The 14 Best Books of Dreams

Scientific research has yet to advance in the field of dreams. Although there is a lot of knowledge, there are still big unknowns.

Followers of psychoanalysis think that dreams have a symbology and can be interpreted. However, current researchers believe that dreams are a way to structure, organize and establish the knowledge that has been obtained during the day. What do you think?

Dream books

I leave you 10 Dream books That will allow you to learn more about them.

1-Memories, dreams, thoughts-Carl Jung

Memories, dreams, thoughts

Reading about Jung's life from his own hand is a unique experience. In these pages we will know the years of formation, his ambivalent relationship with Freud, the travels and discoveries, and the gestation of a religiosity that arises from the source of original images that Jung discovered in the depths of the soul.

Jung's internal autobiography in which his disturbing living will and the x-ray of his journey of the spirit come together: an analytical memorial that by its very nature escapes all classification.

2-Dreams, Archetypes-Carl Jung

This book presents in three chapters topics that are basic to C. G Jung's analytical psychology these are; The dynamics of the psyche, the Archetypes In the light of Neuroscience And the interpretation of dreams. These three themes were treated, together with others, in the summer course"Keys to Analytical Psychology"that we taught at the University of Alcalá in July 2010.

He confronts Jung's abstruse constructs with clarity and rigor. Essential for fans of psychoanalysis.

3-The Interpretation of Dreams-Sigmund Freud

The interpretation of dreams

The interpretation of dreams is a fundamental book for those who want to know or deepen the theories of the father of psychoanalysis. His concepts of unconscious, unconscious desire and repression were revolutionary; They propose a mind divided into layers or levels, dominated to some extent by a primitive will beyond the conscious sphere and manifested in productions such as jokes, lapses, failed acts, dreams and symptoms.

The interpretation of dreams played a decisive role in this enormous effort of subversion of values ​​and theoretical innovation. Written between 1895 and 1899, it is the first work in which Sigmund Freud (1856-1939) outlined with rigor and clarity the general lines of his hypotheses and his methods.

Meet in this list The main books of Freud.

4-Exploring lucid dreams- Stephen LaBerge and Howard Rheingold

Exploration Of Lucid Dreams

It includes very detailed techniques to learn to have lucid dreaming And use them for their own benefit in everyday life.

You can experience conscious dream trips to better understand and use the immense possibilities of increased awareness to, for example: solve problems, gain confidence, improve creativity, face and overcome fears and inhibitions, create a new sense of empowerment and freedom in your life , To take advantage of your innumerable possibilities to live with greater plenitude and conscience.

5-The science of sleep-Diego Calb, Ana Moreno

The science of sleep

The authors, from a scientific and current point of view, help to understand what happens to us when we close our eyes.

6-How to interpret dreams: practical guide to the interpretation of dreams-Juan Antonio Lopez Benedi

How to interpret dreams

This book teaches you to penetrate it. According to the author, through dreams come messages from our unconscious that we can use as a guide in our daily life. Learning to attend to the message of dreams and properly following their suggestions will obtain important advantages for our psychophysical balance.

7-The yoga of dreams-Tenzin Wangyal Rochepoche

The yoga of dreams

It contains detailed instructions for the yoga of the dream and practices to realize during the day. The result is greater freedom and happiness in the waking and sleeping states.

8-lucid dreams -Dylan Tuccillo, Jared Zeizel, Thomas Peisel

Lucid dreams amazon

For anyone who wants to cross the other side of the mirror and explore that state of consciousness where intuition, creativity, the depths of being and an enormous flow of healing and transforming power reside.

9-The power of dreams-Norma O'connor

The power of dreams

It gathers more than 3000 images and situations that usually appear in the life of dreams.

10-Dreams: Dictionary of Interpretation-Clara Tahoces

Dreams Dictionary of Interpretation

This book teaches us to decipher and understand the dream world with more than 5,000 elements that can appear in our dreams. What we dream about is influenced by culture and can be a source of inspiration or even premonition. In addition, it serves to reveal our deepest fears and desires.

11-The great book of dreams-Emilio Salas

The great book of dreams

This book gives you the keys to deciphering the images and symbols of dreams and will teach you how to use the messages for your own benefit. Know future facts in advance. Find facets of your personality that you yourself ignore.

12-The Dreams: Origin, Function and Fundamentals- Ángel Maldonado-Núñez and Crystal Crash

The Origin, Function and Fundamentals of Dreams

The following are in English, though worth the effort to read them.

13-Dream Alchemy: The Ultimate Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams-Jane Teresa Anderson

Dream Alchemy

14-Dreams: Guide To The Soul: 40 Ancient Secret Keys to Healing, Renewal and Power-Steven G. Fox

Dreams Guide To The Soul

And do you know another book? I'm interested in meeting others. You can comment. Thanks!

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