The 29 Best Phrases of Betty White

Compilation of Betty White's Best Phrases , One of the most recognized icons of Hollywood of the 20th century thanks to his extensive career as an actress, model, comedian or producer.

The interpreter of Rose Nylund in The Golden Girls ( The Golden Girls ), Is the best example of an international star who has made millions of people laugh all over the world, having always been dazzled by his positive attitude, his humor and his fight for animal rights.

The 29 Best Phrases of Betty White

Top 29 quotes from Betty White

1-"It is your vision of life that counts. If you take it lightly and not too seriously, you will soon find humor in our daily lives, sometimes being a lifesaver."

2-"What is impossible for me to anger anyone? I have two ex-husbands."

3-"I'm not a great cook. I'm just going to the kitchen to feed my dog."

4-"I still like to see that gentleman who walks with his mistress and stands beside the road to protect her from traffic. Or that man who opens a door to a lady. I like those hints of chivalry that are disappearing too fast."

5-"I'm a crazy optimist. I try to emphasize the positive rather than the negative."

6-"There is no formula for controlling pain. Stay busy in your work and in your life, do not be a professional distress. Keep that person in your heart always and remember the good times. Be grateful for the years I gave you."

7-"I'm not what you could call sexy, but I'm romantic. Let's put it this way."

8-"I do not care who anyone lies. If a couple have been together for a long time, I think it's okay if they want to get married. Many homosexual relationships are stronger than some heterosexual ones. I do not understand how people can be anti-something."

9-"What if I am a legend? I laugh, I have deceived you."

10-"You can know a lot about someone simply how you put your hands on an animal."

11-"The conclusion is that I am blessed with good health. Besides that, I do not go around thinking, 'Oh, I'm 90 years old, I'd better do this or that.' I'm just Betty, the same one I've always been."

12-"Older women still have a full life."

13-"I think maybe I learned from my animal friends kindness and consideration. I think it's a feeling that keeps you young."

14-"It was a very conscious decision for me not to have children. I had to make an important decision with myself because it seems to me that you can not do both. I've never regretted it."

15-"A lady likes to be congratulated for her appearance, her eyes or her figure. But comments about personality are much appreciated."

16-"Hot dogs, rose wine and french fries are my favorite foods".

17-"I did not know what Facebook was, but now that I know, I have to say it sounds like a huge waste of time."

18-"It's a mental attitude. Many of us begin to fear for age in high school, being a waste of time in a precious life."

19-"I learned in my mother's knees to appreciate what is happening."

20-"We have a tendency to complain rather than celebrate who we are."

21-"I'm not only interested in the show and the animals. I try to keep up with what is happening in the world. I do mental exercises every day to keep my mind a little more agile. I do not feel like a vegetable."

22-"Making theater is easier than doing comedy, because if you do not get laughter, something goes wrong."

23-"Animals do not lie. Animals are not criticized. If animals have a bad day, they handle it better than humans."

24-"Retirement does not appear in my vocabulary. They're not going to get rid of me like that."

25-"I like mood humor, but I do not love obscene humor."

26-"I'm in the business of acting. The business of the ego."

27-"It does not matter who you sleep with. The only thing that matters is the kind of decent human being you are."

"I do not think I miss sleeping much. If I can sleep four or five hours, I'm fine. My sleep is boring. There are a lot of good things that we just lose by lying down and closing our eyes."

29-"It's fun to play a serious role from time to time, but I really like to do comedy because I love to laugh."

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