The 20 Most Important Left and Right Newspapers

Some of the 20 newspapers left and right Most important in Spain and Latin America are El País, La Jornada, Clarín, and El Comercio, among others.

This selection is not easy to do due to the diversity of written media and countries with their own characteristics.

Newspapers left and right piled up.

The distinction between left and right newspapers is based on their editorial line. This is the set of principles that decide to defend the medium of communication at the time of its birth.

However, there may be cases where the editorial line changes, either by a change in the direction of the header, by the entry of new shareholders in the medium or by other circumstances.

Following the editorial line that the newspapers present today, I bring you a compilation of 20 newspapers, both written and digital, from Spain and Latin America.

List of the 10 most important left-wing newspapers in Spain and Latin America

1- The country (Spain)

The 20 Most Important Left and Right Newspapers

It was founded in 1976 by José Ortega Spottorno . Currently, it belongs to Grupo Prisa. In addition to its printing plants in Spain, there are others in Germany, Belgium, Italy, Mexico and Argentina.

In his style book, El País defines itself as"an independent, national, general information newspaper with a clear European vocation, a defender of pluralist democracy according to liberal and social principles, and committed to keeping democratic order And legal established in the Constitution."

He affirms that he accepts all ideological or political tendencies, except those that are violent.

This head has been for many years the social-democratic referent of information in Spain. However, with the economic crisis, new shareholders entered the publisher group.

In 2010, the Liberty Acquisition Holding Nicolas Berggruen Y Martin E. Franklin . Since then, there have been major changes in the newspaper's business structure that made it turn farther to the right.

2- Privacy Policy (Spain)

It is a progressive-cut digital newspaper founded in 2012 by a group of journalists led by Ignacio Escolar . It is published by the limited company Diario de Prensa Digital S.L.

The fundamental principle of this medium is the respect for the truth and the work of the journalist. As he collects on his website, he focuses on the economy"which affects people more than parties or markets."

It can be deduced that is a left-wing newspaper because of the focus and the topics on which it focuses to select the information.

Some of them are the monitoring of power, corruption, democratic regeneration, the rights of people and animals.

3- The Journey (Mexico)

It was founded by Carlos Payán Velver 19 September 1984. Its creation took place when a group of journalists left the newspaper One plus one For"irreconcilable differences with the direction of the newspaper", according to its editorial principles.

In their web page, the founders of the Day affirm that at that time, only some publications were independent of the power.

Among its editorial principles are"pluralism, the defense of sovereignty, a public education, secular, free and compulsory,"as well as pressure on the State to exercise its responsibilities in other matters of public interest.

4- The Republic (Peru)

The 20 Most Important Left and Right Newspapers 1

It is a national diary of social-democratic ideology. Belongs to the editorial group La República Publications and was founded in 1981 by Gustavo Mohme Llona , Who held the position of director for a season.

The Republic has been linked since its birth with the center-left sectors of Peruvian society. As they defend in several of their editorials, they have always been critical of Fujimori Y Montesinos .

5- Last minute (Paraguay)

It was founded on October 8, 1973. It was born as an evening newspaper, but today it is also daily, but morning. He belongs to El País Publishing and its first director was Isaac Kostianovsky.

This newspaper was born in full Dictatorship stronista . The editorial line was always quite critical, within what allowed the repressions of the time.

It was not exempt from controversy, in 1976, it stopped being published for a time by a supposed modernization. However, during this period he was exiled Isaac Kostianovsky and assumed the direction Demetrio Papu Rojas.

Among its editorial principles are"social commitment, professional suitability and democratic values".

6- Granma (Cuba)

This newspaper is the official organ of the Communist Party of Cuba. He was born on October 3, 1965 at the Karl Marx Theater, where he also decided to change the name of United Party of the Socialist Revolution to Communist Party of Cuba.

It was a symbol of union, since in this newspaper they merged the Newspaper Today and the Periodical Revolution.

According to the website,"Granma's main objective is to promote through its articles and comments the work of the Revolution and its principles, the achievements of our people and the integrity and cohesion of all our people together with the Party and Fidel" .

In addition to the newspaper, which runs from Monday to Saturday nationally, it has an international weekly in English, Spanish, French and other languages. The current director of Granma is Pelayo Terry Cuervo.

7- Club (Venezuela) is a digital newspaper of Venezuela of socialist ideology that defends the principles of the Popular Revolutionary Assembly of Venezuela.

This website was born in May of 2002 to welcome the ideas of the organization named above and defend the government of the then president, Hugo Chavez , Of the attacks coup.

Its founders are Martín Sánchez and Gonzalo Gómez, both Venezuelan popular fighters.

Some of the principles advocated by this publication are values ​​of equality and justice, as well as non-discrimination based on race, sexuality or religion.

8- The Republic (Uruguay)

The 20 Most Important Left and Right Newspapers 2

The Republic is a daily national daily newspaper and leftist ideology. It was founded on May 3 by Federico Fasano Mertens .

The editor responsible for this publication is Gustavo Yocca. It has its headquarters in the Uruguayan capital of Montevideo.

9- News Agency of Nueva Colombia (Colombia)

This medium defines itself as"a free, independent and alternative means of information on the conflict, the social and political life of Colombia".

It was founded in 1996 but its Internet portal has been in force since 1998. Its current director is one of its founders, Joaquín Pérez Becerra.

This agency supports the popular movements and fights the oppression generated by neoliberalism.

This publication also raises some controversy, especially for the relations that it attributes to him to the terrorist organization of the Colombian government. FARC (Colombian Revolutionary Armed Forces).

10- The lighthouse (The Savior)

It is the first digital newspaper native to Latin America. It was founded in San Salvador in May 1998 by journalist Carlos Dada and businessman Jorge Simán.

It's not exactly a leftist newspaper, but it's remarkable for its progressive business model. It is a completely independent medium that is committed to investigative journalism.

The main value it defends is freedom of expression. It adopts an impartial stance and is critical of both right-wing and left-wing governments.

Another important aspect related to this medium is its link with Wikileaks from Julian Assange . It was the portal that this organization chose to send cables from El Salvador, Honduras and some areas of Guatemala.

List of the 10 most important right-wing newspapers in Spain and Latin America

1- Clarion (Argentina)

The 20 Most Important Left and Right Newspapers 3

This newspaper close to the center-right sectors belongs to the Grupo Clarín, a pioneering communications group in Argentina and one of the leading in Latin America.

It is defined as an independent newspaper and is the one with the highest circulation in Argentina. It has its headquarters in the capital, Buenos Aires.

It was founded in August 1945 and its current director is Ernestina Herrera de Noble . This publication has always been identified by a center-right editorial line and defends the Developmentalist .

Developmentalism is an economic theory of the twentieth century that emerged in the countries of Latin America and that defends industrialization as the main engine of economic development.

Since 2008, its confrontation with the previous government of Cristina Fernández de Kirchner In Argentina, due to a controversy with the agricultural sector.

Clarín's web portal is one of the most visited in the world, with more than 8 million unique users according to a comsCore World study in 2016.

2- The Mercury (Chile)

This newspaper was founded by Agustín Edwards Mac-Clure In 1900 in Santiago. It emerged as an evening paper. Previously, there was already a version of this newspaper, The Mercury of Valparaiso , One of the oldest in the world.

This publication has always been identified as a conservative medium, especially because of its opposition to the government of Salvador Allende .

In fact, it was later shown that various media, including Mercury received money from the US President's government Richard Nixon , In exchange for trying to drive Salvador Allende out of power.

This Chilean newspaper belongs together with other Latin American media to the Grupo de Diarios de América (GDA).

3- La Gaceta (Spain)

La Gaceta is a Spanish digital newspaper belonging to the Intereconomía Group, which has other means of communication.

Among the principles they defend are the values ​​advocated by the Christian religion, the unity of Spain and the traditional family formed by the union of man and woman.

It is these ideals that make this newspaper a conservative publication.

It was founded in 1989 by José Antonio Martínez Soler Under the name of The Business Gazette. It was a printed newspaper, but in 2013 closed this edition to be published only digitally, due to economic reasons.

It is based in Madrid and its current director is Kiko Méndez-Monasterio , Chosen in February of 2015 to occupy the position.

4- The reason (Spain)

The 20 Most Important Left and Right Newspapers 4

It is a Spanish newspaper of general information. It is currently run by Francisco Marhuenda And belongs to Grupo Planeta. It was founded in 1998 by Luis María Ansón .

He identifies with a right-wing newspaper for his support of the Popular Party (PP) government and his constant criticism of leftist parties, led by the Spanish Socialist Workers Party (Partido Socialista Obrero Español) and Podemos.

Precisely, with this last party has been involved in some other controversy for accusing him of illegal financing.

In addition to supporting the PP, it defends other institutions such as the monarchy and principles as the unity of Spain.

5- Trade (Peru)

This newspaper is the dean of the Peruvian press. Manuel Amunátegui and Alejandro Villota founded this newspaper the 4 of May of 1839, that occupied the direction until the year 1861.

Shortly after the ownership of the publication would remain in the hands of the family Miró-Quesada , Although at the moment the position of manager is occupied by an external person.

Its editorial principles defend economic liberalism. It can be said that his ideological position is center right. The position of director occupies it Fernando Berckemeyer Olaechea .

6- The universal (Venezuela)

This newspaper has always been a reference for the middle class and the most intellectual population sector of Venezuela. It was founded in 1909 by Andres Mata .

It is a newspaper that has maintained a very critical line with the Bolivarian government of Venezuela, both with Nicolás Maduro As with Hugo Chavez. In fact, he supported the 2002 coup.

7- The universe (Ecuador)

The 20 Most Important Left and Right Newspapers 5

It is a daily newspaper founded in 1921 by Ismael Pérez Pamiño . It belongs to the Ecuadorian Association of Newspaper Editors (AEDEP).

In 2010, he was embroiled in a great controversy with Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa. A problem that was solved in 2012.

8- The newspaper (Bolivia)

It was founded 5 of April of 1904 with Jose Carrasco Torrico, politician of the liberal party, like director. It has its headquarters in La Paz.

Among its characteristics are peace and independence. He was a pioneer in introducing the use of the Internet. Its current owner is Antonio Carrasco Guzmán.

9- The globe (Brazil)

The 20 Most Important Left and Right Newspapers 6

It is a morning newspaper that was founded in 1925 by the journalist Irineu Marinho. Shortly after would assume the presidency his heir, Roberto Marinho .

It has been characterized to support the military during the process of political opening in Brazil during the 80s. It has also been involved in other conflicts for misrepresenting information about popular demonstrations in the year 2013.

It is part of a group with other media, including radio and television. In 1986 he received the Prince of Asturias Award for Communication and Humanities.

10- The nation (Costa Rica)

In 1946 the first issue of The Nation was published, with a titleholder called Our Derrotero , Where he defined his editorial principles, among them the credibility and the independence.

It was founded the 12 of October of 1946 by Ricardo Castro Beeche . His ideology is center right. It is based in San José.


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