The 101 Best Phrases of I Want You

I leave you the best Quotes of I want you , Romantic film directed by Fernando González Molina and starring Mario Casas, based on the novel by Federico Moccia.

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I have-the-wishes-of-you

1- Babee? Babee! BABEE!

2- What happened? Well, he left me. After a time he met another and then. He started dating him.

3- There is no right. I demand a happy ending.

4- Wow! I see that your mood is just as pathetic.

5- So it's true that people change when they propose it, eh? little brother.

6- It's just a picture.

7- Sorry, but you're the one who declared his love by painting three meters above the sky on a bridge, right?

8- Come and see, it will make you happy.

9- Since then I have not been with anyone.

10- I am more of the type that makes promises than to take oaths.

11- I'm an expert lying liar.

12- I guess this routine will work with any other but not me.

13- Do you see this ring? If you do not open me, it will first go through the sale and then you face.

14. I hate guys like you.

15- I see, so I go in my car with the typical man who thinks we fall at his feet because they know how to tell bad jokes.

16- Do you know what Taekwondo is? It's a modern martial art that basically consists of my heel being inside your mouth in less than a fraction of a second.

17- It is what happens, suddenly appears someone who gives you a thousand laps and you realize that you have been an innocent your whole life.

18- Wow! I did not think you were the ones who did that on the first date.

19- Hey! Tranquil machote that the princesses have long since we stained our hands and we do not care.

20-were your brave parents putting that name to you, did not they think of all the jokes they would make about him?

21- This man is not big, it is glans.

22- Is it serious, you boys when they meet is not to talk about women but to talk about their penises?

23- Hey, a little beasts but in the end very nice your friends the mythical.

24- I do not go anywhere if I do not know how to get out in advance.

25- Let's do something, now when I start the car memorize my registration, she will take you to my address and with my address you will find my phone.

"You'll have to wait for everyone to be asleep and climb through my window."

27- Did I hurt you a lot? It's just that I'm used to hitting the sack. Forgive me.

"Of course, it was so special that it ended up hitting you.

29- I just want to be with a boy before turning 18.

30- The only thing you will need to endure this will be to apply the technique of the three monkeys: Do not see, do not hear and do not speak Ah! And one more: Obey everything you are told.

31- We do not use that in the trash!

32- If there's something I can not stand, it's the people who want to pretend to be modest.

33- I do not want to get things through my father.

34-... In the end, the girl was dismembered and left the remains in a park. That's why it's called Lady in Pieces . It means girl in pieces.

35- What aspirations do I have in life? As a husband and many children, if you want you can play a child.

36- This week I thought of kidnapping you in my house.

37. I want to know how you are, to know what's wrong with you. That you know me and that you fall in love with me.

38- Every night I go to bed, I look for you in my bed and you never are. But I know that tomorrow you can never forget me.

39- I will be your nightmare by day and by day and you will tell me that I am all your life.

40- If you cling to me you will enjoy it more.

41. By the way, do not steal the girls who hug you.

"You have to hide quickly!" It's my mother, it's super religious and super traditional, if it gets you here it kills me! Get in there, there in the closet!

"I'm not as innocent as my sister.

"Forgive me, I'm sorry. I miss him so much I can not stand him.

45- What's your name? G. It has the name of a madwoman, one who does what she wants and does not give explanations to anyone.

46- It is summer camp syndrome. You go to the camp and you spend the best moment of your life, you return home and all you do is wait for the next camp, to repeat everything better! Then it arrives. And nothing is the same.

47- That's when you realize, the best moments of your life, the best; They will never be repeated.

48. You must forgive and forgive yourself, turn the page.

49. Do not talk, concentrate.

50- Guys, boys, please understand at once that we do not like it when they tell us that kind of compliment to look like more males in front of their herd.

51- There is no good evening without special snacks.

"I've never eaten it, but serve me well enough, serve me all."

53- A stop at the fountain to ask for a wish.

"I just wanted my love story, just like yours with him.

55. Let's play two cats that do not want to sleep.

56- You dress up for me and I digress for you.

57. My anchors did not stop your instincts, nor did your moans.

This can not last forever.

59- I have left the album titled: Music for my sister to fuck.

Tell me your whole life. It begins with the most important thing: Love.

61- They say this place is special, you see UFOs and stuff. By the way, dinner was cold.

"It's hard to explain, you'll have to trust me."

"And you, you trust me, do you really want to be with me?"

64. I want you! I DESIRE YOU!

65- They say that if a couple closes a lock, leaves it tied to the bridge and then throws the key to the water; Then there will be nothing to separate them.

66- Mythical care that this is forever, there is no turning back. -I desire you

Do not do anything you can regret.

68- I'll ask you one thing: Please do not call me after this.

"You know what I have for you and where to find me.

70- That was the chicken motorcycle. Why does the idiot have it?

Explaining everything that happened always makes it difficult for me.

72- The last words she told me were: Our girls are incredible and we have to live up to it.

When someone disappears from your life and you know that you will never see her again, nor will you be able to tell her all the things you have left that you would like to tell her. Take papal and pencil and write a letter. It can be eternal, it can be a word. You write it to that person who left, and you never send it. You approach a flame and so the wind takes it, and with that the pain will not be so strong.

I loved you. Bye.

75- I do not care, just help me with this and then you go where you want.

76- Even if you do not know, I invented your name, I drugged myself with promises and slept in the cars.

77- Even if you do not understand, I never write the sender in the envelope; Not to leave my footprints.

"Even if you do not know, I've been lying on your back and my bed is cold when you leave.

"Even if you do not know, we said so much." -I desire you

"We invented tides, we manned ships and lit up with kisses... in the sea of ​​your lips.

81- I have arrived at my door and in the morning I did not notice, that you will never be.

"I've missed you so much."

"You're older, but not older, but I've lost things of you."

"I'm very comfortable, I really wanted to see you, but I think I'll leave."

"You have to close your eyes, all the way and without protest.

86- Do you remember her? The only bad thing is that now our house has owners.

"I'm sorry, I needed to know if I still had feelings for you." I'm getting married in a month, but for a moment there on the beach I thought everything was the same.

"It was raining this time, too. I did all the best I could, really.

89- Go away! Get out!

90- Where were you?

I forgive you.

"What are you doing?" Stop! For for! Stop!

"He thought they had to be seen to put an end to it. Did he screw up all truth?"

94- Dear G, it's time to write to you what I could never tell you even if it's late. It is time to write everything that has happened in a letter that I will never send you.

"I would be a jerk if I did not scream that I was wrong with you from the beginning." That I have tried to advance without putting aside the things that prevented me.

96. Clinging to the past, looking back, wanting to forget but never stop remembering.

97- In the middle of one side and the other, without forgiving, without forgiving me. Without advancing.

98- Where is the secret of the future? You may be looking at it, look closer. More. To the point where the blur becomes clear. Clear.

99- I do not want to wait for miracles, just that things happen.

Now it's not up to me, it's up to you. I love you.

"You can help me fix this mess if you want, maybe if we strive, it can look good." It depends on us. Of the two. And it will not be easy.

Nothing is impossible.

"Hey! I can not alone.

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