The 22 Most Fascinating Wild Animals

The wild animals Are those species that are not domesticated, nor educated to live with humans. They live wildly in nature, inhabiting any of Earth's ecosystems.

While the effects of humanity on the world affect their means, habitat and livelihoods directly.

The 22 Most Fascinating Wild Animals

Wild animals have a way of life, with behaviors and feeding, very different from their domesticated pairs. They are accustomed to having to fulfill their life cycle driven by their instinct for survival, without external help and exposed to great threats.

According to the Spanish Royal Academy, the term"wild"is used to define the wild, the uncultured or the uncultivated. In the case of animals, it is used to differentiate non-domesticated species.

At present, the environmental impact and the traffic of specimens endanger this type of animal. Many were affected by changes in their habitat, which led to the extinction of many classes or their migration to other spaces where they found shelters.

There are wild animals of all families and in all ecosystems: jungle, forest, savannah, fields or desert. There are herbivores, carnivores and omnivores, hunters and predators or in danger of extinction. Even some of those who have no historical record.

I'll go over some types of wild animals that exist on the planet.

You can also know the 10 most representative warm-weather animals .

List of 22 wild animals

1- Kangaroo

The 22 Most Fascinating Wild Animals 1

Belonging to the subfamily Macropodinae , These friendly animals come from the Australian prairies. Among their peculiarities, they have the ability to jump and take their offspring in a kind of natural bag in the abdomen.

Kangaroos are herbivorous and nocturnal, so they spend much of the day still, feeding. They live in groups and have a long, muscular tail that allows them to maintain balance.

2- Macaw

The 22 Most Fascinating Wild Animals 2

This family of birds of the type of the parrots is conformed by 14 species that inhabit in the forest, all of them with a colorful plumage. Mainly, they are in Latin America, in the long extension of territory that exists between Mexico and the north of Argentina.

The qualities of the macaws vary according to their species, but all share the fact of living in the trees and feeding on insects and fruits, such as berry.

3- Rhinoceros

The 22 Most Fascinating Wild Animals 3

This mammal is of great size and its name means in Latin"horny nose". Rhinos have a remarkable ability to adapt and can live in diverse ecosystems, from the savannas to the forests, either in tropical or subtropical climates.

There are five species of rhinos registered. All of them share herbivorous food, thick and resistant skin, a keen sense of smell and hearing, but a limited view.

4- Koala

The 22 Most Fascinating Wild Animals 4

These marsupials are the only survivors of the family Phascolarctidae And lead a sedentary life, in which they can sleep up to 20 hours per day.

They live in the forests, live in the eucalyptus trees and feed mostly on their leaves. Koalas have a robust body with gray fur and are often found in the southern and eastern region of Australia.

5- Killer whale

The 22 Most Fascinating Wild Animals 5

These gigantic and agile aquatic animals, are one of the largest species of its kind. They have a dorsal fin that can measure up to 1.8 meters, and a body that can reach nine meters long and nine tons in weight.

His body, black with white spots, became famous for being present in some aquariums and movies.

However, orcas are not a domestic animal, but instead are wild beasts with a combination of strength, speed and intelligence that makes them very versatile predators.

6- Pelicans

The 22 Most Fascinating Wild Animals 6

There are eight species of these white birds with yellow peaks. They live and travel in flocks, reproduce in colonies and hunt cooperatively.

They can inhabit different ecosystems, from intertropical zones to temperate places. They can be seen in jungles, forests and prairies. However they can not live in polar regions or in the open ocean.

7- Buffalo

The 22 Most Fascinating Wild Animals 7

This large mammal is also known as an American bison. It lives in the plains of North America, from the north of Mexico to Canada, passing through all the extension of the United States.

They live in herds and measure up to 1.8 meters high and 3 meters long. They can weigh more than a ton.

8- Bullfrog

The 22 Most Fascinating Wild Animals 8

Inhabitant of lakes and marshes, this species of Amphibian anuran Has the peculiarity of weighing almost a kilo and present a color that varies from brown to brown to different shades of green.

Unlike other species of this family, bull frogs can feed on small vertebrate organisms.

9- Penguin

The 22 Most Fascinating Wild Animals 9

These non-flying seabirds inhabit the Southern Hemisphere of the planet and have the ability to dive thanks to their wings.

They live in large colonies that move according to the seasons of the year. They feed primarily on fish and males are responsible for taking care of the eggs with the young.

10- Giraffe

The 22 Most Fascinating Wild Animals 10

This mammal, native to the savannas and forests of Africa, is the highest animal on Earth. It has a height that can reach six meters in height, with a neck of two meters in length.

Giraffes have agility to escape the danger, they feed on the fruits of tall trees but no sound has been recorded from their mouths. Science could not determine if they do not produce them or if they occur at a very low frequency for the human ear.

11- South American Wild Cat

The 22 Most Fascinating Wild Animals 11

It is the most common wild cat of South America and inhabits different ecosystems of this extensive territory. It feeds mainly on meat from other organisms.

These cats are solitary animals, similar to domestic cats but with wild attitudes. They have a great sense of sight and are agile nocturnal hunters.

12- Wild boar

The 22 Most Fascinating Wild Animals 12

This mammal populates different ecosystems of Africa, America or Asia and is considered as one of the most harmful invasive exotic animals on the planet.

Wild boars are omnivores, they feed on meat and vegetables and can weigh up to 90 kilos. They have a great sense of smell that allows them to detect food at 100 meters, but they have very bad eyesight.

13- Dwarf hippopotamus

These mammals, solitary and nocturnal, live in forests and marshes of West Africa. They are smaller than common hippos, adapt easily to the terrestrial ecosystem but also need water to live.

These animals come out of their lethargy in the water during the afternoon to feed themselves, a task in which they can invest up to six hours per day. One of the peculiarities that they present is their ability to take advantage of the paths opened by other species to get around.

14- Gorilla

The 22 Most Fascinating Wild Animals 13

These mammals, which move on four legs, share 97% of their DNA with that of humans. They can measure 1.8 meters, weigh 200 kilos and are divided into subspecies, according to their geographical distribution in Africa: Eastern or Western.

Because of their genetic similarities with humans, they possess a great intelligence and can decode some sign languages. Gorillas are endangered by the action of poachers and the destruction of their natural habitat.

15- Polar bear

The polar bear is the only super-predator that lives in the Arctic. It is also the largest terrestrial carnivorous animal on the planet.

These bears need the low temperatures to survive, so they live in polar areas of the Northern Hemisphere. They have very developed legs for both walking on the ice and for swimming.

His body has a light coat of color, ears and very reduced tail, to maintain body heat and not suffer the cold. They feed on meat from other species, especially seal pups.

Females hibernate during the gestation period, but males do not need to do so. This species is at risk of extinction due to the melting of the ice caused by climate change.

16- Fox

Also known as Vulpinos, they comprise 27 different species that inhabit different ecosystems and habitats of the Earth. In some parts of the world they are considered a plague.

Foxes are one of the species with greater presence in popular culture, starring different stories of fiction. They are considered opportunistic carnivores, because they feed on other organisms they find in the vicinity of their place of life.

17- Elk

The 22 Most Fascinating Wildlife 14

These herbivorous animals are characterized by reproducing during the months of September and October. Although they can adapt to different ecosystems and climates, their area of ​​distribution was reduced by the indiscriminate hunting.

Currently, they live mostly in small groups of 10 or 15 specimens in Nordic forests in Europe and Asia, although there are also some families in America.

They are solitary animals. The males have great and wonderful antlers that fall in winter and are regenerated in spring with different shapes in each specimen.

The antlers serve to differentiate according to gender and to defend against the attack of other animals or specimens.

18- Tapir

Inhabitants of the forest areas of Latin America and Southeast Asia are large herbivores with a history of 55 million years on the face of the Earth.

Tapirs are primitive, docile and quiet animals, which have a versatile trunk, ideal for feeding on fruits, leaves and plants. They usually perform their activities during the night.

They are in danger of extinction, especially in the territory of Mexico, by the indiscriminate hunting, the low reproductive potential and the destruction of their habitat.

19- Pink Grasshopper

The pink grasshoppers correspond to a subspecies of the grasshoppers. According to science, one in 500 grasshoppers is born pink, while the rest are green, brown or white.

Your survival is in danger as the tones of your body are an extra attraction to the eyes of predators.

20- Ligre

The ligre is one of the most particular animals on Earth, because it is a cross between the male lion and the female tiger, which can reach four meters in length.

Despite its large and voluminous size, this species has the problem that males are sterile so their survival depends on the crossing of other species.

They are carnivorous animals and their existence was related to stories of fiction. Its existence was proven in Russia. There are currently no wild animal records.

21- Fox of Fénec

This exotic animal from the Sahara desert is one of the smallest of this type of family and one of the most beautiful. Fénec's fox has a few ears that serve as ventilation.

This species is one of the favorite prey of predators. It does most of its life cycle during the night hours, feeds on insects, reptiles, rodents, birds and their eggs.

In addition, these foxes possess a great sense of hearing, so developed that it allows them to hear the noise of their prey even when they are inside their burrows.

22- Slow Loris

Also known as slow monkey, this type of lazy primate lives in Asia and has a mysterious evolutionary history of which there is no accurate record.

It is a species at risk of extinction, in this case not only because of human or climatic attitudes, but because it has no protection against predators. His only defense weapon is a gland that throws venom from the armpits.

There is a ban worldwide that prevents having a loris as a pet or for any domestic purpose.

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