Speaking alone What does Psychology say? Is good or bad?

Your inner speech, what you say to yourself, can lead you to be loved or not, happy or unhappy, attractive or unattractive, weak or strong. And what happens when we talk alone?

We never question if it is bad to think, but if we see as something strange the talk alone . However, what is not well known is that thoughts are like the voice put to the minimum volume.

talk alone

Therefore, you should worry as much what you think as you speak aloud, in case those phrases or thoughts are negative.

Are there benefits of talking alone?

A study by Gary Lupyan, of the University of Wisconsin , And Daniel Swingley, of the University of Pennsylvania , Showed that people who talk to themselves while looking for objects found them before.

On the other hand, it is normal for children to talk alone to solve problems. That if, once they learn and internalize the speech, they only speak to themselves in the most complicated tasks.

The main benefits are:

  • Motivational : read Phrases of improvement or motivation , Is one of the best ways to get motivated in sports, work or any task.
  • Reinforcer : You do not need to wait for someone to tell you something positive or congratulate you when you do something right. You can do it yourself. In fact it is advisable to reinforce yourself by saying to yourself positive phrases like"you have done very well","you are a crack"or"very well!".
  • Reflect : Sometimes we make decisions without thinking and impulsively. Talking is one of the best ways to clarify ideas and reflect on what is best for you and what not, what strategies you can carry out or think about past mistakes.
  • Set and remember goals : to write objectives Is one of the best techniques to be able to get what you propose. Talking can only help you set goals you are not clear of and remember them when you find something lost.
  • Strengthens memory : Psychologists Lupyan and Swingley conducted an experiment where it was shown that self-directed speech helps Improve memory .
  • Acts as behavioral guide : We have all talked to ourselves to guide a behavior or learn a new activity, such as learning to drive. This serves to give us the necessary indications; First belt, then insert key, etc.
  • It can increase intelligence : An American study, published by the journal Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology , Says talking can only help develop neural connections.

Other benefits:

  • Put problems in perspective.
  • Organize thought.
  • help to take decisions .
  • Release tension and stress.
  • Be aware of irrational thoughts (non-objective thoughts based on reality).
  • It helps you feel more comfortable in solitude.
  • Can help Be more creative .

Can it be bad to talk alone?

There are only a few conditions in which speaking to yourself can be a sign of mental illness and is almost always followed by other signs or symptoms.

For example, talking to yourself may Be a symptom of schizophrenia But it is not the only symptom of that mental illness, much less the main one. In this case, there are other main symptoms; Hallucinations, behavioral changes, delusions, social isolation, paranoid delusions... Therefore, if talking to yourself is followed by one of these symptoms, if it is worrisome and You would have to go to a professional .

Visit this article To inform you about the symptoms of schizophrenia.

In general, and except for other symptoms or behavioral problems, you may find that talking to yourself is not bad, or a sign of mental illness.

You should only worry If it interferes with your normal functioning or concludes with negative thoughts . For example, talking to yourself in a negative way could lead to depression, although this also has to meet other characteristics like sleeping little or much, eating little or much, negative ideas about the past, present and future, social isolation...

What do you think? Do you tell me your experiences? I am interested! Thank you.

In short, talking to yourself from time to time is normal, even healthy and not by itself a sign of mental illness, so do not be afraid to do so.

The cases that would have to go to a professional would be:

  • Speak to yourself on the street, on high and on strange or imaginary situations (could be a symptom of schizophrenia).
  • Tell yourself negative things, depressives, negative ideas...
  • It causes discomfort.

It is normal when:

  • You are doing something, reflecting or trying to solve a problem.


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