The 26 Best Phrases in Gray's Anatomy

I leave you the best Gray's Anatomy Phrases , One of the series more followed and more successful of the history.

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The 26 Best Phrases in Gray's Anatomy

1-"Pain can be something we all have in common but it is different for everyone. It is not only death that hurts us, it is life, loss or change. Then we wonder why it has to be bullshit, why it has to hurt so much. What we have to remember is that life changes in a sigh. This is how you stay alive when it hurts so much that you can not even breathe, that's how you survive. Remembering that someday, somehow, even if it seems impossible, you will not feel this way anymore and it will not hurt as much anymore. The pain comes at its time for everyone and in different ways. So the best we can do, and that anyone can do is be honest with ourselves. The worst part of the pain is that you can not control it. The best we can do is feel it when it comes and let it go when you leave."- Meredith Gray

2-"You did not love her! You just did not want to be alone. Or maybe she was good for your ego. Maybe she made you feel better for your miserable life, but you did not love her, because you do not destroy the person you love."- Callie Torres

3-"Maybe we are not supposed to be happy, maybe gratitude has nothing to do with joy. Being grateful means recognizing what you have by accepting it, appreciating the small victories, admiring the struggle of living. Maybe we appreciate the things we know and sometimes we will never know. In the end, the fact that we have the courage to stand is reason enough to celebrate."- Meredith Gray

4-"We have all done things that we are not proud of, I understand that. I know nobody is perfect, but how do you live with that? How do you get up in the morning knowing you could do something better? Is it enough to say sorry? Can an apology actually cure wounds and decrease pain? Can you undo the damage we did?"- Callie Torres

5-"In the end faith is funny, excel when you least expect it. It is as if one day you know that the fairy tale is different from what you dreamed, the castle may not be a castle and it is not so important that you are happy forever after you are already happy today. Every now and then, people occasionally surprise you and sometimes those same people make you sigh."- Meredith Gray

6-"The first time I kissed my wife, she was still not my wife but a girl in a bar. When we kiss, I must confess, it was as if I had not kissed another woman before. It was like my first kiss, the right kiss."- Derek Shepherd

7-"People have scars in unexpected places. They are like secret maps of your personal stories or diagrams of your old wounds. Most of our wounds heal, leaving a scar nothing more.

Some wounds we carry them everywhere and even if the cut is gone, the pain still persists."- Meredith Gray

8-"Sometimes the future changes so fast that we only have the choice of what to do. We can be frightened and shaken, not moving, assuming that the worst can happen or we can take a step towards the unknown and think it will be great."- Cristina Yang

9-"We do not like change, we fear it but we can not avoid it, we can adapt to change or stay behind. It hurts to grow up, whoever tells you otherwise, lies. But the truth is that sometimes, the more changes we have, the more we stay the same and sometimes the change is good. Sometimes change is everything."- Meredith Gray

10-"The addiction never ends well, because eventually, what makes us feel good starts to hurt us but you do not take the habit until you touch bottom How to know where the bottom? Because no matter how much it hurts us, sometimes leaving it does us more harm."- Meredith Gray

11-"To the devil with the beauty, I am a genius. If you want to calm down, give a compliment to my brain."- Cristina Yang

12-"At some point you will have to make a decision, the limits do not alienate people. They lock you in, life is a mess, so they made us. You can waste time drawing borders or you can live your life crossing them. But there are some borders that are very dangerous to cross them."- Meredith Gray

13-"Ok, here are your options, it's simple, she or me, I'm sure she's great. Derek, I really love you, pretend that I like the music you hear and I let you eat the last piece of cake, this is the way that makes me hate and love you, so choose me, choose me, love me."- Meredith Gray

14-"Do not let what he wants to eclipse what you need. He is wonderful but it is not the sun, you are the sun."- Cristina Yang

15-"You're making her think that you're emotionally available. You make her think she has a chance with you. There is nothing worse in the world than to think you have a chance when it is not true."- Meredith Gray

16-"You have to cope with the pain, to go out on its own, to hope that the wound you caused will heal. There are no easy solutions or answers, just take a deep breath and wait for it to happen. Most of the time the pain can be tolerated but sometimes it hits you when you least expect it and gives you a low blow. You must fight against the pain, because the truth is that you can not escape it and life always has more pain for you."- Meredith Gray

17-"If you want bad things to happen to you, stop accepting them and demand something more."- Cristina Yang

18-"They say that death is more difficult for the living. It's hard to say goodbye, sometimes it's impossible. You never stop feeling the loss, it's what makes it bittersweet. We left behind bits of ourselves, little memories. A life of memories, photos and gadgets. Things to remember us when we are not. "- Meredith Gray

19-"Life is not a spectator sport. Win, lose or ties, the game continues whether we want it or not. If you want to argue with the referees, change the rules, cheat, take a break and attend your injuries but play, and play strong, play fast. Play free and without ties, play as if there was a tomorrow. It's not about winning or losing, it's about how you play, right? "- Meredith Gray

20-"We are born, we live and we die. Sometimes not necessarily in that order. We put things to rest, only to make them grow again. If death is not the end, you can not count on that either, because you can not count on anything in life. Life is the most fragile, unstable and unpredictable thing there is."- Meredith Gray

21-"It often happens that what you most want is what you can not have, desire leaves us and broken heart, it tires us. Desire can ruin your life. But if wanting something is hard, the people who suffer the most are those who do not know they want."- Meredith Gray

22-"Patients see us as gods or see us as monsters. The fact is that we are only people. We spoil it or we lose our way. Even the best have bad days. Either way, we move forward, do not sleep on our laurels or celebrate the life we ​​have saved in the past, because there is always another patient who needs our help. So we keep trying, we keep on learning, hoping someday we'll be a little closer to the gods, our patients need it."- Meredith Gray

23-"Deep down everyone wants to believe they can be tough. Being hard is not about being strong. It is accepted, Sometimes you have to give yourself permission not to be hard, you do not have to be strong every minute of the day, it is okay to lower your guard. In fact, there are times when it's the best you can do."- Meredith Gray

24-"As doctors we know more about the human body now than at any other point in our history, but the miracle of life is why people live and die. Why they hurt or why they are injured is still a mystery. We want to know the reason, the secret, the answer on the back cover of the book. Because just thinking that we are alone here is a lot for us. In the end the fact that we appear to each other, despite our differences, no matter what we create, is reason enough to continue to believe."- Meredith Gray

25-"Somehow we grow up, we have families, we get married and we get divorced. Most of the time we have the same problems as when we were 15, no matter how high we grow or how old we are, we are always stumbling, wondering, we are always young."- Meredith Gray

26-"We come into the world alone and we leave it alone. Everything that happens in the meantime we owe it to us to find some company. We need help, we need support, but we would be alone in this. We are like strangers, far from each other and we forget how connected we are. Instead we choose love, we choose life and for a moment we feel a little less alone."- Meredith Gray

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