The 20 Most Famous Salsa Singers

There are Salsa singers Who have stood out for their charisma, lyrics of their songs, passion in singing and acting, and idiosyncracy of their voices.

The salsa is characterized by the abundant use of percussions (key, maracas, conga, bongo, tambora, bell, etc.), which inherits from the African musical influence that impregnated the Latin American Caribbean from colonial times.

Best singers-salsa

As its name suggests, salsa is a mixture of influences, rhythms and diverse musical proposals. Its place of origin is still a subject of debate, but even though its popularity exploded in New York during the 1960s, the trail of its roots comes undoubtedly to Cuba.

The son, guaracha, cha cha chá, mambo and even the bolero were musical genres that contributed to the movement called Latin Jazz and that had a definitive influence in the emergence of the first composers, arrangers, instrumentalists and salseros singers.

Around 1970, in New York, the Fania All-Stars group was formed, bringing together many who would become the big names in the salsa scene. Driven by the record label Fania Records, this movement would continue to produce successful salsa acts until the late 1990s.

20 best salsa singers in history

1- Héctor Lavoe

(1946-1993) One of the most recognized figures of the genre. This singer born in Puerto Rico recorded iconic themes such as The singer .

Despite his success, his life had a tragic end in going through a long period of depression And die of complications from HIV.

Willie Colón

(1950-) Born in the Bronx neighborhood in New York, although Puerto Rican parents. He was also a vocalist, becoming a definitive figure of the salsero genre from the 60's until today.

3-Rubén Blades

(1948-) A Panamanian musician, he developed much of his career in New York. His compositions are characterized by their political load and protest. It is one of the main referents of the genre.

4- Johnny Pacheco

(1935-) Artist born in the Dominican Republic. He is considered the creator of the term Salsa to name the musical genre that helped to popularize.

Together with Jerry Masucci he founded Fania Records, serving as CEO, Creative Director and Music Producer. In 1998 he was inducted into the Hall of Fame of Latin Music.

5- Cheo Feliciano

(1935-2014) Born in Puerto Rico, Feliciano was one of the original members of Fania All-Stars. He died tragically in an automobile accident in his native Puerto Rico.

6- Oscar D'León

(1943-) Salsero Venezuelan, author of classic salsa songs as You will cry , Published in 1975 when he belonged to the group La Dimensión Latina. In addition to vocals, D'León is a leading bass player.

7- José Arroyo

(1955-2011) Artist of Colombian origin, Arroyo is considered one of the largest salsa stars in her country. He was awarded a posthumous Grammy for his career in 2011.

8- Gilberto Santa Rosa

(1962-) Also known as 'El Caballero de la Salsa', this Puerto Rican musician has excelled in the sub-genre of the Romantic Salsa.

He has participated as judge in the reality show The Voice In its Colombian version during two seasons.

9- Eddy Santiago

(1955-) Salsero born in Puerto Rico and popularly known as 'The King of Romantic Salsa'.

In its beginnings she was choirista of several singers before beginning its race soloist during the decade of the 80.

10- Frankie Ruiz

(1958-1998) American singer of Puerto Rican descent, Ruiz was dubbed 'The Salsa Daddy'. He died at age 40 due to liver complications. His influence on other salsa musicians is important and continues to receive constant posthumous tributes to date.

11- Ismael Miranda

(1950-): This Puerto Rican musician began his career very young and at age 11 was already part of several vocal groups. He continues to act today and is also called 'El Niño Bonito de la Salsa'.

12- Pete"El Conde"Rodríguez

(1933-2000) Born in Puerto Rico, he was one of the original members of Fania All Stars before beginning his successful solo career with his debut album Count .

13- Luis Enrique

(1962-) Known as 'The Prince of Salsa', this artist born in Nicaragua is a contemporary figure of the genre. He is nowadays a judge of the realilty show The Voice In its Peruvian version.

14- Victor Manuelle

(1968-) Born in New York, of Puerto Rican origin, was discovered by Gilberto Santa Rosa before launching his career in the sub-genre of Salsa Romántica.

15- Maelo Ruiz

(1966-) American singer of Puerto Rican descent, Ruiz began his career as a vocalist for the group Pedro Conga and his International Orchestra. His solo career since 1994 has achieved multiple awards.

16- Jerry Rivera

(1973-) Born in Puerto Rico, he specialized in Romantic Salsa. It is known as 'El Niño de la Salsa'.

17- Marc Anthony

(1968-) In addition to singling out salsa singer, this artist Born in New York has ventured into ballad, bolero and pop. He was married to actress and singer Jennifer Lopez for 7 years. As an actor he has participated in multiple productions.

18- Tito Nieves

(1958-) This salsa singer born in Puerto Rico is nicknamed 'The Pavarotti de la Salsa'. He began his career as a member of the orchestra of Héctor Lavoe. He launched his solo career in 1987, originally recording Salsa in English.

19- José Alberto"El Canario"

(1958-) Born in the Dominican Republic, he developed his career in Puerto Rico, where he reached the age of 7 years. He is one of the pioneers of the so-called Salsa Romántica and received the nickname 'El Canario' from his fans during the 1990s.

20- Galy Galiano

(1958-) Colombian singer, interpreter of Salsa Romántica and other tropical genres. He stands out for being the first Colombian-born artist to appear on the Billboard chart with three themes simultaneously.

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