The 100 Best Phrases by Jorge Bucay

Here are the top 100 Quotes by Jorge Bucay , About self-esteem, love, life, happiness, family... Bucay is a psychodramaturge, Gestalt therapist and Argentine writer.

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Quotes by Jorge Bucay

  1. Love, for me, is a sincere decision to create for the loved one a place so wide that he can choose what to do with his life, his body and his feelings, so that decision does not please me or include me .

  2. The culture of consumption has created as a consequence an attitude of rivalry and comparison that educates us to confront ourselves with others.

  3. Desire only serves as long as it is directed toward action that satisfies it.

  4. Misunderstanding is an important part of learning, because without mistakes there is no growth.

  5. Happiness is to be sure not to have the feeling of being lost.

  6. The sage does not pretend anything, nor be good, or strong, docile, nor rebellious, neither contradictory nor coherent. He just wants to be.

  7. Love is not in us to sacrifice it for the other but to enjoy its existence.

  8. I allow myself to take risks that I decide to run, on the condition that I pay the prices of those risks myself.

  9. I allow myself to look for what I consider necessary of the world and not to wait for someone to give me permission to obtain it.

  10. If I needed someone to be with me all the time, that person should be myself.

  11. The course of life marks the sense that someone wants to give to their own existence.

  12. You can not give up before being beaten.

  13. The most important step in growing is to become a connoisseur of oneself, the worst and the best of me.

  14. No one can have knowledge for you, or grow, seek or do what you should do. Existence itself does not allow substitutes.

  15. Nobody knows the leaks of a house until it is inside.

  16. I want you to accept me without intending to change me.

  17. If I feel that I am valuable for being as I am, I can accept myself, I can accept my authenticity, I can be true.

  18. Since I will be with me forever, well it would be, to place myself consciously on my side

  19. You can only change one thing when you stop fighting with it.

  20. I am solely responsible for my choices, precisely because I could choose something else.

  21. I want your protection without lies.

  22. Love for another person is born of the capacity to love, which begins with that disposition of love for oneself.

  23. I am responsible for my decisions, so I am responsible for being or moving, making a decision or making silence, insisting or giving up, taking risks and looking for the world that I need.

  24. Stories help children sleep but also to wake up adults.

  25. If I do not think about myself then who will? And to think only of myself then who am I? And if not now then when?

  26. A memory is useful except when I support my life in it. When as a person I depend on him.

  27. I allow myself to be and be who I am, instead of believing others determine where and how I should be or be.

  28. To fall in love means to love chance and to love is to be passionate about differences.

  29. Love does not mean sacrificing for another but enjoying its existence.

  30. Only you choose where and until when, because it is your way, a matter exclusively yours.

  31. There are circumstances where you look back and you do not know what happened. You just know since it happened, nothing was ever the same.

  32. Since I am with myself from the beginning and nobody knows more about me than myself, it would be good to be a friend of me, to be by my side doing and thinking the best for me.

  33. I want you to take care of me without this canceling me out.

  34. When you are in a relationship and the other, being able, does not avoid a drop of suffering, then everything is over.

  35. I want your hug but they are choking me.

  36. Death allows you to seek that loved one in the treasures that you keep in your heart, is to understand that love does not end with mourning.

  37. The time that is enjoyed is the true lived time.

  38. I allow myself to feel what I feel and not feel what others would feel in my position.

  39. In the circumstances that we can not free ourselves from the ego or even a moment, the figure that we will have of us will become a prison.

  40. While the door is open I'll know you're there because you decided to stay, because if you wanted to leave, you would have already done so.

  41. I want you to have an opinion but not give me advice.

  42. Flexibility helps us to adapt to possible changes, makes us creative beings and empathize with others. But flexibility, especially, gives us the audacity to find ways to be happy.

  43. Sadness is like falling into a well but suffering is living in it.

  44. To know ourselves is to take a look inside, connect with our beliefs, thoughts, feelings and what we are, far beyond what others would like.

  45. Beauty appears in us from who one is.

  46. To depend on myself I will have to think of myself as the true center of what happens to me.

  47. After walking, there is only one step left, trusting in the final result and in our abilities, gifts and possibilities.

  48. It's me and you are you. I am not in this world to absolutely fulfill all your expectations and you are not to fulfill mine. When you and I meet, it's really beautiful. But when we meet, we do not meet, there is nothing to do.

  49. The route marks an address. And a route is much more than a result.

  50. In a relationship, trust implies a sincerity such that you can not even contemplate the possibility of lying.

  51. From today I will love you with silence, absences and distances; I will love you without poems with few actions or words. From today I will love you like this, as you love me.

  52. I want to approach you but not invade me.

  53. Releasing what we love costs and it also hurts to feel that we are not loved but in pain we grow, mature and if we learn to let go of a part of our own history we open ourselves to the different and unknown.

  54. When you are patient on a day of rage, you can easily escape a hundred sad days.

  55. I do not want to obstruct you, I do not want you to be with me because I do not let you go.

  56. It is your right and obligation to be who you really are. The best thing that can happen is that you become an authentic one.

  57. Absolutely all the fears we have, we have learned, are not innate of the human being. We have learned to be afraid because we have been taught.

  58. The main part of our obstacles are found within us, and the problem is that we are not always willing to admit it, when it is not the educational conditions that blind us but our vanity that prevents us from recognizing it.

  59. The main virtue of a hero is the one that allows him to face things without having to try to appear to what others say he should be.

  60. I am terrified to live with a person that I consider essential in his life, because, are thoughts of manipulation and sinister.

  61. If to be proud of ourselves we depend on success, then self-esteem would become a fiction, a mere vanity and achievements only serve to satisfy it.

  62. I need your encouragement without pushing me.

  63. I do not want you to do anything to stay longer than you want.

  64. Who is a true seeker grows, learns and discovers that he is the only one responsible for what happens.

  65. We must never forget who we are or where we come from, life goes round and there is the possibility of returning to the same place.

  66. If to be approved by others involves ceasing to be ourselves, that is too expensive and it becomes a meaningless search.

  67. I want your help without you deciding for me.

  68. It would be useful not to get angry. But when feeling the annoyance, the anger or the anger, the only way that resolves them is to exteriorize them converted into action. Otherwise, you get angry with yourself.

  69. Happiness is attainable when one does not fall into the stupid idea of ​​believing that to be happy it is necessary to smile all day.

  70. We record in our memory, I can not and I will never be able to. We have lived having that message that we imposed ourselves and we never try again.

  71. The ability to laugh at yourself is a way to enjoy some strange and absurd things that happen to us. It is a sign of maturity that belongs who does not have the need to be correct or successful in order to feel confident about himself.

  72. To begin to be better with us and with others, we must know who we are.

  73. I want your trust without demands.

  74. I want you to know that you count on me without conditioning.

  75. Your times are only for you. The worst adversary in mourning is not loving yourself.

  76. When you criticize me, you are actually criticizing those parts of me that are identical to yours. A rock will not irritate me unless it is in my way.

  77. If you forget yourself, others will follow your example, forget you and probably infer that you do not exist.

  78. If I value myself, I accept, I am proud of myself, I respect, no doubt the things I do will result in personal growth, and, without a doubt, I will want to surpass myself.

  79. You can not negotiate authenticity in exchange for an approval.

  80. People who depend on themselves are not manipulative. And the world does not like those who do not let themselves be manipulated.

  81. If it is true that you do not love me anymore, I ask you, do not tell me.

  82. We can not be responsible for the emotions but we are responsible for them.

  83. Loving means to rejoice simply because the other exists.

  84. I allow myself to think what I think and the right to say it if I want it or silence it if it suits me.

  85. I do not believe in sentences but I think there is something to learn in every episode of life, learning that makes you grow, growth that teaches you.

  86. I want you to hear me without judging me.

  87. I worry about those who seek love, as if it were something clever and finished. They really believed the love they sell us in the movies but one does not seek love, but builds it.

  88. The positive form of conforming is called acceptance and the negative form is called resignation.

  89. Accepting oneself is a challenge for one's own health and translates into not debating with myself for being what I am. Do not get angry for not being like others want me to be and not punish me for not behaving like others would like me to do.

  90. Not being as others want you to be can be the best thing that could happen to you.

  91. It is unsafe to want those around you to follow your orders or behave as they want. To love means to give freedom, is to allow the other to be what you really want to be.

  92. Your memories are now, not there and then.

  93. I want you to keep me without you taking care of me.

  94. True love is about two whole beings, not halves that need each other to feel complete.

  95. If to be proud of ourselves we depend on success, then self-esteem would become a fiction, a mere vanity and achievements only serve to satisfy it.

  96. The self-respect is to defend dignity above the need for approval.

  97. Do not say that you are a loser before arriving at the final evaluation.

  98. I want you to know things of mine that will surely displease you.

  99. A neurotic person is immature, someone who can not fully enjoy life, who does not live in the present and someone who completely disrupts his experiential process.

  100. I want to open my hand and be able to let go of what is not, is not good, not for me and what does not belong to me.

  101. In order to fly you must create an outdoor space so you can actually open your wings.
  102. Opportunities and luck always visit people.
  103. When you do not handle your life well, you become annoyed and frustrated when things do not go as you want, and our bad mood is a sign that we were able to resolve the conflict.
  104. We are what we are thanks to all that we have lost and how we have managed what we have lost.
  105. Couples break up for the same reasons they come together.
  106. What does it matter how smart we are? In the same way we occasionally have to lose.
  107. True love is simply the inevitable desire for the other to be who he really is.
  108. Love is joy only for the existence of another.
  109. Only you choose the where and only you decide the until when, because your path is exclusively yours matter.
  110. He who is deaf always believes that those who dance are crazy.

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