The 101 Best Money Phrases

I leave you 100 Phrases of money, Reflections, words, sayings, thoughts and messages from some of the richest people in the world like Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, Donald Trump or Will Smith.

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1-Rule number 1: never lose money. Rule number 2: Never forget rule number 1.-Warren Buffett.

Money phrases

2-I'll tell you the secret to make yourself rich on Wall Street. Be greedy when others are fearful and fearful when others are greedy.-Warren Buffett.

3-Money is usually attracted, not pursued.-Jim Rohn.

4-Too many people spend the money they earned to buy things they do not want, to impress people they do not like.-Will Rogers.

5-Formal education will give you a life; Self-education will give you a fortune.-Jim Rohn.

6-An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.-Benjamin Franklin.

7-Money costs a lot often.-Ralph Waldo Emerson.

8-Most people lose opportunities because they dress up normal and look like work.-Thomas Edison.

9-If money is your hope for independence, you will never have it. The only real security a man will have in this world is a reservoir of knowledge, experience, and skill.-Henry Ford.

10-An intelligent person should have money in his head, not in his heart.-Jonathan Swift.

11-Lack of money is the root of all evil.-Mark Twain.

12-Never spend your money before you have it.-Thomas Jefferson,

13-Do not think that money does everything or end up doing everything for money.- Voltaire .

14-Money is a terrible master but an excellent servant.-P.T. Barnum.

15-When you have money, only you remember who you are. But when you do not have money, everyone forgets who you are. That's life."Bill Gates.

16-It is not how much money you earn, but when you save money, how much it works for you and for how many generations you will have.- Robert Kiyosaki .

17-Time is money.-Benjamin Franklin.

18-Wealth is not to have great possessions, but to have few needs.-Epithet.

19-Wealth is the ability to fully experience life.-Henry David Thoreau.

20-Money is a tool. He'll take you wherever you want, but he will not replace you as a driver.""Ayn Rand.

21-Money can not buy happiness, but it sure will get you a better kind of memories.-Ronald Reagan.

22-While money can not buy happiness, it allows you to choose your own form of misfortune.-Groucho Marx.

23-He who has much is not rich, but he who gives much.-Erich Fromm.

24-Not everything that can be counted counts and not everything that counts can be counted.-Albert Einstein.

25-Money can not buy friends, but you can get a new class of enemies.-Spike Milligan.

26-How you deal with failure determines how you achieve success.-David Feherty.

27-You can only fully realize yourself in something that you love. That your goal is not to make money. Instead, pursue things you love to do and do them so well that people can not take their eyes off you.-Maya Angelou.

28-He who loses money loses much; The one who loses a friend; Loses even more; The one who loses faith, loses everything.-Eleanor Roosevelt.

29-The man who does more than he is paid will soon earn more than he does.-Napoleon Hill.

30-If you live to have everything, what you have is never enough.-Vicki Robin.

31-Many people do not take care of their money until they almost spend it and others do the same with their time.-Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

32-If you do not value your time, neither will others. Stop giving away your time and talent. Rate what you know and start charging for it.-Kim Garst.

33-You must gain control over your money or the lack of it will control you.-Dave Ramsey.

34-Buy something with what you are happy if the market closes 10 years.-Warren Buffett.


35-Making money on yourself is not difficult. The difficult thing is to win it by doing something that is worth living. Carlos Ruiz Zafón.

36-Money does not make you happy, but it relaxes nerves.-Sean O'Casey.

37-The real measure of your wealth is when you are worth if you lose all your money.

38-My favorite things in life do not cost money. It is clear that the most precious resource we have is time.-Steve Jobs.

39-I never try to make money in the stock market. I buy with the assumption that they could close the next day and reopen in 10 years.-Warren Buffett.

40-Rich is not the one who has wealth, but the one who enjoys it.-Benjamin Franklin.

41-It is not the man who has little, but the one who longs for the poor. -Seneca.

42-Money can not buy life.-Bob Marley.

43-Do what you love and money will come.-Marsha Sinetar.

44. Happiness is not mere possession of money; Lies in the joy of achievement, in the emotion of the creative effort.-Franklin D. Roosevelt.

45-The habit of saving is an education; Fosters every virtue, teaches self-control, cultivates the sense of order, trains foresight, and broadens the mind. Munger.

46-I would like to live like a poor man with a lot of money.-Pablo Picasso.

47-Money is not the only answer, but it makes a difference.-Barack Obama.

48-Every time you borrow money, you are stealing money from your future.-Nathan W. Morris.

"No man should receive a dollar unless that dollar has been earned justly."-Theodore Roosevelt.

"When I had money, everyone called me brother.""Proverb.

Phrases about money

"No, I'm not rich. I am a poor man with money, which is not the same.- Gabriel García Márquez.

52-It is not the employer who pays the wage. Employers only handle the money. It's the client who pays the salary.-Henry Ford.

53-Do not let the fear of loss be greater than the excitement of winning.-Robert Kiyosaki.

54-It's okay to have money and things that money can buy, but it's okay to also check from time to time that you have not lost things that money can not buy.-George Lorimer.

55-Buy when everyone is selling and save money when everyone else is buying. This is not a slogan. It is the essence of successful investments.-J. Paul Getty.

56-Wealth, after all, is relative, since he who has little and wants less is richer than he who has more and wants even more.-Charles Caleb Colton.

57-There is only one class in the community that thinks more about money than the rich, and it's the poor.-Oscar Wilde.

"You can be young without money, but you can not be old without the Tennessee Williams."

59-Money and success do not change people; Simply amplify what is already there.-Will Smith.

60-The circulation of trust is better than the circulation of money.-James Madison.

61-There are people who have money and there are people who are rich.-Coco Chanel.

"If you're going to think anyway, think big."Donald Trump.

63-Money does not buy happiness, but relieves stress.-Besa Kosova.

64-Money may not buy happiness, but I prefer to cry in a jaguar than in a bus.-Françoise Sagan.

"Friends and good manners will take you where money can not."Margaret Walker.

66-Art is not about making money, but about keeping it.-Proverb.

67-In investment, what is comfortable is rarely profitable.-Robert Arnott.

"When I was young, I thought money was the most important thing in life. Now that I'm older, I know it is.-Oscar Wilde.


69-If you think that money only does evil, you will never have it. If you think all the rich are bad, you will always be poor.

70-Wealth flows from energy and ideas.-William Feather.

71-A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business.-Henry Ford.

"I can live without money, but I can not live without love."Judy Garland.

73-Everyone wants to have money, but few want to accept the effort it takes to earn it.-

74-When you hear someone say that all the rich are bad, get away immediately. Normally, if someone is rich it is because he has contributed something to the society what did she contribute?

75-Except for exceptions, the amount of money a person has is a symbol of what contributes in one way and another to society.-

76-Money is a tool and you can use it for better or worse.-

77-If you decide to side with those who criticize all the rich, be prepared to be poor.-

78-There are millions of people who are hungry in the world. And just having enough money you can help.-

"If you work to get rich, you probably will not. If you work to be happy, you'll probably get rich.-

80. Money does not grow from trees, but grows in a manner similar to trees; Needs to sow stocks and wait for a prudent time to bear fruit.-

81-The question should not be whether money is good or bad. The question should be whether a man is good or bad. Money is just a tool.

82-Money does not harm the man, it is the man who makes money bad.-

83-If all men were good, there would be no division of opinions between whether money is good or bad, because there would be no rich and poor.-

84-The only person who can say that he does not want money to be happy is the one who has been offered a million dollars and has rejected them.-

85-Making money is a consequence of the person you've become. Go wherever you go, you will be able to generate it, because you will be a person of value.-

86-If you generate value for others, you generate money for

87-If you think only about generating value for yourself, you will never have money for

88-If you expect to get rich in the year, be prepared to disappoint you in a few months.

89-Do not ask yourself how to make money, but how to generate value.-

90-The best way to start earning money is to ask about the unmet needs of people.-

91-Solve a problem that has millions of people and soon you will be

"The money you have will depend largely on your beliefs about the money you have; If you have poor beliefs, you will have little, if you have great beliefs, you will be

93-Sometimes, the money you have depends on the money you ask for life.-

94-Create value to make money and earn money to give value.-

95-Much effort, perseverance and dedication to the right thing is usually equivalent to having money.-

96-If you're just looking for friends who have money, be prepared to stay without them

97-To have money or not is only one of the effects that the beliefs have in our life.-

98-Admire people who have money and you will be closer to getting what they have done.-

99-He who has money can help many but he who can not, can help a few.-

100-It is not bad for having a lot of money, nor is it good for not having

101-Money will not make you happy at all, but it helps a lot.

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