The 15 Best Phrases of Parmenides

I leave you today 14 Parmenides phrases , Probably the Greek philosopher whose philosophy is best preserved today.

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Phrases from parmenides

1-We can only talk and think about what exists. And what exists has not been created and is imperishable because it is a whole, complete and unchanging. It was not or should not be different from what it is now, all at once, one and continuous.

2-It's the same for me where I start, because I should go back there again.

3-Everything that exists has always existed. Nothing can come out of nowhere. And something that exists, can not become anything.

4-There is a missing story, a way, that is. And in this way there are many signs in which the being is not created and is imperishable, whole, unique, firm and complete.

5-You can not recognize not being, you can not talk about him, because thought and being are the same thing.

6-The steeds carry me as far as my soul reaches.

7-The same remains in the same, and rests in itself.

8-The reason will eventually be right.

9-You must learn all things, the unshakable heart of persuasive truth and the opinions of mortals in whom there is no guarantee.

10-War is the art of destroying men, politics is the art of deceiving them.

11-Therefore, all these things are but the names that mortals have given them, believing they are true.

12-Do not let the custom be born of the experience, to force yourself in this way, directing the eyes, eyes and ears without direction, but judging with reason.

13-The universe, for those who knew how to embrace it from a single point of view, would not be, if it were allowed to say, more than a single fact and a great truth.

14-Music that does not describe something is just noise.

15 -And, therefore, I am going to tell you (and pay attention to the story you hear me)
The only paths of research that can be conceived:
The one, that it is and it is not possible that it is not,
It is a path of persuasion, because it accompanies the truth;
The other, that it is not and that it must not be,
I assure you that this is a totally inscrutable path.

16-And only the mention of one way
remains; That is. And there are signs
galore; That this, as it is, is innate and imperishable,
Whole, unique, immutable and complete.

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