The 25 Most Beautiful Life Poems

I leave you 25 Life poems Which speak of the conception of happiness and the passage of time that have had some of the most important poets of universal literature.

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25 life poems

Carpe Diem by Walt Whitman

"Do not let it end without having grown up a bit,

Without having been a little happier,

Without having fed your dreams.

Do not be overcome by discouragement.

Do not let anyone

I took the right to

Express to you that it is almost a duty.

Do not give up your yearning to make of your life

Something extraordinary...

Do not stop to believe that words, laughter and poetry

Yes they can change the world...

We are human beings, full of passion.

The life is desert and also Oasis.

It knocks us down, it hurts us, it makes us

Protagonists of our own history...

But never stop dreaming,

Because only through their dreams

Man can be free.

Do not fall into the worst mistake, silence.

The majority lives in a scary silence.

Do not resign

Do not betray your beliefs. We all need

Acceptance, but we can not row in

Against ourselves.

That transforms life into hell.

Enjoy the panic that causes you to have

The life ahead

Live intensely,

Without mediocrity.

Think of you as the future and in

Face your task with pride, momentum

And without fear.

Learn from those who can teach you…

Do not let life

I passed you over

Without you living it..."

2- I slept and dreamed of... by Rabindranath Tagore

"I slept and dreamed that life was joy.

I wake up and see that the life was service.

I served and discovered that the service is joy.

What form so brief and so poetic of underlining

The importance of the service!"

3- Ethics of Yalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi

"On the Day of Resurrection, God will ask,

"During this stay I gave you on earth,

What have you produced for me?

With what job did you come to the end of your life?

For the sake of what food did you consume your strength?

In what did you spend the brightness of your eyes?

In what did you dissipate your five senses?

You used your eyes, your ears and your intellect

And unadulterated celestial substances,

And what did you buy from the land?

I gave you hands and feet like shovel and spout

To plow the field of good works,

When did they begin to act for themselves?

Masnavi III, 2149-2153

4- Itaca of Constantine Kavafis

"When you embark on your trip to Itaca

It asks for the path to be long,

Full of adventure, full of experiences.

Do not fear the lestrigones or the cyclops

Nor to the choleric Poseidon,

Such beings will never find in your way,

If your thinking is high, if you select

It is the emotion that touches your spirit and your body.

Neither the lestrigones nor the cyclops

Nor the wild Poseidon will find,

If you do not carry them inside your soul,

If your soul does not stand before you.

It asks for the path to be long.

How many summer mornings are there?

In which you arrive - with what pleasure and joy!

To ports never seen before.

Stop at the emporiums of Phenicia

And make yourself with beautiful merchandise,

Nacre and coral, amber and ebony

And all sorts of sensual perfumes,

The more abundant sensual perfumes you can.

Go to many Egyptian cities

To learn, to learn from their sages.

Always keep Ithaca in your mind.

Getting there is your destination.

But do not rush the trip.

Better that lasts many years

And docking, old ya, on the island,

Enriched by how much you gained on the road

Without putting up with Ithaca to enrich you.

Ithaca gave you such a beautiful journey.

Without it you would not have gone the way.

But he has nothing left to give you.

Although you look poor, Ithaca has not deceived you.

So, wise as you have become, with so much experience,

You will understand what the Ithacs mean."

5- Do not give up on Mario Benedetti

"Do not give up, you're still on time

To reach and start over,

Accept your shadows,

Bury your fears,

Release the ballast,

Take flight again

Do not give up that life is that,

Continue the journey,

follow your dreams,

Unlock time,

Run the rubble,

And uncover the sky.

Do not give up, please do not give in,

Although the cold burns,

Although fear bites,

Although the sun goes down,

And the wind is still,

There is still fire in your soul,

There is still life in your dreams,

Because life is yours and yours is desire,

Because you have wanted it and because I love you.

Because there is wine and love, it is true,

Because there are not wounds that time can not heal,

Open doors,

Remove the bolts,

Leave the walls that protected you.

Live life and accept the challenge,

Recover the laughter,

Rehearse a song,

Lower the guard and extend the hands,

Unfold the wings,

And try again,

Celebrate life and return to heaven.

Do not give up, please do not give in,

Although the cold burns,

Although fear bites,

Even if the sun goes down and the wind blows,

There is still fire in your soul,

There is still life in your dreams,

Because every day is a new beginning,

Because this is the time and the best time,

Because you are not alone, because I love you".

6- Ode to the life of Pablo Neruda

"The whole night

With an ax

The pain has hit me,

But the dream

Spent washing like a dark water

Bloody stones

Today I am alive again.


I get up,


On my shoulders.

Oh life, clear cup,


You fill up

Of dirty water,

Of dead wine,

Of agony, of loss,

Of awe-inspiring cobwebs,

And many believe

That color of hell

You will keep forever.

It is not true.

Spend a slow night,

Spend a single minute

And everything changes.

Is full

Of transparency

the cup of Life.

Spacious work

he's waiting for us.

The pigeons are born in a single blow.

Light is set on the earth.

Life, the poor


They thought you were bitter,

They did not go out with you

from the bed

With the wind of the world.

They received the blows

Without looking for you

They were bored

A black hole

And they were submerging themselves

In mourning

Of a solitary well.

It is not true, life,

you are


Like the one I love

And between the breasts do you have

Minty smell.


you are

A full machine,

Happiness sound

Of torment, tenderness

Of delicate oil.


You are like a vineyard:

You treasure the light and distribute

Transformed into a cluster.

The one who denies you

That waits

One minute, one night,

A short or long year,

to leave

Of their lying solitude,

To search and fight, gather

His hands to other hands,

That does not adopt or flatter

To the misfortune,

To reject it

Shape of wall,

Like stone stonecutters,

Cut the misfortune

And do with it


Life awaits us

to all

The ones we love

the wild

Sea odor and mint

Which has between the breasts."

7- Poem attributed to Borges by Don Herold or NadineStair

"If I could live my life again,

Next time I would try to make more mistakes.

Do not try to be so perfect, I would relax more.

It would be dumber than I've been,

In fact it would take very few things seriously.

It would be less hygienic.

Run more risks,

I would make more trips,

I would watch more sunsets,

Climb more mountains, swim more rivers.

I would go to more places where I have never gone,

I would eat more ice cream and less beans,

Would have more real and less imaginary problems.

I was one of those people who lived sensibly

And prolifically every minute of his life;

Of course I had moments of joy.

But if I could go back I would try

To have only good moments.

In case you do not know, that's what life is made of,

Only of moments; Do not miss the now.

I was one of those who never

They went nowhere without a thermometer,

A hot water bottle,

An umbrella and a parachute;

If I could live again, I would travel lighter.

If I could live again

I would start walking barefoot early

of spring

And would continue barefoot until the end of autumn.

I would give more turns in calesita,

I would contemplate more dawns,

And play with more children,

If I had life again ahead.

But you see, I'm 85 years old...

And I know I'm dying."

8- What is life? From Patricio Aguilar

"What is life?

Life is

A drop of dew

at dawn;

That fades

in the sky

at noon.

Falls in rain

at sunset;

To fuse

With the sea

At dusk".

9- Life is Pedro Calderón de la Barca's dream

"It is true, then: we repress

This fierce condition,

This fury, this ambition,

In case we ever dreamed.

And we will, as we are

In such a singular world,

That living is only dreaming;

And experience teaches me,

That the man who lives, dreams

What it is, until you wake up.

The king dreams that he is king, and he lives

With this deceit commanding,

Disposing and governing;

And this applause, which receives

Borrowed, in the wind write

And in ashes it converts

Death (bad luck!):

Some people try to reign

Seeing that he has to wake up

In the dream of death!

The rich man dreams of his wealth,

What more care he offers;

The poor man who suffers

Their misery and their poverty;

The one who begins to thrive dreams,

Dreams the one who tries and pretends,

The one who hurts and offends dreams,

And in the world, in conclusion,

Everyone dreams what they are,

Although none understands it.

I dream that I am here,

Of these prisons loaded;

And I dreamed that in another state

More flattering I saw myself.

What is life? A frenzy.

What is life? An illusion,

A shadow, a fiction,

And the greatest good is small;

That all life is dream,

And dreams, dreams are".

10- Rubayiat of Omar Khayyam


"Everyone knows I never murmured a prayer.

Everyone also knows that I have never tried to disguise my faults.

I do not know if there is Justice and Mercy.

If there are, I am at peace, because I have always been sincere.


What's more? Examine our consciousness sitting in a tavern

Or stand in a mosque with the soul absent?

I do not care if we have a God

Nor the destiny that reserves us.


Be compassionate with drinkers. Do not forget that you have other defects.

If you want to achieve peace and serenity,

Think of the disinherited in life and the poor who live in misfortune.

Then you will feel happy.


Proceed in such a way that your neighbor does not feel humiliated by your wisdom.

Dominate, master. Never give way to anger.

If you want to conquer the ultimate peace,

Smile to the Destiny that is mad at you and never show your love to anyone.


Since you are ignorant of what tomorrow holds you, strive to be happy today.

Take a pitcher of wine, sit in the moonlight

And baby thinking about tomorrow

Maybe the moon will find you in vain.


From time to time men read the Quran, the book par excellence,

But who is the one who delights every day with his reading?

On the edge of all the chalices full of wine,

Triumphs chiselled a secret truth that we must savor.


Our treasure is the wine and our palace the tavern.

Thirst and drunkenness are our faithful companions.

We ignore fear because we know that our souls, our hearts, our chalices

And our stained garments, have nothing to fear from dust, water, or fire.


Be in this world with few friends.

Do not seek to foster the sympathy that inspired you

Before shaking hands with a man,

Think if she will not hit you one day.


In the past, this vase was a poor lover

Which suffered from the indifference of a woman.

The handle of the rim was the arm

Which girded the neck of her beloved.


How poor the heart that does not know how to love,

Who can not get drunk on love! If you do not love,

How do you explain the blindness of the sun

And the slightest clarity that the moon brings?


All my youth is budding today. Serve me

No matter what... I'm not picky!

In truth, the best I will find

As bitter as life.


You know you have no power over your destiny.

Why does that uncertainty in the morning make you afraid?

If you are wise, enjoy the present moment.

Future? What can the future bring you?


Here is the ineffable season, the season of hope,

The season when thirsty souls of other souls seek a perfumed stillness.

Is every flower, the white hand of Moses?

Is every breeze the warm breath of Jesus?


The man who has not collected the fruit of truth is not safe on the Path.

If he could harvest it from the tree of Science,

Knows that the days gone by and the days to come

In no way distinguish themselves from the mind-bending first day of Creation.


Beyond the limits of the Earth, beyond the Infinite limit,

I was looking for Heaven and Hell.

But a stern voice warned me:

"Heaven and Hell are in you."


Nothing grieves me now. Arise to offer me wine!

Your mouth tonight, it's the most beautiful rose in the world... Wine came!

Make it shine like your cheeks and make slight movements

How light are your loops!


The breeze of spring refreshes the body of the roses.

And in the blue shade of the garden, she caresses the body of my beloved.

In spite of the fullness we enjoy, I forget our past.

So seductive is the caress of the Present!


Will I still insist on filling the ocean with stones?

I only feel contempt for libertines and devotees. Khayyam:

Who can tell you that you will go to Heaven or Hell? First of all: What will we understand by such words?

Do you know anyone who has visited these mysterious regions?


Although a drinker, I do not know who shaped you, immensely immense!

I only know that you are able to contain three measures of wine and that one day

Death will break you. Then I will wonder for a long time why you were created,

Why you were happy and why you are nothing but dust.


Our days are fleeting and they flee

Like the water of the rivers and the winds of the desert.

However, two days leave me indifferent:

The one who died yesterday and the one who was not born tomorrow.


When was born? When will I die?

No one remembers the day of his birth nor is he able to foresee the day of his death.

Come docile well loved!

I want to forget in drunkenness the pain of our ignorance.


Khayyam, sewing the tents of wisdom,

Fell into the pit of Pain and was turned to ashes.

The angel Azraël separated the ropes from his tent.

Death gave him his glory for a song.


Why do you anguish, Khayyam, excessive sinning?

Your sadness is useless.

What's After Death?

Nothingness or Mercy.


In monasteries, synagogues and mosques

The fearful weak in Hell find refuge.

But the man who has experienced the power of God,

He does not cultivate in his heart the evil seeds of fear and supplication.


I usually go to sit in the spring, on the top of a flowered field.

When a slender maiden offers me her goblet of wine,

I do not think about my health at all.

In truth, he would be worth less than a dog if he had such a gross concern.


The Inabarcable World: A grain of dust in space.

All the science of man: The words.

The peoples, the beasts and the flowers of seven climates are shadows.

Nothingness is the fruit of your constant meditation.


Let us assume that you have solved the enigma of Creation. But do you know your destiny?

Let us assume of course that you have stripped all your robes of truth, but,

Do you know your destination? Let's assume you've been happy for a hundred years

And that a hundred others await you yet. But do you know your destiny?


Convince yourself well of this: One day your soul will leave the body

And you will be drawn behind a veil fluctuating between the world and the unknowable.

While you wait, be happy!

You do not know what your origin is and you do not know what your destiny is.


The greatest sages and philosophers

They walked in the darkness of ignorance.

Yet they were the light of his day.

But what did they do? Pronounce some sentences and then doze off.


The heart said to me:"I want to know, I want to learn.

Instruct me you Khayyam, you have studied so much!"

When he uttered the first letter of the alphabet, my heart replied:

"Now I know, One is the first digit of the number that never ends.


No one can understand the ineffable.

No one is able to see what is hidden behind the apparent.

All our dwellings are provisional, except for the last one:

The abode of the earth. Drink wine! Enough of useless words!


Life is just a monotonous game

In which you will surely find two prizes:

Pain and death. Happy the child who died shortly after birth!

Even happier he who did not touch the world!


At the fair you cross, do not try to find a friend.

Do not seek solid shelter either.

With brave courage, he accepts pain without the hope of a nonexistent remedy.

Smile at misfortune and do not ask anyone to smile at you: you will waste time.


Turn the wheel of fortune without regard for the predictions of the wise.

Renounce the vanity of counting the stars and meditate better on this certainty:

You will die, you will not dream again and the maggots of the grave

Or wandering dogs will devour what is left of your body.


When I was sleepy, Wisdom told me:

The roses of happiness do not perfume anyone's dream.

Instead of abandoning this brother of Death, drink wine!

You have eternity to sleep!


The Creator of the world and the stars was exceeded when he determined,

That pain should exist among men.

Lips like rubies, embalmed lozenges:

What number did you reach on earth?


Impossible to observe the sky. I carry a tear-drop in my eyes!

Graceful sparks are the bonfires of Hell

In front of the flames that consume me.

Paradise for me is just an instant of peace.


Dream on earth, sleep under the earth,

Bodies that lie.

Everywhere is nothingness. Desert from nowhere.

Beings that arrive. Beings that are extinguished.


Old world crossed at a gallop

For the white horse of the day and the black horse of the Night:

You are the gloomy palace where a hundred Djemchids dreamed of glory

And a hundred Bahrâms with love dreamed, to awaken all with pain and in tears!


The south wind dried the rose to which the nightingale sang its praises

Should we mourn for his death or for our survival?

When Death wipes our faces,

Other roses will thank you.


Give up the reward you deserved. Be happy.

Do not regret anything. Do not crave anything.

What will happen to you,

Written is in the Book that flies through the wind of Eternity.


When I hear them wander about the joy reserved for the elect,

I merely exclaim,"I only trust wine.

Constant currency and no promises!

The noise of the drum, only at a distance makes it pleasant..."


Drink wine! You will achieve eternal life.

Wine is the only one capable of restoring your youth.

Divine season of roses, wine and good friends!

Enjoy the fleeting moment of your life!


Drink wine!

Long will be the time that you will have to sleep

Under the ground without company of woman and without friend.

Listen to this secret: Dry tulips are no longer resurrected.


In a low voice he said the clay

To the potter who kneaded it:

"Do not forget that I was once like you.

Do not abuse me!"


Potter if you are wise,

Be careful not to ruin the clay with which Adam was kneaded!

I can tell you about Féridun's hand and the heart of Khosrou

What are you trying to do?


Tulip pulls its purple

Of the blood of a dead emperor.

And violet is born from the mole

Which adorned the features of a teenager.


It has been infinity of centuries that happen twilight and auroras.

It's been ages since the stars plot their round.

Knead the earth carefully, perhaps the lump you will crush

Was once the languid eye of a teenager.


They may spring from the lips of a woman

The roots of the trembling daffodil at the edge of the stream.

Scrub with a slight foot the grass that sinks your steps!

Perhaps it was born from the ashes of beautiful faces where the brightness of red tulips triumphed.


I saw a potter working yesterday.

He modeled the flanks and handles of a pitcher.

The pug was

Skulls of sultans and hands of beggars.


Good and evil strive for primacy in this world.

Heaven is not responsible for the glory or the misfortune that fate brings us

Do not thank him or accuse him.

It is far from both your joys and your sorrows.


If you sowed in your heart the seed of Love,

Your life was not useless.

Not even if you tried to hear the voice of God.

And even less, if you gave your cup with pleasure a light smile.


Act with caution, traveler!

Dangerous is the way you walk and sharp the dagger of Destiny.

Do not bother with sweet almonds.

They contain poison.


A garden, a dancing maiden, a pitcher of wine,

My desire and my bitterness:

Here is my Paradise and my Inferno.

But who has traveled through Heaven or Hell?


You whose cheeks eclipse the eglantine of the fields;

You whose face pretends a Chinese idol:

Do you know that your velvety look changed

To the king of Babylon in bishop who flees from the queen?


Life continues What is left of Balk and Baghdad?

The slightest touch is fatal to the overly vivacious rose.

He drinks wine and looks at the moon; Treat if you can

To evoke the dead civilizations that illuminated at its height.


Listen to what wisdom repeats to you day after day:

Life is short.

You are nothing like plants

Which sprout after inns."

11- Bad hands took your life from Gabriela Mistral

"From the frozen niche in which the men put you,

I will take you down to the humble and sunny land.

That I have to sleep in it men did not know,

And that we have to dream about the same pillow.

I'll lay you on the sunny ground with a

Sweetness of mother for the sleeping son,

And the earth must be softened with a cradle

Upon receiving your body from a sore child,

Then I will go dusting dirt and dust of roses,

And in the bluish and slight dusting of the moon,

The light spoils will be trapped.

I will go away singing my beautiful revenges,

Because to that depth hidden the hand of no

Come down to dispute your handful of bones!


This long fatigue will become greater one day,

And the soul will tell the body that it does not want to follow

Dragging its mass through the pink road,

Where men go, happy to live...

You will feel that at your side they dig,

That another sleeper arrives in the still city.

I will wait until they have completely covered me...

And then we'll talk for an eternity!

Only then will you know why it does not mature

For the deep bones your flesh still,

You had to go down, without fatigue, to sleep.

There will be light in the area of ​​the signs, dark:

You will know that in our alliance star sign had

And, breaking the huge pact, you had to die...


Bad hands took your life from day

In which, at a sign of stars, he left his squad

Snowed with lilies. In joy, he blossomed.

Bad hands tragically entered him...

And I said to the Lord: -"By the ways of death

They take you Shadow beloved they do not know to guide!

Bring him, Lord, to those fatal hands.

Or you sink into the long dream you know how to give!

I can not shout, I can not follow!

His boat pushes a black storm wind.

Return to my arms or blind in blossom".

She stopped the pink boat of her living...

That I do not know about love, that I did not have pity?

You, you're going to judge me, you understand, Lord!"

12- Life is Vicente Huidobro's dream

"The eyes go from day to day

Princesses pose from branch to branch

Like the blood of the dwarves

Which falls just like all the leaves

When their night time arrives at night.

Dead leaves want to talk

Are twins with a sore voice

They are the blood of the princesses

And the eyes of branch in branch

Which fall like the old stars

With broken wings like neckties.

Blood falls from branch to branch

From eye to eye and from voice to voice.

Blood Drops As Neckties

Can not flee by jumping like the dwarves

When the princesses pass

Towards their aching stars.

Like the wings of the leaves

Like the eyes of the waves

Like the leaves of the eyes

Like the waves of the wings.

Hours drop from minute to minute

Like blood

That wants to speak"

13- Eternity of William Blake

"Whoever will chain a joy

It will ruin the winged life.

But who will kiss joy in his fluttering

Lives at the dawn of eternity"

14- Learn from William Shakespeare

"After some time you will learn the difference between

Shake hands and succor a soul...

And you will learn that

To love does not mean leaning on, and what company does not always

Means security...

You will begin to learn that kissing is not a contract,

No gifts, no promises...

You will begin to accept your

Defeats with the head raised and the look ahead,

With the grace of an adult and not with the sadness of a


And you will learn to build today all your

Roads because the terrain of tomorrow is uncertain

Projects and the future has the habit of falling

in the void.

After a while you will learn that the sun burns you

You expose too much...

You will accept that even

Good people could ever hurt you and

You will need to forgive them...

Will learn to speak

Can alleviate the pains of the soul...

You will discover that it takes years to build trust and only a few

Seconds to destroy it,

And what you can do too

Things that you'll regret the rest of your life...

You will learn that true friendships continue

Growing despite the distances...

And that it does not matter

Which is what you have, but who you have in life...

And that good friends are the family that we

Let's choose...

You will learn that we do not have to change friends, yes

We are willing to accept that friends change...

You will realize that you can have a good time with

Your best friend doing anything or nothing,

Just for the pleasure of enjoying your company...

You will find that many times you take lightly to the

People that matter most to you and that's why we

Say to those people that we love them, because we never

We will be sure when it will be the last time

let's see…

You will learn that the circumstances and environment

Surrounding us have influence over us, but

We are the only ones responsible for what

we make…

You will begin to learn that we do not owe

Compare with others, except when we want

Imitate them to improve...

You will discover that it takes a long time

To become the person you want to be, and that the

Time is short.

You will learn that it does not matter where you came from,

Where you go and if you do not know any place

it serves…

You will learn that if you do not control your actions,

They will control you and that being flexible does not mean being weak

Or have no personality,

Because no matter how

Delicate and fragile is a situation:

There are always two sides.

You will learn that heroes are the people who did it.

That was necessary, facing the consequences...

You will learn that patience requieres a lot of practice.

You will find that sometimes, the person you expect

To kick you when you fall, it may be one of the

Few to help you get up.

Mature has more to do with what you have learned from

The experiences, that with the years lived.

You will learn that there is much more of your parents in you than

what do you suppose.

You will learn that you should never tell a child that his

Dreams are nonsense, because few things are so

Humiliating and would be a tragedy if you believed it because

You will be taking away the hope...

You will learn that when you feel angry, you are entitled to

Have it, but that does not give you the right to be cruel...

You will discover that just because someone does not love you

The way you want it does not mean that I do not love you with everything

What can, because there are people who love us, but

Who do not know how to prove it...

It is not always enough to be forgiven by someone,

Sometimes you will have to learn to forgive yourself


You will learn that with the same severity as you judge,

You will also be judged and at some point condemned...

You will learn that no matter how many pieces you

Heart is broken, the world does not stop so that it


You will learn that time is not something that can return

Backwards, therefore, you must cultivate your own

Garden and decorate your soul, instead of waiting for

Someone bring you flowers

Then and only then will you really know what

You can bear; That you are strong and that you can go a lot

Far from what you thought when you thought you did not

Could more.

Is that really worth life when you have the courage

To face it!"

15- Life dies and I live without Lope de Vega

"Life dies, and I live without life,

Offending the life of my death,

Divine blood of the veins pours,

And my diamond your hardness forgets.

There is the majesty of God stretched out

On a hard cross, and me by chance

That I am of their sorrows the strongest,

And of his body the greatest wound.

Oh hard heart of cold marble!

Does your God open the left side,

And do not become a copious river?

To die for him will be a divine agreement,

But you are my life, my Christ,

And since I do not have it, I do not lose it".

16- Winds of the town of Miguel Hernández

"Winds of the town lead me,

Winds of the town drag me,

I spread the heart

And throw my throat.

Oxen fold their foreheads,

Impotently meek,

Before the punishments:

Lions raise it

And at the same time punish

With his clamorous paw.

I am not a village of oxen,

That I am from a town that they seize

Deposits of lions,

Eagles' ravines

And mountain ranges of bulls

With pride in the flagpole.

The oxen never thrashed

In the moors of Spain.

Who spoke of casting a yoke

On the neck of this race?

Who has put the hurricane

Never yokes or obstacles,

Nor who lightning stopped

Prisoner in a cage?

Asturians of braveza,

Basque armored stone,

Valencians of joy

And Castilians of soul,

Carved like earth

And winged like wings;

Andalusian lightning bolts,

Born between guitars

And forged in the anvils

Torrential tears;

Extremadura of rye,

Galician rain and calm,

Catalans of firmness,

Aragonese caste,

Murcianos of dynamite

Fruitfully propagated,

Leoneses, navarros, owners

Of hunger, sweat and ax,

Kings of the mining,

Gentlemen of the tillage,

Men who among the roots,

Like gallant roots,

You go from life to death,

You go from nothing to nothing:

Yokes want to put you

People of the bad grass,

Yokes that you must leave

Broken on their backs.

Twilight of the oxen

The dawn is breaking.

Oxen die dressed

Of humility and stench of block;

The eagles, the lions

And the bulls of arrogance,

And behind them, the sky

Neither gets cloudy nor does it end.

The agony of the oxen

Has small face,

The male animal

All creation enlarges.

If I die, let me die

With very high head.

Dead and twenty times dead,

The mouth against the grass,

I will have my teeth clenched

And decided the beard.

Singing I hope to death,

That there are nightingales who sing

On top of the rifles

And in the midst of battles."

17- Coplas to the death of his father Jorge Manrique

"Remember the sleeping soul,

Stir your brains and wake up


How life is spent

How death comes

So silent;

How soon is the pleasure gone,

How, after awake,

Of pain;

How, at our meeting,

Any past tense

It was better.


Well, if we see the present

How at a point are gone

And finished,

If we judge wisely,

We will not give up

By past.

Do not be fooled, no,

Thinking that it will last

What you expect

More than lasted what he saw,

Because everything has to pass

In such a way.


Our lives are the rivers

That they are going to give in the sea,

What is dying;

There go the señoríos

Rights to end

And consume;

There the rivers flow,

There the other medium

And more guys,

Relatives are the same

Those who live by their hands

And the rich.



Leave the invocations

Of famous poets

And speakers;

Non-cure of their fictions,

That bring secret weeds

Its flavors.

The only m'encomiendo,

The one I just invoke

for real,

That in this living world,

The world did not know

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