put into orbit by Soviet Union.

This non-breed dog was the first living thing to come out of the Earth's orbit and, as the Russian space agency recently revealed, died six hours after takeoff.

Laika was a street bitch, who was specially trained for the trip and who became a celebrity in the country.

4- Bo

The 30 Most Famous Dogs in History 3

This nice Dog of Water is known to have accompanied Barack Obama during his eight years in the White House. After five years living in solitude, Sunny joined the presidential family in 2013.

5- Marley

The 30 Most Famous Dogs in History 4

Is the protagonist of the film Marley and Me 2008, based on the life of journalist John Grogan. In the story, a real case, the dog accompanies Grogan and his wife during the early years of their married life in a new city.

In total, 22 Labradors were needed to represent the different stages of Marley's life. Grogan and Marley were in the presentation of the film next to Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson.

6- Barry

The 30 Most Famous Dogs in History 5

He is one of the first heroes of this list. This St. Bernard is famous for having saved the lives of more than 40 people during his 14 years of life as a rescuer in the Swiss mountains.

His legend inspired multiple stories of fiction, after his death his body is preserved in the Museum of Natural History of Bern and in Paris has a monument in his honor.

7- Toto

The 30 Most Famous Dogs in History 6

This Cairn Terrier accompanied Judy Garland by the yellow tiles in The Wizard of Oz , In 1939. The actress played Dorothy, who in all her adventures was next to the dog.

Toto's real name was Terry, a female who was adopted by the producers three years before filming began. The animal suffered an injury during the filming, reason why in some scenes it is seen renenging.

8- Hachiko

The 30 Most Famous Dogs in History 7

This Japanese Akita dog has one of the most exciting stories on this list and his legend also came to the movies. In this case it is a real case brought to the big screen.

The animal would accompany Professor Eisaburō Uen, with whom he lived, to the train station every morning and he would receive it in the afternoon when he returned from teaching at the university.

But one afternoon Uen suffered a heart attack and died in the classroom. Hachiko stayed for nine years at the station, until his death, waiting for his master. In the film Richard Gere starred in the film.

9- Einstein

The 30 Most Famous Dogs in History 8

The dog of Back to the Future Bears the name of the scientist by the fascination of his master, Doc Emmett Brown, with science. Einstein is an Ovejero and was the first time traveler in the first saga of the film of Robert Zemeckis.

In the same film, but during 1955, the Doc had a dog of another race, that was called Copernicus.

10- Dog

The 30 Most Famous Dogs in History 9

He is the companion of John Wayne in the film The Great Jack Of 1971. Perhaps his fame is not so much as the actor, who when he began his career called himself"Duke", which was actually the name of his dog in real life.

In their family, they were even called the Grand Duke, the animal, and the Little Duke, the actor. When the race of Wayne began to take impulse adopted the pseudonym with which it is known until today. Truly her name is Marion Morrison, a name she considered effeminate.

eleven- Balto

He is another of the heroes of this list, its recognition is due to its work like guide of a group of Siberian Husky that saved the life of a population in Alaska.

In 1925, the town of Nome suffered an epidemic of diphtheria, which could only be cured by vaccines. The problem to get the vaccines was transport, nothing could cross the totally snowy routes under an intense snowstorm.

There Balto and his companions appeared on the scene, only guided by their senses and their instinct took Dr. Gunnar Kaasen with the necessary doses to stop the epidemic.

His body is exhibited at the Museum of Natural History in Cleveland and also has statues in Nome and Central Park in New York.

12- Vincent

Is the dog of Lost , Whose Latin name means"predominant". This Labrador Retriever appeared in 27 chapters of the series, played by two animals: Madison and Pono.

13- Stubby

Stubby is considered a war hero in the United States. This Pit Bull got under their owner's coat and together they left for France during the First World War.

Served to the army like nocturnal sentinel, messenger of intelligence between trenches and dog of search and rescue during 17 battles. But his great merit was to warn of the presence of mustard gas in the air.

14- Beethoven

Chris was the San Bernardo who starred in the 1992 film, in which a loving and friendly dog ​​was nexus of an entire family. It acquired world-wide fame after the film and died in 2001 to the 10 years of life.

fifteen- Chonino

This dog has a street with its name, it is the Passage Chonino in the neighborhood of Palermo in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Trained by local police to take action in situations where there was danger of death, he died during a shooting on June 2, 1983. In his honor, on that date National Dog Day is celebrated in Argentina.

16- Hulk

He is one of the dogs of Lionel Messi. This Bulldog of Bordeaux is the closest brown is always the football star and was a gift from his wife Antonella Roccuzzo.

17- Shadow and Chance

Although the first one is more famous than the second one, the truth is that these dogs shared all the adventures and misadventures in Vuelta a Casa, the 1963 film, with a remake in 1992.

Chance was an American Bulldog and Shadow an old golden retriever, representing the impulsive youth and wise adulthood, respectively. Michael J. Fox was the voice for Chace in 1993.

18- Greyfriars Bobby

The history of this Skye Terrier is similar to the Hachiko. Booby became known in Edinburgh, Scotland, to remain next to the tomb of John Gray during 14 years, until its death in 1872.

Although there are different legends about the life of this dog, that version was collected by Eleanor Atkinson for his novel of 1912, that arrived at the cinema in 1961 and 2006.

19- Uggie

This Jack Russell is celebrated in Hollywood for his roles in Water for elephants Y The Artist And even put his paws in the Walk of the Stars of Los Angeles.

Omar Von Muller rescued him before he was sent to a kennel after two families abandoned him for being"too wild".

His screen career began with some commercials and small appearances in smaller films until he got his big break in 2011. A year later his bio was published.

20- Milo

This adorable Jack Russell Terrier that accompanies Jim Carrey in The mask (1994), in real life was called Max McCarter and also appeared in Mr. Accident (2000).

21- K-nine

Koton is a German Shepherd who accompanies Detective Michael Dooley (James Belushi) in the film Super Agent K9 This police dog died in 1991.

This breed, whose nickname is K9, is used by security forces around the world for their strength, intelligence, ability to train and obedience.

22- Snowy

He was the companion of the Liberator Simón Bolívar from 1813 and died in the Battle of Carabobo in 1821. At the moment it has a monument in the Plaza Simón Bolivar de Mucuchíes (in addition, this is called the dog breed), Venezuela.

23- Hooch

Another Dogo from Bordeaux that came to fame. In this case for being the companion of Tom Hanks in the film Partners and Hounds Of 1989. The misadventures of this pair cheered both big and small.

Basley, as his real name, was born in 1978 and died in 1992. This breed is characterized by being loyal, self-assured and territorial.

24- Paul Anka

His real name is Sparky but he rose to fame as Paul Anka, after being adopted by Lorelai Gilmore in season 6 of the series Gilmore Girls .

This Shepherd of Valée accompanies the protagonist during two seasons and receives its name in the fiction in honor to the song Puppy Love Which Paul Anka wrote for Annette Funicello.

25- Dookie, Jane and Susan

The three most celebrated Welsh Corgis of Pembroke in the world for being the dogs of the Queen of England and the only living beings who can travel freely in all corners of Buckingham Palace.

They are one of the oldest breeds in the United Kingdom and currently only 300 copies remain.

26- White Fang

The first of the fictional characters to appear on this list. This Siberian Husky is the dog starring in the serial novel Jack London published in 1906.

27- I put

This Dalmatian is the protagonist of the film The 101 Dalmatians Of 1961, that had a remake in 1996. The dog is the hero that fights against the villain Cruella de Vila, that wants the skin of the animals to become a cover of skin.

28- Pluto

Disney's most famous dog, accompanies Mickey, Donald Duck and Goofy in their adventures. Whirling and enthusiastic, this animal does not have a defined race.

29- Scooby Doo

This Great Dane is the protagonist of the homonymous series of 1969, in which it dulls the adventures of four adolescents who solve mysteries. The original series was created by Hanna - Barbera and it arrived at the cinema in 30 different versions in 1979 and 2017.

30- Snoopy

This Beagle is the companion of Charlie Brown in the series Snoopy or Carlitos Created in 1950 by Charles Schulz. The dog has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and NASA paid him multiple honors.

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