Peter Douglas: Biography and Career

Peter Douglas , Born November 23, 1955, is an American film producer, the son of actor Kirk Douglas and his second wife, the German-American producer Anne Buydens (Vincent Pictures, 2009).

Douglas was born in Los Angeles, California. His second name was given in homage to Vincent van Gogh , Who his father played in the movie"The Crazy Redhead." He used that name for his production company, Vincent Pictures.

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Work in the 80's

Among the works in television production made by Douglas are"The Legend of the Wind"of 1988, for which he won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Drama or Special Comedy. "Amos"of 1984 was also nominated in the same category.

His film credits include the science fiction classic"The End of the Countdown"in 1980, in which his father worked (Vincent Pictures, 2009).

He also worked on the adaptation of the classic of Ray Bradbury's 1983 novel"The Darkness Show", which won the Saturn Award for Best Fantasy Film. He also produced the hit sitcom"Fletch the Chameleon"as well as his 1989"Fletch revive"sequel, both with Chevy Chase as protagonist (Vincent Pictures, 2009).


Douglas wrote, directed and produced the 1988 independent film"A Tiger in the Pillow"starring Ann-Margaret. Douglas executive produced the thriller"The Enemy Within,"starring Forest Whitaker and Jason Robards.

Douglas also executive produced the 2009 film"Whip It Rollergirls, Girls With No Brake"starring Drew Barrymore and Ellen Page. A contemporary history of the world within the Women's Roller Derby.

In recent years, Peter Douglas has focused on making new versions and sequels of films from the 60s of director John Frankenheimer. Douglas did this because he had rights to movies in which his father was the protagonist or produced.

Peter has its own funding to acquire these rights and forms partnerships with film companies for distribution, production and financing agreements (Deadline, 2010).

The list of films that Douglas wants to redo includes:

  • "Seven Days of May", a 1964 thriller starring Kirk Douglas.
  • "Seconds", the cult classic of 1996
  • And"Grand Prix,"which had the Frankheimer racing recordings. This movie won Academy Awards. Specifically better sound effects, better film editing and better sound (Deadline, 2010).

Personal life

Douglas married Lisa Schroeder in 1991 and had four children, Kelsey, Tyler, Ryan and Jason.
Philanthropy has been part of the life of Peter Douglas. He is President and Chief Operating Officer of the Douglas Foundation, founded in 1962 as one of the largest and oldest philanthropic institutions in the film industry.

He has been on the board of directors as deputy director of the planning committee at Cedars-Sinai, Los Angeles' most important medical center.

He also spent several years at Big Brothers of Greater Los Angeles as mentor to underprivileged youth (Vincent Pictures, 2009).

Through their Vincent-NewMedia web company, Peter Douglas and his brother Michael Douglas bring Hollywood production values, with the goal of creating innovative web content (Transmitmedia, 1996).


In June 1985, the film"The end of the countdown"was at risk of not occurring. The federal government sued a retired Navy pilot and filmmakers (including Douglas) for lying in reporting fewer flight hours than those made when the film was filmed in 1979 (AP, 1985).

The lawsuit against Peter Vincent Douglas and three production companies was settled in September 1980, being ordered to pay a thousand to the United States federal government (AP, 1986).


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