The 100 Best Phrases of 50 Shades of Gray

I leave you more than 100 50 shadows of gray phrases , Film starring Christian Gray (Jamie Dornan) and Anastasia Steele (Dakota Johnson).

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50-shadows-of-gray phrases

Many times we think that what a woman looks for in a man is protection, safety, and comfort. Maybe some people seek the love and charm of a fairy tale. However, Erika Leonard Mitchell, better known as E. L. James, reminds us that between white and black there is a large scale of grays.

While all the girls may desire the arrival of a prince, the qualities of that prince do not have to be the corny and prudish illusions of the children's stories. The truth is that the realm of the human can be as dark and deep as the most twisted and controlling fantasy.

1-I've kissed a prince, Mom. I hope it does not turn into a frog.

2-Never trust a man who can dance.

3-Do not put your panties in such a predicament... and give me back mine.

4-I would like to bite that lip.

5-I'm going to have coffee with Christian Gray... and I hate coffee.

6-There is a fine line between pleasure and pain. They are two sides of the same coin, one that does not exist without the other.

7-Why did not you like me? Because you never stay with me.

8-It is very difficult to grow up in a perfect family when you are not perfect.

9-Assuming I said I hate him, or worse, that I love him, in my dream.

10-I sigh, and I am Eve in the Garden of Eden, and he is the serpent, and I can not resist.

11-My inner goddess is jumping up and down, patting her hands like a five-year-old.

12-Raise the ordinary to the level of the extraordinary.

13-Even a pain in the ass needs someone to take care of him.

14-Never wanted more, until I met you.

15-Inside me! I sigh, and all the deep muscles in my belly quiver. My inner goddess is doing the dance of the seven veils.

16-I want my world to start and end with you.

"My subconscious is furious, with Medusa's own wrath, with hair flying and hands clenched around the face like Edvard Munch's scream.

18-Physical pain from the bite of a belt is nothing, nothing compared to this devastation.

19-Who are you trying to deceive? He is not a gentleman, he has my knickers.

20-I strive to stay with him because my intelligence has been completely and sumptuously scattered all over the floor and walls of the third elevator of the Heathman Hotel.

21-In my opinion, to achieve success in any scheme one has to master that scheme, to know it inside and out, to know all the details.

22-While holding you, you looked everywhere and said to me:"Kiss me, kiss me, Christiansostenía and you watched me all-you kiss me, you kiss me, Christian. I felt I owed you an apology and a warning.

23-The interviews seem so artificial situations, everyone is at their best, desperately trying to hide behind a professional facade.

"Perhaps Mr. Gray insists that all his employees be blond." I wonder if it's legal.

25-But today, for the first time, I feel alone and uncomfortable here, dissatisfied with my own company.

26-How can I eat now? I'm going to Seattle by helicopter with Christian Gray... and he wants to bite my lip.

27-His words make sense. He is not the man for me. This is what he meant, and almost makes me accept his rejection. I can live with this. I get it.

28-Do not put a vague moral judgment on yourself based on what others might think. Do not waste your energy.

29-You can do everything you want, but until you do not talk, you're not going to get anywhere.

30-Just thinking that you can be with another person is like a knife twisting in my dark soul.

31-I feel the color running down my cheeks again. I must be the color of the Manifesto of the Communist Party.

32-The pain is such that I refuse to acknowledge it. I feel numb. Somehow I escaped from my body and now I'm a casual observer of this tragedy unfolding.

"If you want me to leave, you must leave me alone."

34-In my dazed state of mind, it looks delicious.

35-Sitting beside me, he gently pulls my pants down again. Up and down, like whores.

"On the inside, I'm doing funny carriage rides in my head, knowing full well that this is the only place I can do carriage rides gracefully.

"What about all the immaculate blondes?"

38-How can it mean so much to me in such a short time?

39-I need him to love me as I want and need him. But deep down I know that's not possible.

40-Do you really feel that way or do you think you should feel this way?

41-Hearts and flowers, that's not who I am.

"I know I have not had these things in my past, but I want them in my future.

"That's all I know, too. Maybe together we can chart a new course.

"I'm completely trapped in your spell."

"Darling, you know what they say. You have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince.

46-I followed my heart, and I have an aching ass.

47. I have fallen in love with someone who is so emotionally closed, that I will only hurt myself.

48-I am anxious to return and worried about what awaits me at the end of my trip.

49-I am the moth and he is the flame, and I am going to burn. I know.

50-If it's worth doing a job, it's worth doing well.

"That obscenely rich son of a bitch has bothered you again?"

52. A man who acquires the ability to take full possession of his own mind can take possession of anything else to which he is entitled.

"Well, I thought you should come to remind yourself how nice it was to meet me.

"You make me drunk, Miss Steele, and it also reassures me. It is a very inebriating combination.

55-This is your punishment, so near and so far. It's okay?

"You're becoming insatiable,"he murmured. I only have a taste for you, I whispered.

57. Everything that is mine is now yours. I give you my hand, my heart and my love, so that you know how we will live.

58-I feel for the punishment what you feel when I touch you.

"I'll miss you too, more than you can ever know."

60-I do not make love... I fucking hard.

"I will not touch you, Anastasia, not until I have your written consent to do so.

"A man of your advanced age is probably a little deaf."

"Did you want to offer your sympathies?" I asked sweetly. I think you're trying to suppress a smile, but I can not be sure.

"There's something about you that makes it impossible for me to get away." But I think you already figured that out yourself.

65-Forget the rules. Forget all those details for tonight. I love you. I've loved you since you came to my office, and I know you love me.

"We're going to have to work to keep you still, baby.

67-Oh. I thought the sex we had had was like a delicious chocolate dessert. But hey, what do I know?

68-Sex is amazing, he is rich, he is beautiful, but all this is meaningless without his love, and what really shakes my heart is that I do not know if it is capar of loving.

"He approaches me, and I can see his feet and pimples in my field of vision. His feet are bare.

"We can not eat money, Miss Steele, and there are too many people on this planet who do not have enough food.

71-Enrojesco by the rebellion of my subconscious, she is doing her happy dance in a bright red skirt.

72-I know there are people who dare to say that I have no heart despite the fact that there are people who would say that I do not have a heart. Why do they say that? Because they know me well.

"I think I love you, and you see me as a toy.

74-Unconditional love is what every child deserves from their parents.

"Why is someone like that?" That is difficult to answer. Why do some people love cheese and other people hate it? You like cheese?

"He likes control over everything, including me. However, it is so unpredictable and disarmingly enjoyable. It can be tender, be in a good mood, even sweet.

"His voice is warm and hoarse like a dark caramel of molten chocolate... or something."

"My blood sings in my veins, as an immediate response to his call.

All the warning signs were there, I was too clueless and too much in love to understand them.

"He's not a hero, he's a man with deep, deep emotional flaws. It's dragging me into the dark. Can not I lead you to the light?

81-My reason disappears when we're together, that's the depth of my feeling for you.

"My subconscious has raised his somnambulistic head. Where was I when I needed it?

"His gaze is intense, all the humor disappears, and strange muscles in the depths of my belly suddenly tighten.

84-My little inner goddess sways in a smooth and victorious samba.

85-Three months is an arbitrary amount of time. Could we do it for six months, a year? How long do you want it to be? What would make you feel comfortable? Tell me.

"Men are not really complicated, Ana, sweetheart. They are very simple and literal creatures.

"My memories did not do him justice. He is not simply handsome, he is the epitome of male beauty, it is awesome.

"My life would be empty without you.

"My boss is like an angry bear with a sore head and poison ivy in his ass.

90-If I look at his body sideways, I can see he still wears his shorts and shirt, and I still have my T-shirt. God, it was just a dump to get in, out and up there.

"I want you to give yourself voluntarily to me, in all things.

"I was waiting for you,"he says softly, his luminous dark gray eyes.

"I love her so much: her trust, her obedience, her submission. I want her to be mine, but for now, I am hers.

"She's the caretaker of my dreams. Only she can keep my nightmares at bay.

"You're just an annoying sick child, and if you were by my side, I'd throw you into the seventh circle of hell and walk away smiling." Now get out of my way, or what do I have to do to you?

"If you touch me, I will succumb." I know the power he exerts on me and my traitorous body. I know.

"Yes, I'll go wrong sometimes." I'm going to make mistakes, but I have to learn.

"I can not stay." I know what I want and you can not give it to me, and I can not give you what you need.

"He thinks I could leave if I get to know him." He thinks I could walk away if he is himself. Oh, this man is so complicated!

100-Everything before you was just boredom, emptiness, mediocrity... it was nothingness.

101-In life you use what you know.

"Now I feel like a receptacle, like an empty container to be filled by your whim.

"Ana, honey, you've always tended to analyze everything.

"Many accomplishments, Mr. Gray. "And the greatest of you, Miss Steele.

"Sometimes I wonder if there's anything wrong with me. I may have spent too much time in the company of my romantic heroes of literature, and consequently my ideals and expectations are too high.

106-It feels as if it had traveled back in time until the sixteenth century and the Spanish Inquisition.

107. Men usually say what they think. We spend hours trying to analyze what they have said, when in fact it is obvious. If it were you, I would take it literally. That might help.

He grabbed me abruptly and pulled me against him, one hand on his back holding me to him and the other into his hair.

109-Gimo in his mouth, giving him entrance to his tongue. He makes the most of it, his expert tongue explores my mouth. I had never been kissed like that before.

"I still want more,"I whispered. I know, he answered. I'll try, he added. I winked at him, released my hand and pulled my chin, releasing my trapped lip.

111-This is a man in need. His fear is emaciated and obvious, but he is lost... somewhere in his darkness.

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