The 29 Best Phrases of Spartans

I leave you the best Spartan phrases , The city's state army of Sparta, one of the most important in the history of ancient Greece.

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Spartan phrases Artistic representation of the siege of Sparta, 272 BC.

1-You should reach the limits of virtue, before you cross the edge of death.

2- How glorious are the mighty men, sword in hand, in front of the battle for their native land!

3- Rise up, warriors, take their place next to each other, our feet planted broadly and rooted as oaks on the ground.

4 - Learn to love the shadow of color of the black ink of death as much as you love the light of dawn.

Here is the value, the best possession of man, here is the noblest prize that a young man can strive to obtain.- Tirteo, a Spartan poet.

6 These are the walls of Sparta.-King Agesilaus, [while pointing to his men].

7- The walls of Sparta were his young men, and his borders the tip of his spears.-King Agesilao.

8- Because we fight near the enemy. King Agesilaus [when asked why his swords were short].

9- Because fear makes every man do his best to protect his right side, thinking that the closer they are the better shields will be protected.- Thucydides [explaining why the hoplite army moves to the right when the battle begins].

10- By Hercules! The value of a man is dead.- Archidam [when he saw a catapult of fire for the first time]

11- Not how many, but where? "The Spartans used to ask about the enemy, they did not care how many enemies they had but where they were.

12-Son, remember your courage with every step.-A Spartan mother to her son.

13 - Spartans are the same as other men when they fight as individuals; Fighting together as a collective, surpass the other men.-Demaratus to Xerxes

14- Breakfast well, men, that tomorrow we will dine in hell.-Words of King Leonidas to his soldiers to enjoy their breakfast, since no one thought they would survive that day. And they did not actually do it on their third day of war.

15. If numbers were all that mattered, all Greece would not be a rival to a small part of this army; But if what counts is courage, the number is enough."Leonidas's answer when asked why a great enemy had come to fight with so few men.

16- There is no use of courage, unless injustice is present, and there is no need of courage if all men are just.-Agesilao when asked if value or justice was the most important value.

17"As far as I can go."King Agesilaus when asked how far the boundaries of Sparta were.

18-Freedom is what we reap from this lifestyle, my friend.-King Agesilaus to the man who was astonished by the modesty of the clothes and food of both the king and the other Spartans.

19- It is well, since I will show you that it is not positions that give men distinction, but men that improve positions.-Leonidas when he was still a child in celebration of Gymnopedia, the director of Choral Put him in a discreet position, although he was already in the line to be king.

20- Start with your own family. Lykurques To a man who argued that Sparta should establish a democracy.

21- Our friend Traquino brings us great news. If the Medes obscure the sun, we will have our fight in the shade."Dienekes answers one of the Trachinos who had told him,"Such is the number of barbarians that when they fired their arrows, the sky was darkened by the multitude of them" .

22- So that others do not make the decisions for us, and we can do it for them.- Leotíquidas when asked because the Spartans drink very sparingly.

Strangers, my son was really noble and brave, but Sparta has better men than he. Archileonis , After the death of her son, was visited by some Amphipolitans. They praised their son and declared that in his acts he was the best of all the Spartans. [This is what I answered].

24 - Splendid, director! He has discovered how to make even this little distinguished place become exemplary.- Damonidas When it was assigned to occupy the last place in the choir by the man who was organizing the dance.

25- Because we are the only ones who give birth to men.-Gorgo, when asked why Spartan women were the only ones who could govern men.

26- Crying is for cowards, but you my son, I will bury you without a tear; You are my son and son of Sparta too.""Spartan Mother when she learned that her son had died in battle.

27- Bury it; And let his brother take his place.-A Spartan mother when she learned that her son died in battle.

28- Friends, it is much better to die victorious on the battle line than to win in the Olympic games and live. "A Spartan mother when she learned of her son's success on the battlefield, and also of his death from multiple injuries.

29 - Did you expect me to believe that they sent you to bring us the bad news? - When his son was approaching, the mother asked him how the war was going and his son answered,"All men died,"she took a weapon and I kill him. [That was his answer].

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