The 30 Most Famous Cats in History

We list the Most famous cats in history , Whether real or fictitious, are alive or remain dead and of course are of the race that is or characteristics that they have.

Many cats have achieved fame either by the use they have given their owners or some fictitious characters for the importance that their image has in society.

The domestic cat ( Felis catus ) Is a small mammal, typically furry and carnivorous in behavior. Cats are valued by humans as a company or by their ability to control rodent pests.

It is believed that the world population of cats at the moment exceeds 500 million individuals with about 70 different breeds.

Historical Cats

1- Muezza

According to a popular belief, Muezza or Mu'izza, was the favorite cat of the Islamic prophet Muhammad. It is said that one day the prophet awoke to the sounds of the Adhan and as he began to prepare he realized that there was a cat asleep on one of the sleeves of his garment to pray.

Instead of waking him, he cuts his sleeve without disturbing the cat. On another occasion the cat receives Muhammad with a venia and this one caresses him three times and promises him a special place in heaven.

2- CC

"CopyCat"(of"copy","cat", cat) or"Carbon Copy", was a domestic tabby cat born December 22, 2001 and who was the first mascot in Be cloned.

DC's surrogate mother was a brindle but her genetic donor, Rainbow, was a short-haired domestic calico.

The difference in coloration between CC and Rainbow is due to the epigenetic reprogramming that occurs in the fertilized embryo prior to implantation. CC has not suffered from health problems that arise in other cloned animals.

3- Félicette

The 30 Most Famous Cats in History

Felicette is currently the only cat that has been sent into space and survived. On October 18, 1963 at 8:09 am on the French space probe Véronique AGI 47, this cat found in the streets of Paris was sent into space. The cat was recovered alive after the capsule landed on the ground.

4 Sam The Unsinkable

The 30 Most Famous Cats in History 1

Also known as Oscar, was a cat of German origin who served in both the Kriegsmarine and the British Royal Navy during World War II. He served aboard three ships and survived the sinking of all of them.

5- Nansen

Nansen was the cat aboard Belgium, a ship that was used for the Belgian Expedition to Antarctica. It was brought on board by Johan Koren, one of the cabin attendants. He died on June 22, 1898 and was buried in Antarctica.

6- Fred

Fred, 'The Undercover Cat', born May 2005 and died on August 10, 2006, was a domestic short haired cat who gained attention for his covert work with the New York Police Department and the Office of the Prosecutor of Brooklyn District in the arrest of a suspect posing as a veterinary service provider.

7- Mike

Mike, born in 1908 and died in January 1929, was a cat who stood guard at the gates of the British Museum and whose fame was such that he earned two articles in Time magazine talking about his death.

8- All Ball

Koko is a gorilla known to have learned a great deal of gestures from a modified version of the American Sign Language to communicate.

Researchers say that by 1983, Koko asked for a cat for his birthday. In July 1984, she was able to pick a cat from a litter of abandoned felines and called it"All Ball".

The caretaker in charge of the gorilla wrote that Koko took care of the cat as if it were a calf. All Ball was run over and when the gorilla was informed, she said"bad, sad, sad"and"cry".

9- F.D.C. Willard

F.D.C. Willard was the pseudonym of a Siamese cat named Chester, who internationally published under this name on low-temperature physics in many scientific journals. Its owner was the physicist and mathematician Jack H. Hetherington of Michigan State University.

A friend of his noted the use of the first person plural in one of the revisions to his articles. Instead of rewriting the article or searching for a co-author, Hetherington decided to simply use his cat.

10- Oscar

Oscar is a cat who lives in the Steere Care and Rehabilitation Center in Providence, Rhode Island in the United States since 2005.

In 2007 she attracted fame when she was mentioned in an article by David Dosa in Journal of Medicine of New England . According to the investigated, Oscar seems to predict the impending death of terminal patients by staying with them for a few hours before dying.

It is believed that this feline can smell the molecules that emit the cells that begin to die in those patients.

11- Oscar, the bionic cat

Oscar is a black cat whose owners are Kate Allan and Mike Nolan in the Channel Islands of Jersey in England. This feline was amputated his two hind legs due to an accident with a pruner in 2009.

Since then it has been the object of a state-of-the-art operation that has added prosthesis and whose treatment has been considered for human use. A book about the history of Oscar, written by its owners, was released in 2013.

Internet Cats

12- Grumpy Cat

The 30 Most Famous Cats in History 2

Salsa Tártara, as it is known in Spanish, or Grumpy Cat is a cat recognized for being an Internet personality. He is known for his facial appearance of being"grumpy"all the time.

It was released when photographer Bryan Bundensen, Tabatha's brother the owner of the cat, posted a photo of it on the Reddit website. This photo became viral and is now known to be used as an Internet meme.

13- The Keyboard Jack

The keyboard cat is an internet meme consisting of a 1984 video about a cat named Fatso, wearing a blue shirt and playing a rhythm on an electronic keyboard.

14- Tara

Tara is a tabby cat that lives in Bakersfield, California and had a reputation for rescuing a child from being attacked by a neighbor's dog. The moment was captured by a video surveillance and became a global sensation.

Cats and Politics

15- Think Think and Ah Tsai

Think Think and Ah Tsai are two catos belonging to Dr. Tsai Ing-wen, president of Taiwan since May 20, 2016. The two felines were part of the campaign of election of the then candidate between 2015 and 2016. The press Usually referred to as"The Woman of the Cats".

16- Chief Mouser to the Cabinet Office

The Chief Mouser of the Cabinet Office is the official title of the resident cat of the office of the British Prime Minister located at 10 Downing Street.

Only four cats (Humphrey, Sybil, Larry and Freya) have been officially awarded the title.

17- Hank

The 30 Most Famous Cats in History 3

Hank the cat, born in August 2001 and died on February 13, 2014, was a cat that was placed as a candidate for the Virginia state senate elections in the United States in 2012. What began as a joke, began To gain fame since Hank arrived third in the elections after two great candidates.


Şerafettin is a cat living in Ankara, Turkey and is the official mascot at the Republican People's Party headquarters in Turkey.

TV Cats and Movies

19- Orangey

The 30 Most Famous Cats in History 4 Orangey with Audrey Hepburn at 'Breakfast at Tiffany's'

Orangey, a tabby male cat. He was an actor whose owner and trainer was the Frank Inn movie trainer. This cat had a great career in the movies and television of the 50's and 60's and was the only cat that has won two Patsy Awards.

20- Spot

Spot is the character character of Data on the Star Trek show. Spot has appeared during the last four seasons of the series, as well as in two of his films. His first appearance occurs in the episode"Data's Day"(9).

twenty-one- Cheshire Cat

The Cat Risón or Cat Smiling as it is known in Spain and Latin America, is a fictitious cat popularized by the book Alice in Wonderland By Lewis Carroll.

This character known for his mischievous smile has transcended from the novel of 1865 to become an icon of popular culture. His biggest feature is that his body disappears from time to time leaving only his smile in the air.

22- Garfield

The 30 Most Famous Cats in History 5

Garfield is a fictional cat and star of the strip comic strip created by Jim Davis. The story centers on Garfield, who is described as a lazy, fat and cynical orange cat who has the ability to speak articulately. It is characterized by its love of lasagne, coffee and to sleep, while hating Mondays and exercise.

23- Cat with Boots

The Cat with Boots is a European tale about a cat that uses deception and lies to gain power, wealth and the hand of a princess in marriage for its owner who is poor. Its most well-known version is the one of 1697 by the French writer Charles Perrault (12).

24- Tom

The 30 Most Famous Cats in History 6

The cat Tom or Thomas is a fictional character and one of the protagonists, along with the mouse Jerry, of the animated shorts of Tom and Jerry of the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. It was created by Joseph Barbera and William Hanna and describes an anthropomorphic cat colored between gray and blue.

25- Silvestre

Sylvester the cat is a fictional character in the repertoire of animated shows Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies (Aries and Today's Animated Fantasies as it was known to the Spanish-speaking public). It is a bicolor cat that normally is dedicated to chase the canary Tweety or the mouse Speedy Gonzales.

Records cats

26- Cream Puff

The 30 Most Famous Cats in History 7

Cream Puff, born on August 3, 1967 and died on August 6, 2005, was a cat that died at the age of 38 years and 3 days. Its owner was Jack Perry of Austin, Texas and became known as the oldest cat ever recorded by the Guinness Record.

27- Meow

Meow, born in 2010 and died on May 5, 2012, was a domestic cat that attracted attention by the efforts of the animal shelter that came to slim it. Meow died of lung failure within two weeks of entering the center. At the time of his death he was the heaviest cat in the world with 18 kilograms of weight.

28- Ludo

Ludo, is the longest domestic cat that is recorded according to the Guinness Records. Its total length is of 118.33 cm and its owner is Kelsey Gill in Wakefield, England (26).

29- Dusty

Dusty is a cat from San Mateo, California known for his acts of robbery. By 2011 the feline already had more than 600 objects of gardens bordering his home. Their owners say the record has been 11 items in a single night.

30- Colonel Meow

Colonel Meow was a cross between the Himalayan and Persian breeds that hold the title as the cat with the longest coat (23cm) of Guinness Records.


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