Rest, sleep and sleep, differences and the relationship between these actions

The human being is biologically conditioned to perform more during the day and, when night comes, to reduce their activity as much as possible. This is facilitated by biorhythms and the presence of natural light.

Although there are people called rooster and other owls, because of their different capacity to perform more during the day or night, the reality is that the organism is designed to rest during the night, hence when these hours arrive, the majority of humans they have an irrepressible desire to sleep.

The process is as follows: the eyes are closed, the eyelids are falling, the muscles relax and Consciousness gradually fades away. However, the reality is that the inactivity is only partial, because the brain continues to work actively. The brain never rests, even when we dream, in fact dreams are the demonstration of brain activity.

However, the body needs the mind to disconnect in some way to recharge forces for the next day. The dream is, according to many researchers, a very positive unconscious practice for the human organism. The scientist Isabel de Andrés, expert in sleep and professor of the Department of Neuroanatomy of the Faculty of Medicine of the Autonomous University of Madrid affirms that it is already socially accepted that the dream is at the service of many biological functions not necessarily connected to each other , in addition to brain functions.

The dream, differentiate between relevant information and noise

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The dream, differentiate between relevant information and noise

In a traditional way, The dream has been related to the consolidation of memory. Even a little nap helps to remember better. Until recently it is believed that during the ground the connections involved in the storage of recent memories were strengthened.

However, a new theory holds that During the night, the connections between the neurons weaken and in this way the brain is not saturated with the daily experience. Through this nocturnal "reset", the brain can store new information for the next day.

Scientists Giulio Tononi and Chiara Cirelli of the University of Wisconsin-Madison affirm that this is possible during sleep, for the reduction of the number of synapses, connections between neurons, and it is not during the day, because almost everything that happens is reflected in those neural connections.

Sleep as a brain cleansing agent

Another interesting aspect of sleep and the act of sleeping is that it acts as Cleansing agent of the nervous system. As it happens in cities, cellular functioning generates waste substances, which accumulate in the body in the extracellular space.

The University of Rochester, through a complete study published in Science, states that the collection and recycling of waste substances takes place at night, when we sleep.

This point elimination of waste materials in the brain is key to avoid, for example, Alzheimer's disease , because this pathology is related to the accumulation of a toxic protein, beta-amyloid.

Sleep and rest, the differences

Sleep and rest, the differences

With regard to this subject, it is confused occasionally to sleep with rest, when it is not the same. The human being can sleep without rest and rest without sleeping.

Rest is to reduce physical and neuronal activity and thereby replenish the energies that have been spent during the day, so that we can rest physically and mentally, for example, sitting on the couch, reading a book or doing nothing.

When we talk about resting during sleep it is fundamental to feel comfortable, to do it over mattresses that really offer a pleasant sensation. On the website of the Lo Monaco Group we can find mattresses for a restful sleep , mattresses online tested with those who achieve this goal so persecuted, a pleasant rest.

Sleep and sleep are activities that, if they are complete, achieve a more positive effect than simply resting , which is absolutely necessary for our body.

When we sleep, if we do it in a pleasant way, the level of brain activity is reduced , serving as an impulse to face the next day with more energy. In the case of rest, this can occur consciously, actively, while awake, and lead to emotional rest, sensory rest or mental rest, all of them necessary states to find calmness.

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