Sauli Koskinen: Biography and Career

Sauli Koskinen (March 28, 1985) is a presenter, host and Finnish actor. Won the Finnish version of the reality show Big Brother In 2007, being one of the most popular stars that have gone through the program (Salenaikou, 2011).

His life gained international relevance for the community LGBT After starting a relationship with the first finalist of the 8th season of American Idol , the singer Adam Lambert . However, their relationship lasted just over three years (SFG News, 2013).


Life before Big Brother

Before his participation in the third season of reality Big Brother Of Finland, worked in a hamburger restaurant and a clothing store. He also designed pants for the fashion line KoneHELSINKI and sometimes modeled for the same company (SFG News, 2013).

His father is his role model for overcoming obstacles to founding a trading company. Sauli lived with his twin sister in an apartment as a roommate. Koskinen admitted to agreeing to enter the competition by repeated suggestions from a customer of the store he attended (Big Brother Finland, 2007).

Participation in GH Finland 2007

Sauli was selected to Big Brother After an interview in which the producers perceived him as a kind, warm and full of positive energy. He competed in a group of 20 participants in a house dedicated to the contest in the city of Espoo (World of Big Brother, 2007).

After 97 days of the contest, Sauli finished winning by winning a prize of 50,000 euros. In addition to the silver received, he went on an all-inclusive cruise along with his showmates. (Big Brother Finland, 2007).

Relationship with Adam Lambert

In 2010 he began a relationship with singer Adam Lambert, the first finalist of the eighth season of American Idol . Both met when Koskinen attended a Lambert concert in Finland in November. Later, Adam had a concert in Paris in which Sauli was also there and took pictures with the singer (Salenaikou, 2011).

The relationship between Koskinen and Lambert ended in 2013 due to his professional commitments away from each other. Nevertheless everything was in good terms and they continue having a friendship, although with little contact (Seiska, 2013).

Professional life post Big Brother

Sauli and Niko, companion and second finalist of Big Brother 2007 and winner in 2010, had a great demand for public appearances. They began hosting events in Finland, including festivals, fairs and activities for young people and children. Sauli became a member of the Super Club, where he organized parties and contests in different bars and restaurants across the nation.

The old companions and friends of Big Brother They worked as guides for travelers and tourists on trips to Turkey. Sauli was a recreation director on some language courses. The services of the company Seiska, Sauli and Niko entertained the guests and even married couples while consecrated as priests.

It had a program in the year 2008 by request of its fans that was called"The best videos of Sauli and Niko". In the show both commented on viral videos that triumphed over the Internet (Salenaikou, 2011).

Shortly afterwards, Koskinen was hired as an entertainment reporter for the Finnish tabloid Ilta-Sanomat . There she commented on entertainment news on the weekly Tutka Show with co-host Katri Utula.

In 2011, Koskinen was hired as a correspondent for Radio Aalto While working for Ilta-Sanomat (Ilta-Sanomat, 2011). That year, Katri and Sauli traveled to the United States to produce a special version of their Internet series called Tutka Roadshow .

Then they offered him their own show about their personal life while living in Los Angeles, an offer he declined because he said he did not want to expose his privacy to the public again. (Ilta-Sanomat, 2011).

The following year, Sauli continued his work to Ilta-Sanomat As a blogger and hosted another special Tutka Roadshow Which was produced in the summer of 2012. That time Koskinen and Utula traveled to southern Finland to meet national celebrities.

In May of that year Sauli hosted the Näytös 2012 fashion show, which was televised live via the national channel Ylex Teema (Ylex, 2012).

In 2013, Sauli started a videoblog from Los Angeles for the Finnish entertainment magazine 7 Päivää . In December he signed with the modeling agency Paparazzi, where he worked as a presenter, actor and model (Italehti, 2013).

I work in the Fox television

In February 2013, Fox's Finnish branch announced that Sauli Koskinen would start its own program, called Saulin Paras Kaveri . The show was recorded in Los Angeles in the spring of that year. There, Koskinen interviews Finnish celebrities living in the American city. The first episode was aired on Fox Finland in September 2013. Guests of the show included model Suvi Koponen and chef Stefan Richter (Fox, 2013).

Dancing on Ice, Finland

Sauli was the winner of the first season of the television contest Dancing on Ice . In August 2013 it was announced that Koskinen would participate in the Finnish version of the program. There ten celebrities learned to skate with a professional partner. Sauli was paired with synchronized ice skater Nea Ojala.

After announcing participants and coaches, the teams had five weeks to prepare for the first live performance. The competition began in September and the final was on 30 November. Koskinen and Ojala won the competition (Nelonen, 2013).


In 2016, Sauli Koskinen along with Sebastian Tynkkynen were presenters of the Finnish survival reality Raju TV , Produced by Iltasanomat. The program was recently recorded and will be televised in 2017 (Ilta-Sanomat, 2016).

In late November, Koskinen signed a contract with Fit Diamonds to be a personal trainer, projected through social networks such as Facebook and Snapchat. (FitDiamons, 2016)


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