The 20 Most Famous Seers of History and Actuality

There are Famous seers Which have been highlighted by the accuracy or insanity of their forecasts and the seriousness of the facts to which they referred.

A seer is a person who has the ability to see the future, to guess, to predict. There is no effective method for knowing whether a seer actually has that gift. We can only trust him or not, in the capacities he claims to possess.

The 20 Most Famous Seers of History and Actuality

In general, the seers work with percentages of successes in their predictions. A good psychic can have a fifty or sixty percent success. That is already considered a very high figure.

Seers live on the trust of their customers. If trust is unlimited, it does not matter much whether it succeeds or not, the person will already suggest himself defending all the predictions of the seer and adapting them to his reality.

The seers, in the present time, enjoy prestige. Virtually all world leaders, rulers, counselors, bankers, owners of large companies, constantly consult their trusted visionaries to feel secure about their near future.

Seers have diverse ways of seeing the future. Some dream and, from their dreams, with the symbology of the same, make their predictions. Others have visions while awake, clear visions, with images, which are then interpreted in different ways. Others use objects such as Tarot cards, read lines of hands, etc.

List of famous historical seers

1- Nostradamus

The 20 Most Famous Seers of History and Actuality 1

His name can not be missed when famous seers are spoken. His prophecies are still used today to explain the most amazing and terrible facts.

He himself said that he was not a prophet and that he did not guarantee that his famous prophecies would be fulfilled. Some of his visions, which many still hope to happen, are:

  • Great earthquake in the United States, which will affect other countries.
  • To be parents you will need permits or licenses that will grant the power. He does not speak of freedom to father children.
  • People will refuse to pay taxes and there will be a great tribulation.
  • Humans will be able to understand and talk to animals.
  • The world economy will collapse.
  • "The sky will open, the fields will be burned by the heat."
  • The advances of medicine will achieve that humans live some two hundred years or more.
  • There will be a large eruption of the Vesuvius volcano in Italy.
  • Disappearing differences between languages, thanks to a machine that will translate everything into a universal language.
  • Also gives date for the end of the world: year 3797.

It has multiple defenders who assert that many historical events are predicted by Nostradamus. Among others: the great fire of London; The 2nd World War; The birth and fall of Hitler; The fall of the twin towers in 2001; The death of Princess Diana, etc.

2- Cassandra

The 20 Most Famous Seers of History and Actuality 2

In Greek mythology, Kassandra was a priestess of Apollo and came to an agreement with him to grant him the gift of prophecy in return for a carnal encounter with him.

Kassandra was granted the gift, but she refused her part of the bargain. He rejected the god and he, furious at his betrayal, spat in his mouth. That meant she kept her gift of a prophetess, but from that time on, no one would believe her.

Knowing the truth but no one believed was the particular tragedy suffered by Cassandra, the prophetess par excellence forever.

3- Criswell

The 20 Most Famous Seers of History and Actuality 3

Seer and futurist who began in a surprising way: he worked as a weather man on a television and one day he could not remember, live, the forecasts he had read for the next day; Had to improvise a prognosis and was totally correct.

From that day alone he gave his predictions in this way, improvising, achieving many more hits than orthodox meteorologists. He accurately predicted Kennedy's death in 1963.

He made surprising predictions, of which not one was fulfilled, because they were only extravagances without any foundation, perhaps a joke that he wanted to spend his followers. Let's look at some of them:

  • He said that in 1970 Fidel Castro would be killed by a woman.
  • That the actress Mae West would be the first woman president of the United States.

In 1983 many women would remain bald in the city of San Luis due to toxic fumes. Then, within a few days of that event, there would be long queues of men in the courts, demanding the divorce of their bald women.

These and other follies, more absurd, were expected to happen, at least its thousands of followers. Criswell died before the dates on which his prophecies had to be fulfilled, thus saving him the embarrassment.

4 - Madame Lenormand

The 20 Most Famous Seers of History and Actuality 4

The seer of Napoleon. Madame Gilbert taught her the divination techniques of the Etteilla tarot. Then he set up his own seer cabinet. In this place he met three famous characters of the French Revolution: Marat, Robespierre and Saint Just, to whom he predicted a violent death. This caused the authorities to suspect her and was arrested.

She would be the confidant of Josephine and her personal fortune-teller, as well as of Napoleon, though he had little faith in these fortune-tellers. After his divorce from Josefina, he dictated laws against seers and cartomancy in general.

5- Joan Quigley

The 20 Most Famous Seers of History and Actuality 5

Private astrologer of President Ronald Reagan. This man would reveal in his memoirs that most transcendent decisions he made were made in agreement with the astrologer, who always looked at whether the alignment of the planets was correct.

Before the scandal that this revelation supposed, Nancy Reagan, two years later, denied that that had been thus, taking away importance to the figure of Joan. But Quigley said that the press conferences, as well as the departure times of the presidential plane and many other details of protocol, were fixed according to the predictions of the stars that he consulted.

6- Brahan the seer

It was called Coinneach Oddhar and was born in the Scottish Hebrides in the seventeenth century. He had clairvoyant powers, though in reality he always worked as a farmer. He used, for his visions, a stone he always wore.

He made prophecies that did not understand in his time, making him seem crazy, although many of his peers believed in what they said. For example, he went on to say:"The day will come when long rows of carriages without horses will travel between Dingwall and Inverness and, most surprisingly, between Dingwall and the Isle of Skye." If we think of a railroad, it is possible that his visions were quite correct.

7- Edgar Cayce

The 20 Most Famous Seers of History and News 6

1877-1945. American seer who had the ability to answer questions on different subjects after entering a state of hypnotic trance. These responses were known as"readings of lives"and made them while in a state of hypnosis. At the same time he answered, he guessed the state of health of the person asking the questions.

He is considered the father of holistic medicine and one of the main psychics of the twentieth century. He practiced"regressions"to past lives, something so fashionable in the present age, but not so much in his day. He was visited by thousands of people who were looking for him to help them with their unsolvable problems of all kinds.

8- Montse Anglada

Spanish seer who, after a trip to Egypt, claims to have received Sejmet's strength and, through that energy, can heal ill, envious eyes and other negative energies. It can be seen in early morning programs receiving calls and inquiries.

9- Rappel

He is the most famous Spanish seer of all time. It has been imitated and is still remembered. It is actually called Rafael Payá Pinilla. In the Franco era, thanks to his supposed feats of seer, made many useful contacts that would then serve to appear on television and participate in the horoscopes of magazines and newspapers.

In the 80's Rappel appeared almost daily on some television or radio show. He is also a fashion designer and businessman. For ten years he was head of public relations at the Florida Park nightclub in Madrid.

10- Bakid

Seer of ancient Greece. He was the first person to write a selection of prophecies inspired by the nymphs. In them they spoke of the future battles against the Medes and the Persians. In present-day Greece it is still called"bakid"to anyone with fortune-telling or simply a future event.

11- Vasili Memchín

Russian seer of the fourteenth century who foresaw the coming to power of Peter I the Great. Count Vladimir gave much credit to his extraordinary abilities.

12- Monk Abel

His name was Vasili Vasiliev. He was a Russian peasant who lived from 1757 to 1841. He predicted, with much anticipation, the death of Tsarina Catherine II and Paul I, as well as the war of Russia against Napoleon's France.

13- Rasputín

The 20 Most Famous Seers of History and Actuality 7

Russian monk who ended up being decisive in world history. A hole was made in the court of the last tsars of Russia, with Nikolai II. His advice and decisions were very much taken into account.

He was considered a mystic and had the ability to heal and see the future. The great confidence placed in him by the czarina Alejandra Fyodorovna was due to alleviate the disease of the son, the zarévich Alexis Nikolayevich, who suffered from hemophilia.

The truth is that the child, after passing through the hands of the"mad monk"improved ostensibly and, from then on, Rasputin (Grigori Yefímovich) would be an important part in the palaces of the tsar. It even went so far as to appoint senior government officials. A palatial conspiracy of several nobles ended his life, but killing him was very complicated.

They poisoned him, but he did not fall. He was then shot, but he rose and fled, terrifying his murderers, who did not conceive that a man with much venom in his stomach and several bullets in his body could continue walking. He was finally captured and thrown into the Neva River in St. Petersburg. They did not quite convince themselves of his death.

14- Wolf Messing

He predicted the fall of the third German Reich.

15- Vanga

Bulgarian seer who predicted the defeat of Hitler, that Bulgaria would be communist, the death of Stalin. He also came to see that they would assassinate Kennedy, Nixon's victory in the elections.

He said that Gagarin, the famous Russian astronaut who was the first man to emerge from Earth's orbit, was not actually dead but had been abducted by aliens.

16- Sheik Sharif

Tanzanian boy who had the gift of seeing the future.

17- Kotanraju Narayana Rao

Born in 1931, this Indian, an astrologer by profession, predicted his country's unprecedented growth, India, Saddam Hussein's fall from the Americans, the Iraq war, the drought that would plague India in 2002, the earthquake of Gujarat and the fall of the Soviet Union.

18- Serguey Vronski

Latvian seer who predicted the death of Hitler, the defeat of Germany, domination in the world of the yellow race, that there will in future be a unique religion, instability and misery of Russia for a century, with a blooming interval of ten years.

19- René Genon

Mystic of the twentieth century who saw that Atlantis will be found and will be from that moment when the current civilization will have come to an end.

20- Mhoni

Transsexual seer who predicted the divorce of Mexican Paulina Rubio. He also predicted that the next Pope would be an Ibero-American. He is very successful on Mexican television and deals with horoscopes. His nickname, Mhoni, derives from the English word"money", money.

As she has reported, her psychic powers come from a lightning that fell in Cuba in the year 1989. She is not very accurate in her predictions, but to have become a famous personage of mass media, people pay more attention To its successes than to its failures, as is often the case.

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