Opinion by Adulterio (Paulo Coelho) Is it worth it?

Adultery Is the last novel of Paulo Coelho and its main message is that life without passion and with security does not make sense.

The Brazilian writer Paulo Coelho Is one of the most famous writers in the world. His best known novel is The Alchemist, published in 1988 and translated into more than 60 languages.

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Since then, Coelho has released approximately one book a year, selling more than 165 million copies and published in more than 170 countries.

In this novel he shows himself in favor of risking himself, doing new things and avoiding security, which is the antithesis of life. However, to change you have to lose the fear of change and most people fear you.

A second theme that is also seen in many novels of Coelho is religion: this time, the author conveys that love is the true religion, all religions have it in common and is that it is its true essence.

Another important topic in the book is happiness. Everyone is pursuing it, although it is not at all clear what it is. A person can have everything that people pursue in society - be rich, have a partner, children, work - and be unhappy.

Why is adultery interesting?

  • Adultery is a subject without expiration and that is given often in the life, as much by famous as by common people.
  • We are never satisfied: although the protagonist of the book has a seemingly perfect life, she feels that there is something missing. We live in a time when we always want something more.
  • The romances of youth are often remembered with passion.
  • Sometimes we are our worst enemies: we create our own problems through our thinking.
  • We spend years chasing something we supposedly want and when we get it, we're not happy

Personal opinion

It would be easy to assume that this novel is simply about sex and adultery. The problem is that people often do not understand the depth of these concepts.

It is the story of a woman who feels lonely, bored and disconnected with life, willing to risk everything to find adventure, passion, emotions. You probably do not like the protagonist, it may even seem superficial, although if you propose, you will understand and learn something from her.

In my opinion, the main message of this book is clear: let your inner child out in a healthy way or you may suffer the consequences. Find the passion in life you already have, instead of wasting time thinking about how your life could be.

Anyone who is in a relationship, looking for it or just leaving it, can learn something from this book.

So that you better understand what the book is about, I leave you with some of your thoughts:

  • "We do not show we show our feelings because people might think we are vulnerable and take advantage of us."
  • "I discovered what was really causing me problems: lack of passion and adventures."
  • "To find peace in heaven we must find love on earth."
  • "We are always practicing self-control, keeping the monster out of its hiding place."
  • "We ourselves create the mess in our heads. It does not come from outside."
  • "Keep the relationship safe while experiencing adventure. It's the ideal situation."
  • "People have a tendency to self-destruct."
  • "What kills a relationship is precisely the lack of challenges, the feeling that there is nothing new. We need to continue being a surprise to each other."

Here is a brief summary of the beginning of the novel (not an entire summary).

Home Adultery

The novel begins with the narrative of Linda, a young Swiss who presents herself as a woman who can complain little. She is 30, a wealthy husband who is dedicated to finances, two children and a job as a reporter in a newspaper in Geneva, Switzerland.

However, despite her seeming good luck, she feels trapped in the routine, in a life without passion or risk, in the safest country in the world. He thinks that since he got married, time has passed without emotion and he feels the urge to leave everything and go in search of his dreams.

Linda suggests that her discontent was initiated through an interview in which the interviewee stated"I have no interest in being happy. I prefer to live in a passionate way, which is dangerous because you never know what could happen next."

And there are still events that will ignite even more the flame that has ignited in Linda. He has an interview with a politician, exnovio of the institute, called Jacob, who has become a narcissistic man, selfish and only concerned about himself and his future. But Linda is aware that she is also a person obsessed with herself and wonders if they would have a good relationship.

The interview bores Linda because she's thinking about other things. Shortly after its inception, Jacob acts in a way she had expected: kissing her. From there it begins to destabilize the life of the protagonist with obsessions and feelings of guilt.

Although Jacob's relationship is only a distraction, Linda wants to experience passion and imagines herself in love with him. He finds it exciting to fight for a love that is not reciprocated and likes what he has awakened within it.

Linda's obsession begins to grow and she decides that the first obstacle to her happiness is her husband, so she plans a plan to incriminate her husband in drug use.

How far will Linda be willing to meet your wishes?

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What did you think of the analysis? What do you think the author tries to convey?

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