The 30 Most Famous Chefs in History

There are Famous chefs of history Which have had worldwide repercussions for their influences on other colleagues and on universal cuisine.

Many of them have received the Michelin star award for their own restaurants, which are the top distinction in the gastronomic sector.

The history of the cuisine is very varied and has changed over the centuries including new contributions, new ideas and new creations.

Restaurants would not be what they are today, were it not for the French revolution of the eighteenth century. And it is that the first great chefs were influenced by the doctrines of Antonie Careme, chef of kings and one of those who devised French haute cuisine.

Auguste Escoffier proposed to improve and revolutionize the rules and techniques proposed by Careme. He removed the kitchens from underground places and established the first standards of hygiene and food handling, creating the first recipe books.

Top 30 most famous chefs in history

1- Alain Ducasse

The 30 Most Famous Chefs in History

Famous French chef born in 1956. His access to fame was thanks to the advanced methods of work used in cooking and, by cooking food at a very low temperature.

He worked at the restaurant La Terrasse, at the Hotel Juana in Juan Les Pins, and did a prestigious work at Le Louis XV, being the first restaurant of a hotel to obtain the three Michelin stars.

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Andoni Luis Aduriz

The 30 Most Famous Chefs in History 1

Born in 1971 in Spain. He is one of the most famous cooks of this country and of the world. He has worked in the Bulli, for another renowned chef, Ferran Adriá.

Since 1998 it has its own restaurant called Mugaritz, which has been highlighted with the National Award and the Euskadi Gastronomy. Taking third place in the list of the best restaurants in the world.

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Anne-Sophie Pic

The 30 Most Famous Chefs in History 2

Cook born in 1969 in France. She is the only French woman who has a restaurant with three Michelin stars, which has won twice.

The name of its restaurant is Mision Pic, located in Valence and inaugurated by his great-grandmother. She is the only woman next to Helene Darroze in having a Michelin star.

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4- Bobby Flay

The 30 Most Famous Chefs in History 3

His full name is Robert William Flay, but he has become famous with the nickname Bobby.

He was born in Manhattan in 1964. He begins to dedicate himself to the kitchen at age 17 and for 2004 he shows off his work at Bar American in New York. His work has been highly praised by various media outlets, including the New York Times.

Bobby took advantage of his commercial sense and his facility to communicate ideas, to publish more than 4 books and to be protagonist of several TV programs

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Carme Ruscalleda

The 30 Most Famous Chefs in History 4

Born in 1952 in Barcelona, ​​she is one of the most outstanding Catalan cooks of Spanish gastronomy. And one of the most famous cooks in the world, she owns the restaurant Sant Pau in Sant Pol de Mar, Barcelona, ​​which has received three Michelin stars. And two restaurants in Tokyo, holders of two of these awards.

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6- Daniel Garcia

The 30 Most Famous Chefs in History 5

Born in Marbella, Malaga in 1975. He is known as Dani García. Performing avant-garde recipes and cooking with liquid nitrogen at temperatures below 196 degrees below zero, has received the Chef L'Avenir award as the best young chef in Europe, awarded by the International Academy of Gastronomy.

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7- Donate of Santis

The 30 Most Famous Chefs in History 6

Born in Milan, Italy in 1964. Throughout his professional career as a chef, he worked in the most famous restaurants in Los Angeles, USA.

His creativity has been the reason he has met celebrities, and Gianni Versace has hired him as a personal chef.

In 2000 he settled in Argentina, where he has published his own book and has been the protagonist of innumerable TV programs of the recognized channel Gourmet of reach to all Latin America.

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8- Escoffier Auguste

The 30 Most Famous Chefs in History 7

French chef born in 1846 and died in 1935. He is called the Emperor of the cooks because he popularized and updated the methods of cooking in his country.

Among his greatest recognitions, he rescued the Hungarian culinary heritage by adapting it to the French standards, shaping this gastronomic compilation in the book La Cuisinehongroise, myth of gastronomy in France.

The dishes invented by him are currently offered in various restaurants.

9- Ferran Adriá Acosta

Born in 1962 in Barcelona, ​​Spain. He is currently the most famous cook in the world for his creative and revolutionary character, which have led him to excel in molecular cuisine.

Since 2011 it has a non-profit foundation.

10- Giada de Laurentiis

The 30 Most Famous Chefs in History 9

Born in 1970 in Rome, Italy, is an Italian Chef belonging to the world of celebrities. Daughter of the film director Agostino de Laurentiis, anthropologist, merchant, book writer, chef, star of several television programs, belongs to the world of celebrities since her childhood.

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11- Gordon Ramsay

The 30 Most Famous Chefs in History 10

Born in 1966 in Scotland, he is recognized for being a cook and television presenter in the United States and the United Kingdom, which has made him famous worldwide.

Ramsay has a successful career having received 12 Michelin stars throughout it. And being their restaurant the best in London for over 8 years.

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12- Heston Blumenthal

The 30 Most Famous Chefs in History 11

Born in 1966 in London, Ferran Adriá is one of the most innovative of molecular cuisine.

Its restaurant The Fast Duck, opened since 1995, is one of the most prestigious of the gastronomic world today.

13- Jacques Pepin

The 30 Most Famous Chefs in History 12

Born in France in 1935, at age 81 he is one of the most experienced French chefs. And one of the most respected in the middle.

Throughout its race it has written more than twenty books of gastronomy, influencing considerably the American kitchen.

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14- Jamie Oliver

The 30 Most Famous Chefs in History 13

His full name is James Trevor Oliver. He was born in Essex, United Kingdom in 1975. Becoming one of the most influential chefs there.

It was discovered by the BBC who made him one of the media characters of one of his programs. What drove him to stardom.

Throughout his professional career, he has participated in several television programs and written many cookbooks.

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15- Jean Pierre Clause

The 30 Most Famous Chefs in History 14

Born in 1757 in the north of France. Its fame was due to the successful creation of the Pate of Contades (pâté de foie gras de Strasbourg). Which began to manufacture and sell.

16- Joan Roca

Born in 1964 in Spain, he is one of the most famous cooks in the world. Disciple of Ferran Adriá, owner of the restaurant Celler de Can Roca, in Girona. Being located in the first place of the most prestigious lists of the most recognized restaurants in the world.

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17- Marie Antoine Careme

Born in 1784 in Paris and died in 1833 he was known to be the first European scholar of sauces in French cuisine.

In addition to being a chef, he was an architect and has moved his architectural drawings to his cakes, which has made him famous. Appearing in newspapers around the world thanks to their work.

18- Mario Batali

Born in 1960 in the city of Washington. His first restaurant opened in 1998 in New York, which he called Babbo, for which he received the award for the best restaurant of that year.

His success allowed him to open nine more restaurants in the same city, and others in Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

He has written several books on cooking and participated in a television program with which he toured Spain.

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19- Martín Berasategui

He was born in 1960 in San Sebastián, Spain. It is one of the major references of the new Basque cuisine.

In his professional career he stands out for the creation of new products and flavors. At age 26 he received his first Michelin star. Its best known restaurant is located in Lasarte, which has three stars.

According to the list of a French magazine called Le Chef, of the 100 best chef of the world of the year 2016, Martin Berasategui is in the seventh place.

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20- Massimo Bottura

Italian chef born in 1962. Owner of the restaurant Osteria Francescana in the city of Modena, which has three Michelin stars and was ranked as the world's first best restaurant in The Worlds 50 Best Restaurants Awards of 2016.cEs one of the cooks Most famous Italians around the world.

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21- Michel Bras

Born in Gabriac, France in 1946. His popularity spread by how he treats the nature of food.

Its restaurant located in Laguile, was voted and placed by the magazine Restaurant Top 50, in 2008, in the seventh position in the list that covers the best restaurants in the world.

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Paul Bocuse

Born in 1926 in France, French chef recognized worldwide for being the founder of nouvelle cuisine.

In 1975 he was distinguished with the Legion of Honor, being the first of his profession to obtain this distinction.

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23- Pedro Subijana

Born in 1948 in San Sebastian Spain. Recognized for being one of the masters of traditional Basque cuisine.

In his restaurant called Akelarre, he has a research and development department, dedicated to studying all the recipes before preparing them. Characterized by creating simple dishes, with a maximum dedication to elements such as aroma, texture and flavor.

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24- Pierre Gagnaire

French cook born in 1950 in Apinac, Loire. Recognized by the fusion in the kitchen and for having managed to overthrow the conception of traditional French cuisine. Its influence in the kitchen was recognized internationally, having introduced to the same, concepts of the molecular gastronomy.

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25- Quique Dacosta

Spanish chef born in the province of Caceres, Spain in the year 1972. His restaurant Quique Dacosta is considered one of the greatest references of world cuisine. Highlighting the combination of techniques, elaborations, international products and an updated menu regarding the popular culture of Valencia.

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26- Rachael Ray

Chef born in New York in the year 1968. It is recognized by its sympathy and its presence in infinity of programs of TV.

Because of her vast experience, Rachael taught cooking classes in a course she called 30 minutes meals, which was an unthinking success, attracting attention from CBS.

She was hired and from her job, she was nominated for the Emmy Awards. He participated in several programs until he produced his own, called Rachael Ray, which quickly became one of the television programs of the 2006 season.

In the same year she was named Best Leader and in the following year, recognized as personality of the year. The press calls her the best television star.

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Sandra Lee

Cook born in 1966 in Los Angeles, California. It is recognized for working with prepackaged products to a greater extent, and to a much lesser extent, with fresh foods. This technique is called Semi-Homemade. He has participated in various programs and written a few books.

28- Santiago Santamaria i Puig

Born in 1957 in Barcelona, ​​Spain and died in 2011. He was a Spanish chef, among the most awarded by the Michelin Guide for his restaurant Can Fabes.

He wrote numerous books, being one of the most respected chefs in the world. Standing out for the style of its cuisine, and for being one of the first of the time to use wild plants and edible flowers in their dishes.

29- Thomas Keller

American chef born in 1955. He is recognized as one of the best chefs in the United States today.

With its restaurants set the standard of the gastronomy world-wide, being awarded three consecutive times like one of the best chefs, by the Guide of Michelin of New York.

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30- Wolfgang Puck

Born in Austria in the year 1949 is a chef recognized as the 'King of Fusion'. Its first restaurant called Spago, opened in 1982, was located in Hollywood, so it quickly became a meeting point for celebrities.

Taking advantage of this, Puck opened other restaurants with the same name in different cities.

He is currently recognized for preparing gala dinners for the subsequent Oscar awards for more than 16 consecutive years.

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