The 100 Best Phrases of Isabel Allende

I leave you the 100 best Phrases from Isabel Allende , A Chilean writer who has sold more than 70 million books worldwide and whose best known works are The House of Spirits, Tales of Eva Luna, The Forest of the Pygmies or The Fox: Legend begins.

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1-The library is inhabited by spirits that leave the pages at night.

2-Write what should not be forgotten.

3-The longer I live, the more uninformed I feel. Only young people have an explanation for everything.

4-There is no death. People only die when we forget them.

5-We only have what we give.

6-Fear is inevitable, I have to accept it, but I can not allow it to paralyze me.

7-You can not find someone who does not want to be found.

8-A man does what he can, a woman does what a man can not.

9-Maybe we are in this world to find love, find it and lose it, again and again. With each love, we are born again, and with each love that ends we collect a new wound. I am covered with proud scars.

10-You are the narrator of your own life, and you can create your own legend, or not.

11-Writing is a process, a journey in memory and soul.

12-I just had to touch myself to turn my tears into sighs and my anger into desire. How kind is love; Forgive everything.

13-The source of my difficulties has always been the same: an inability to accept what others think natural, and an irresistible tendency to express opinions that nobody wants to hear.

14-We all have an unsuspected reserve of strength in the interior, which arises when life tests us.

"I'm not one of those women who stumbles twice with the same stone.

16-She sowed in my mind the idea that reality is not only what we see on the surface; It also has a magical dimension and, if we wish, it is legitimate to enhance and color it so that our journey through life is less tempting.

17-Silence before birth, silence after death: life is nothing more than noise between two unfathomable silences.

18-True friendship resists time, distance and silence.

19-When all else fails, we communicate in the language of the stars.

20-He realized, that the strongest are the least sincere, that arrogance is a quality of the ignorant, and that sycophants tend to be vicious.

21-A fixation is very stubborn: it penetrates the brain and breaks the heart. There are many fixations, but love is the worst.

22-Nice people with common sense do not make interesting characters. They only make good ex-spouses.

23-Photography and writing are an attempt to capture moments before they vanish.

24-Be careful what you ask of heaven, it could be granted.

25-Love makes us good. No matter who we love, it does not matter to be reciprocated or if the relationship is lasting. The experience of loving is enough, that transforms us.

26-It is easy to judge others when one has not experienced that experience.

27-My worst flaw is that I have secrets, mine and those of everyone else.

28-Reading is like looking through several windows that open to an infinite landscape. For me life without reading would be like being in prison, it would be as if my spirit were in a straitjacket; Life would be a very dark and narrow place.

"That night I thought I had lost forever the ability to fall in love, that I could never laugh again or pursue an illusion. But never again is a long time.

30-He intended to swallow the world and lived crushed by reality.

31-Before conquering the mountain, you must learn to overcome your fear.

32-Happiness is not exuberant or bustling, like pleasure or joy. It is silent, quiet, gentle, it is an internal state of satisfaction that begins by loving oneself.

33-One does not need the talent to be an artist, he only needs courage.

34-Our demons lose their power when we take them out of the depths where they hide and look them in the face in broad daylight.

35-How many times have I told you not to believe everything you hear? Seek the truth for yourself.

36-There is room in the human heart for all divinities.

37. Remember that everyone else is more afraid than you.

38-Courage is a virtue valued in a man but considered as a defect in our gender. Brave women are a threat to a world that is badly balanced, in favor of men.

39-Life is a tapestry that is embroidered day by day with threads of many colors, some heavy and dark, others thin and luminous, all threads serve.

40-I have no right to win, but to improve the bargain.

41. The mind is much more interesting than the body.

42-Selective memory to remember the good. Logical prudence not to ruin the present, and defiant optimism to face the future.

43-I learned early on that when emigrating, the crutches that have been the support until then are lost, you have to start from scratch, because the past is erased by a stroke and nobody cares about where you come from or what you have done before.

44-Nothing strong can be built on a basis of lies and omissions.

45. My father says that fear is good; It is the alarm system of the body, warns us of danger. But sometimes danger can not be avoided, and then one must forget to be afraid.

46-Write honestly and do not worry about the feelings of others, because no matter what you say, they will hate you anyway.

47-I suspect that all that happened is not fortuitous, but corresponds to a destiny drawn before my birth.

48-What is forgotten is as if it had never happened.

49-You are my angel and my condemnation; In your presence I reach the divine ecstasy and in your absence descent to hell.

50-Whenever the wound was deeper, the pain was more private.

51-A novel is achieved with hard work, the story with inspiration.

Nothing changes, we humans repeat the same sins over and over, forever.

53-Promise me that you will always love yourself as I love you.

"She did not believe that the world was a valley of tears, but a joke that God had played and that it was stupid to take it seriously.

55. Age, by itself, does not make anyone better or wiser, only accentuates what each has always been.

56-I have seen many people speaking without thinking, without realizing that speaking is also being. The word and the gesture are the thought of man. We must not speak without reason.

"If I were able to express my feelings, I might suffer less, but they remain stuck inside like a huge block of ice and it may be years before the ice begins to melt.

58-Nations must be governed by a council of wise men who must respond to the people by their actions.

"I was a romantic and sentimental creature, prone to loneliness.

60-Those who seek the truth run the risk of finding it.

61-Nostalgia is my vice. It is a feeling of melancholy, and slightly sugary, like tenderness.

"He had one foot in the forced illusion and another in the secret reality.

63-Each book is a message thrown in a bottle overboard in the hope that it will reach another shore.

64. We have lost our sense of ethics; We live in a world of smallness, gratification without happiness and actions without meaning.

"If nothing hurts, that means I woke up dead."

It was not a pain of numb muscles, but of accumulated sadness and abandonment.

67-Writing is like riding a bicycle: we do not forget it, even if you spend years without doing it.

68-Life is not a photo, in which one orders things to look good and then fixes the image for posterity; It is a messy, messy, fast process, full of unforeseen events. The only certainty is that everything changes.

69-I realized that writing about happiness is useless, without suffering there is no story.

70-Face the obstacles as they present, do not lose energy fearing what may be in the future.

71-Let's go this route together, step by step, day by day, with the best intention, that's the only thing we can promise.

72. There is no light without shadow, and there is no joy without pain.

"I do not have to please everyone, only the ones that really matter to me, which are not many.

"The years slip by, on tiptoe, mocking each other in whispers, and suddenly they frighten us in the mirror, beat our knees, or stick a dagger in our backs.

"The only good thing about marriage is being a widow.

"I have plenty of time, and for the first time in my life no one expects anything from me. I do not have to prove anything, I'm not running everywhere; Every day is a gift that I enjoy to the maximum.

Perhaps he feared that this great love, which had withstood so many trials, could not survive the most terrible of all: coexistence.

78-They met a couple of times a year at any point on the map to live a few days of illusion and then return with a grateful body and a cheerful soul.

"I must not overtake myself. If I do not narrate the events of my life with rigor and harmony, I will lose my way.

80. First love is like measles, it always leaves a scar.

81-Grace was not to die, for that comes anyway, but to survive, which was a miracle.

82-The woman invented love without a partner, venturing alone in hallucinating territories, with the audacity of those who do not know the risks.

Almost all wounds heal with affection, you have to love yourself and love me.

84-What to do with this happiness that comes to us without special reason, this happiness that requires nothing to exist?.

85-There is no end to complete in some stories, each does the best it can do, and that's it.

"In the end, the only thing we have in full is the memory we have built.

"For a while they were lost in an absolute intimacy that they confused with love.

88-Old age is the best time to be and do what one pleases.

They shared a joyful relationship and did not call it love.

90. Desires and fears are illusions, not realities. You must practice detachment.

Though they were stunned and hungry, many sang, for it would have been useless to aggravate misfortune by complaining.

"You once told me that the elders make love without haste. It is not a bad idea. Let's love each other like a couple of grandmas.

Almost everyone lies, some out of vanity, to appear in a favorable light, others out of fear and most simply out of habit.

-What is not written on paper will be erased by time.

95. The heart is like a box; If it is full of garbage, there is no room for other things.

96-They say that very beautiful women are unforgettable, I hope you learn to live without it, even if you do not forget it.

97-No one cares about the problems of others, and the silent pains are diluted.

"I think hard work is always rewarded.

-He showed them that death is not an insurmountable impediment to communication between those who truly love each other.

It had cost him much to recover from frustrated love, and he feared that if he heard his voice for a moment he would sink again in the same stubborn passion as before.

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