The 12 Best Infusions and Herbs to Sleep Well

Fortunately, there are Infusions and herbs to sleep well , Relax at the time of going to bed and rest more deeply.

Would you like to reconcile sleep and have a more natural remedy? Do not want to depend on a medicine to sleep well?

You may have had sleep problems recently. However, you can act to solve this problem.

They are herbs that will allow you to sleep soundly and that will prevent you from having to use medications.

Although the list is extensive, I would like to know if you know another relaxing infusion, so I can increase the list and read the readers. You can leave it in the comments. Thank you!

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12 Herbs and natural infusions for better sleep



This herb tops the list, as it is known for its sedative effects throughout the world. It has been used from Ancient Greece and Rome and there are Many scientific studies that support their use for better sleep.

The valerian Is a plant native to Asia and Europe but nowadays it also grows abundantly in North America. Given its effectiveness, Pharmacological industry and phytotherapy market their extracts all over the world.

In its chemical composition, this herb contains a complex variety of essential oils as well as sesquiterpenes and iridoids. The latter are the Responsible for their sedative and spasmolytic properties.

It is very effective for Fight anxiety Y stress , And so an infusion of valerian can help you sleep better.

On the other hand, this herb is one of the most studied scientifically for its calming effect. The relaxation and the calm feeling that the Person after drinking his infusion, makes you to sleep more hours, more deeply. The period of reconciliation of sleep also decreases, and the person Sleep faster

In addition to its sedative and tranquilizing properties, valerian is prescribed to treat heart and anti-inflammatory conditions. Level relaxation Muscle that causes this plant, causes many intestinal problems to be diminished.

While in general the infusion of valerian has no contraindications, like anything that is ingested, can cause allergies.

It also enhances the effects of other drugs, and you should take this into account if you are taking sleeping pills, antiallergic or muscle relaxants. Some of the drugs that Valerian interacts with are Barbiturates , the Benzodiazepines And H1 antihistamines.

2-Linden tea


This is another classic herb with a known sedative effect. Popularly it is called Tila , Because it is the flower of the plant that is used to elaborate The infusions.

In addition to being an herb that helps to relax and reassure, it also has a marked diuretic effect. Therefore it is not convenient to take it Immediately before going to bed.

The mechanism of action of linden is that of an antispasmodic. It relaxes the muscles, and thus causes you that feeling of wanting to sleep. It also reduces blood pressure.

Similar to what happens with valerian, the flower of tila has other health benefits. For example, it can be used as Decongestant of the airways.

It has some components in common with valerian, but in less concentration. Although the allergic reaction to this plant is not frequent, it should never Discard completely.

3-Infusion of chamomile


It is another of the herbs most used by those who choose natural alternatives to achieve a better night's rest. Chamomile causes a notorious Muscle relaxation in those who drink the infusion or take a dip bath with this herb.

The chamomile , Also called chamomile, also acts at the level of the digestive system. If you have eaten a very filling plate or high fat, a chamomile tea It will help you to do better digestion and to rest more deeply when you go to bed.

The sedative properties of chamomile are less marked than those of valerian, for example. However, it is very effective for treating symptoms Caused by stress or depression. This way it also helps you to rest and sleep better.



This herb, originally from the Mediterranean but known throughout the world, has a very particular fragrance, with a relaxing effect. That's why the oil Essential of lavender Is widely used in the techniques of Aromatherapy .

Lavender also acts at the level of the nervous system, and generates a sensation of relaxation that favors the conciliation of sleep.

In addition to its effect Sedative, is also recommended for other uses. For example, it is advised to treat certain skin conditions, as it has important properties Fungicides and antiseptics.



He rosemary , Belonging to the group of lipids, is also very popular for its intense and characteristic aroma. In fact, it is widely used as Aromatic herb in the gastronomy.

It is composed of certain essential oils, flavonoids, some minerals and phenols. This composition also favors muscle relaxation and Conciliation of the dream.



He melissa Is an herb very similar to rosemary, and shares many of the characteristics of this one. It is also known as melissa, and has a deep citrus aroma.

They use both their flowers and their leaves, and from them prepare tea to drink before going to bed.

Melissa contains amounts Significant of gerianol, reason why much is used in aromatherapy. It has antispasmodic properties, and is an excellent natural sedative.


Grandmother's mint lives on...

The use of mint is recommended for treating stress and anxiety. In addition it is also used in aromatherapy for its Intense fragrance.

Mint has important anti-inflammatory properties and also Can i help you sleep better , Thanks to its sedative effect.



The Passionflower , In addition to possessing a strong analgesic power, will help you to fall asleep quickly.

It is ideal for those days when you arrive at your House with tension and headache, after a long day of work.

9-Hierba luisa

Lemon grass

With this herb prepares one of the best herbal teas To combat anxiety . In addition to relaxing the muscles throughout your body, it also helps Decrease flatulence.

The Lemon grass Is especially recommended for when you feel heartburn or stomach irritability. It is preferable to take it shortly before bed.



It may not be as infused as famous as the previous ones, but the hop Is very effective against The insomnia .

This plant originates from the cold Europe, and is easily found wild. In other parts of the world, dry leaves or extracts come in form.

This plant was very popular in Ancient Rome, and even the legend tells that the Romans put leaves of this plant inside their pillows to be able sleep better.

Hops contain high concentrations of stigmaterol and some bitter principles such as hupulone. These allow to alleviate the symptoms of people
Very anxious and excited and that is why the infusion can be useful to achieve a more restful sleep.



The poppy Can grow so abundantly, that in some places they consider it a"weed."

Poppy has a high concentration of alkaloids, particularly readin. Both the stem, leaves and their flowers, have several benefits to health.

Fight Insomnia Is one of the main and are also treated with different respiratory conditions like poppy Throat and catarrh.



The verbena Can help you a lot when you can not sleep because of pain or physical discomfort.

This plant contains important concentrations of ursolic, glucoside and caffeic acid. This combination has a potent analgesic effect.

If you have muscle pain, sprain, trauma or contractures, an infusion of verbena will alleviate your discomfort and relax you. In this way, It will help you to fall asleep.

It is important to remember that extracts and verbena infusion are contraindicated during pregnancy, as it could be harmful to the baby.

How to prepare teas from these natural herbs

The best way to use these herbs to sleep better is to drink herbal teas.

To prepare the infusion, you take leaves and part of the stem of the plant, put them in water and bring them to a boil.

While the weather may vary, it is best to let the water boil for at least 3 minutes. The infusion then needs a rest period. In this way you will make the most of the active substances in the herb.

With certain plants you have to take into account the best time to drink the infusion. There are some that favor intestinal transit for example, And others that are diuretic. Therefore, it is important to know all the properties of each herb and drink the infusion at the right time.

In the case of lavender, you can also prepare your own essential oil.

In a container you place an oil of natural origin, for example a almonds oil , And then add abundant amount of dried lavender flowers. These flowers can be crushed or crushed previously, to facilitate the contact of the oil with the essence of the plant. Leave to boil for two Hours and then filter the oil.

You can use a few drops of this oil in immersion baths to take advantage of the soothing properties of lavender.

Natural herbs, unlike medicines you buy at the pharmacy, do not generate addiction or tolerance. It is always preferable to treat Insomnia in a natural way than to resort to drugs.

And what other infusions do you know to sleep better?


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