The 19 Most Rare People in the World (There is Truth)

In this article I will talk about The 19 most rare people in the world . Their appearance is impressive since they have been or are object of Rare diseases .

When you thought that you had seen everything, they go and surprise you with something new. And is that on many occasions reality outweighs fiction.

There are people who have unfortunately suffered some type of malformation or illness that has led them to have to live a life different from the rest of the world.

1- Sampson Berns

Berns-progeria - 644x362

Sampson Berns suffered Progeria , A genetic disease that affects from birth. Burns was called as"the eighty-year-old boy"and his is a well-known Motivational story .

These guys are not born being young. In fact, he looks like an older person and his life expectancy is not higher than 15 years.

Progeria affects a small part of the population. Exactly one in seven million people.

Vincent Oketch

Vincent Oketch with Isaac Osire an Uganda doctor, in Peta

Vincent Oketch was a child from Uganda who suffered from a type of disease commonly referred to as elephantiasis .

The boy died at the age of ten after a hard struggle with the disease that echoed several international newspapers.

The symptoms are the increase of some part of the body in exorbitant proportions, although usually they are the zones inferiors. To date, there are more than 200 confirmed cases worldwide, and it is one of the rarest diseases known so far.

Also, the causes are not determined with exactness, but it is speculated with the existence of a type of parasite natural of the warm countries.

3- Paul Karason


Known as"Smurf Potato", Paul Karason was a man known worldwide because of his bluish skin color.

The reason? I had a disease called Argiria , Which changes the color of both the skin and the skin the organs.

Karason explained that he had been dealing for some time with colloidal silver because of his skin problems. The concoction was to be taken orally, but the man decided to rub it over his face.

"The change was so gradual that I did not perceive it. Neither did my friends,"he said. The Californian died a few years ago for reasons unrelated to his illness.

4- Lizzie Velásquez


When Lizzie decided to go on YouTube, she found a video entitled"The Ugly Woman in the World". The protagonist of the video was her, something that caused a terrible depression .

And is that the girl has two diseases of birth: the Marfan syndrome , Which affects the connective tissues and increases the length of the limbs and Lipodystrophy , Which distributes body fat irregularly.

Over time, Lizzie said she raised her head, and now she's giving motivational talks around the world.

5- Wang Fang


This Chinese woman is famous for having the most peculiar feet in the world: they are upside down.

From his birth, Wang was born with this malformation that draws attention to the local doctors.

At first, they thought she could not even walk, and now the woman herself claims that she can run faster than most of her friends, she does normal life and walks just like any other person.

6- Abul Bajandar


The story of Abul Bajandar,"the tree man"is going around the world.

Suffers Epidermodisplasia verruciforme , A type of illness that only affects four people in the whole planet.

Its main characteristic is the appearance of giant warts on the feet and hands that prevent its movement. The roughness is such that they come to look like branches of a tree, hence the nickname.

For years it is undergoing different operations to be able to extirpate this type of warts.

7- Jesus Fajardo


Jesus Fajardo is famous in Mexico because of his strange disease, called Hypertrichosis .

Symptoms are present from birth and make your body completely covered with beauty. He also appears in the book Guinnes de los Records as"the werewolf".

Jesus has taken advantage of his illness. He has worked in different shows like The Great Royal Circus, making tours around the world.

8- Daniel Sáenz


He Netherton syndrome Makes this young boy change his skin every day and is characterized by its fragility and constant reddish color.

His case is famous because of his eagerness to overcome. Although he is practically forbidden to receive sunrays, the boy plays baseball every week.

Every Saturday he gets up at four in the morning to prepare his skin for the match: first he removes his dead skin with a shower, and then massages and applies different oils and creams for two hours.

Daniel is an example of that, if you really want something, you can fight for it.

9- Tom Staniford


Surely the look of Tom Staninford will catch your eye.

This professional cyclist is famous for suffering a rare disease cataloged as MDP syndrome. Its symptoms make the sufferer not retain a single gram of fat in his body.

In addition, and paradoxically, the syndrome causes your body to behave as if it were obese, causing an out-of-normal fatigue and strong symptoms of tiredness.

Despite this, Staniford has become one of the benchmark Paralympic athletes. Without going any further, he qualified to compete in the upcoming Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games.

10- Yaritza Oliva


Curious case of a young Chilean who came to the doctor to see that she did not cry like everyone else. Her tears were red.

After several studies it was concluded that what came out of his lacrimal was blood. And is that you have a disease called Haemolacracia .

The girl suffers this effect several times a day, and has described the pain that produces her as "indescribable" .

11- Rhett Lamb


This little kid can seem like the naked eye just like many others. The problem appears when the night comes and must sleep.

Rhett never wants to sleep, he can throw away entire weeks without eye catching, and in fact he has.

His parents, seeing that the boy showed unusual behavior, and fearing even for his life decided to take him to the doctor. After several tests, the small Rhett has been diagnosed a disease called as Chiari malformation .

12- Ashleigh Morris

Allergy to water

This girl shows a peculiarity that few can detect with the naked eye.

When you touch the water, whether shower, pool or even rain, your body creates an allergic effect that causes the hives to sprout.

From the age of fourteen, Ashleigh Morris has to coexist with this disease called Aquagenic urticaria . The cases detected around the globe are counted with the fingers of the hand.

13- Arun Raikwar


He has appeared on countless television shows and television news shows. If you're a fan of X-Men, this man is the closest thing you'll ever see to Magneto.

As if it were a power, it adheres to your body any type of metal that comes close.

Arun himself has stated that he has no idea how he happened and does not want to know. "This does not make me proud, but when people come to see my magnetic powers it makes me feel good," Explain.

To this day, the reason for this phenomenon remains a mystery.

14- Sarah Carmen


Sarah Carmen is an English girl who has nothing more and nothing less than two hundred orgasms a day.

The cause is a Permanent Sexual Excitement Syndrome, a totally rare and unusual disease.

Their claims are not wasteful: "I started in bed where the sex sessions lasted for hours and my boyfriend was surprised by how many orgasms he had.

Then it would happen after sex, I was thinking about what we had done in bed and I got excited, I reached the climax. In six months I had 150 orgasms a day, and sometimes up to 200".

15- Cathie Jung


The smallest waist in the world. From this world record is enjoyed by Cathie Jung, a woman who has 38 inches of waist.

How he has managed to have it is a feat, since for more than twenty years he has been using corsets for twenty-four hours a day.

Doctors claim that their internal organs have shrunk and are displaced towards their lower train.

16- Christine Walton


As you can intuit, Christine Walton has entered the Guinness Book of Records for being the person with the longest nails in the world.

17- Mandy Sellars

Mandy sellars

Mandy is famous because of her illness. He suffers from Proteus syndrome, and is characteristic of abnormal growth of the legs.

18- Elisany de la Cruz Silva


Its striking quality is palpable. This young Brazilian is considered as the highest woman in the world, something that takes advantage to work in the world of fashion.

19- Mikel Ruffinelli


The hips of Mike Rufinelli are the most striking, since it is the most hip woman in the world.

20- Kim Goodman


Due to a strange illness, Kim is able to take his eyes out of the orbits. He has the title of person with the bulging eyes of the world, making them come out no more and no less than twelve centimeters.

What other strange people do you know?

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