Stan Lee's Top 25 Phrases

The Stan Lee's phrases (1922) are for fans of comics and superheroes, which for a Christian could be the parables of Jesus. Creator of Spiderman, Hulk, X-Men or Thor, his work is part of the cultural art of the XX and XXI century.

And is that several generations have grown up with these heroes of fiction and have dreamed of having some of the extraordinary powers with which they saved the world.

Stan Lee's Top 25 Phrases

From immigrant parents, Stan Lee began working at the company Marvel, an empire that continues to generate the illusion of children and adults and billed billions of dollars.

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1-"A great power carries a great responsibility".

2-"I've never had an erotic dance in Tampa or anywhere else in Florida. If there was ever such a dance, I do not think I would have liked to discuss television with the girls who were there."

3-"I'm a frustrated actor, so I'll try to defeat Alfred Hithcock in his number of cameos. I'm going to break your record."

4-"We would all like to have superpowers since we would all like more of what we can do."

5-"The only advice I can give is, if you want to be a writer, write. And read a lot, read as much as you can."

6-"No one has a perfect life. Everyone wants something they do not have but they do not find the way to get it."

7-"There is only one who is all-powerful and his greatest weapon is love."


9-"I do not see the need to retire as long as I'm having a good time."

10-"I used to feel ashamed because, while I was a comic book writer, other people were building bridges or practicing medical careers. But then I realized that entertainment is one of the most important things in life. Without it we would sink. Now I feel that if you are able to entertain people, you are doing something good."

11-"It turns out that now they want to make a movie of my life and I wonder,"What the hell are they writing in the script? I have never been arrested, I have not taken drugs and I have been with the same wife for 54 years... Where is the interest?"

12-"If Shakespeare and Michelangelo were alive today, and if they decided to make a comic, Shakespeare could write the script and Michelangelo draw it. Would anyone question that this would not be a way to make art?"

13-"If you make a powerful character, without any vulnerability, I do not think it's that interesting to the reader."

14-"I never thought that Spiderman would become the global icon that it is today. I just expected their comics to sell well and make me keep my job."

15-"I try not to do anything like what I did before. We have a great universe here, full of new ideas."

16-"We all need an idol, and sometimes we have to look for it in fiction".

17-"Man is not an island. And if you can have a friend who is complicated and a complex person, much better."

18-"The fans are wonderful. And they make it difficult, because fans can be against you in a second if you are wrong or disappoint them. Thanks to the fans, the product you end up creating is probably better than it would have been if they had not been there, because it terrifies one to disappoint them."

19-"The most important thing is to be busy. If you are busy working you do not have time to worry about the serious problems of life".

20-"When you work with talented people, they inspire you. And one hopes to inspire them as well."

21-"It is necessary to inject a little philosophy or something, so that the reader can reflect when he reads the stories".

22-"Every time you think you have a good name, you discover that another already has it. Writing stories is not so difficult, but making a good title is the hard part."

23-"I never thought that negotiating proposals to accept or reject, almost everything they offered me sounded funny."

24-"I am not a prophet, but predicts comics will always be valuable."

25-"If Achilles did not have his heel, you probably did not know him today."

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