Saving on your trips is possible | 13 must-see tips

Traveling is one of the most rewarding experiences in life: knowing new cultures, tasting new flavors and marveling or taking pictures with different landscapes and architecture is priceless ... Or is it? We have a deep-rooted myth that to travel we need to have a lot of money, which is only for "rich people" but ... What if we told you that it is not? Today in Supercurioso we bring you 13 solutions to save during your trip Keep reading!

Saving on your trips is possible | 13 tips to achieve it

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1. Plan and investigate

Find everything you can think of that you may need to know during the trip so that you get as located as possible and can get along comfortable, safe, (economically) and quickly. Planning with time you can save time and money in transportation, food or lodging . You can even find long-term parking options quite economical as Parkos , in terminals T1, T2, T3 and T4 of Barajas airport.

2. Make a budget

Yes, we already know that On a trip, we usually spend more than what we propose, but we have to accept that, to a large extent, it is because we do not plan enough. . Make a budget taking into account the money you have and the cost of daily living (food, transportation, accommodation) of the place to visit, as well as those you want to make. Set the estimate and set aside a little money just for extra tastes.

3. Travel in low season

Avoid summer vacations and, above all, the Christmas holidays. You can take advantage of those days to enjoy your quiet city, without so much bustle because the rest are on vacation, while you can Enjoy the trip you want to do at a lower price by traveling in months like May or September, when there are still good seasons.

4. Evaluate all possible transportation options, use discounts and avoid taxis

Most countries already have integrated transport systems that are managed by Apps or with rechargeable cards . Find out if it is possible to buy any of these for the time you will be, so avoid the high rates for tourists who buy for each trip and do not need to use a taxi. Touring the site by bicycle could also be a very economical and green option.

5. If you study, always load your student card

Students and children under 25 usually have discounts on tickets to museums , historical monuments and parks or nature reserves. Always carry your passport and your student card to enjoy them.

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6. Travel with airlines low-cost

The airlines low-cost Eliminate some unnecessary expenses of the trip such as meals for flights (which are unnecessary on flights of less than 4 hours). Ask for a quote on these airlines and you will be surprised with the remarkable difference. You can also get options to park at the airport with a long stay such as Parkos, present at the Madrid airport and at the Barcelona airport.

7. Stay in a room of premises or in a hostel

It is increasingly common for travelers to stay in rooms of local homes or in hostels (or collaborative residences). Not only do you save money, but you also make new friendships. Try it!

8. Choose accommodations with meals

In case you are not too comfortable with the rooms of the premises or the hostels, choose hotels or inns that have meals in the budget of the room, as continental breakfasts, etc. So you can eat very well and save this money.

9. Reserve with time

The key to obtaining lodging and economic trips is to reserve with time. Investigate at least 1 month in advance about the lodging and the walks you want to do in those that you need guides; This way you will have access to lower prices.

10. Buy travel insurance

In most countries, medical services have astronomical prices and many do not have public health services that meet international standards. Buy travel insurance before leaving home, not only because many countries ask for it as a requirement to enter their territory but also because you will be protected and save money.

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11. Work

There are countries that allow those who arrive with a tourist visa to work. Find out if the country you are targeting has this facility and what are the requirements to do it legally. Maybe you can cover the trip and even come home with money in your pocket!

12. Visit museums on free days

While most of the world's museums are paid (and expensive) in many countries have a day of free entry , which is usually on Sundays. Take advantage of these days to explore as many as you can!

13. Download Apps (and use them with WiFi)

We are in a digital era Take it! Download GPS location apps, transportation services, discount coupons or event agendas where you're going. This will be super useful.

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Do you find these tips useful to save you a little bit on the trip? Have you applied any? What other tips would you add to this list? We hope this article is useful for you and that you share your experiences and opinions with the Happy Traveler community in our comments section We read to you!

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