Narigudo Monkey | Curiosities of this huge-nosed animal

The long-nosed monkey in a kind of monkey that lives in the remote jungles of Borneo, in Southeast Asia. This monkey is a peaceful animal, which feeds only on buds and leaves, which moves clinging to the lianas of the trees and that also nothing very well, besides being very fast.

It seems that nothing distinguishes the long-nosed monkey from as many species of monkeys, right? Well, you may be struck by its appearance, with a giant nose and a large round belly, as well as a very adorable tan coat. Yes, it is in its physical characteristics in which it hides its most special characteristics .

In Supercurious we are lovers of the animal kingdom and of all the curiosities that it entails, so continuing with our series of Rare Animals of the World , today we will delve into the peculiarities of the Narigudo Monkey. It will interest you to know that the poor person is usually considered as firm candidate to be The Most Ugly Animal in the World , but if you want to find out other data just as curious, and even more, read on. I'm sure we'll tear you out laughing!

Narigudo Monkey | Facts about this peculiar giant-nosed animal

Tree nosed monkey

1. A most fun name

Even though nosy monkey Do not think it's an especially funny name (if it's quite graphic of the type of animal that is involved), your Indonesian version may make you laugh, because this animal it is known as monyet belanda ("Dutch monkey '") because the inhabitants of Indonesia felt that the Dutch colonists had a reddish "coat" and an equally bloated gut .

2. A day in the life of a nosy monkey

Narigued monkey in front

The snub-nosed monkeys get up with the sunrise after having spent the night sleeping in the branches of the trees to protect themselves from predators. During the day they eat and do not separate much from their territory, which is not usually far from any river or watercourse, since, as we mentioned, they are excellent swimmers (thanks to the palms of their hands).

After eating sprouts and stems in the morning, the long-nosed monkey rests for the rest of the day. They are very calm animals, structured in groups of about twenty or thirty individuals where there are several females per male, but in which the males, unlike what happens with many other animal species, do not fight among themselves. The most dominant watches the group from the top of a tree and the females coordinate the movement of their companions.

While they rest, It may be that the nosy monkeys are entertained with certain social behaviors, such as grooming one another in search of fleas . The cleaning is only done by members of the same group.

Shortly before nightfall, the group returns to feed. As you can see, it's a very tranquil and smooth life! Unless a predator lurks, of course. Then, the whole group flees suddenly.

3. The size, does it matter?

One of the first things that surprise when you see a big-nosed monkey is the size of your nose, especially in males. It becomes so big that it hangs below the mouth . The nose of these monkeys turns red when they get angry or excited, and they can use it to create a characteristic sound they use to warn of danger.

However, it is said that the nose of this type of monkeys has increased so much in size because of sexual selection . That is, females prefer males with which they will mate with some beautiful napias because they are the ones that produce the loudest screams.

As we said, the females do not have a nose that is as big or end up with the same shape as that of the males , although it still feels pretty big for a monkey.

4. The reproduction of the nosed monkeys

Monkey nose profile

The females of this species of monkeys have a gestation that usually lasts about 166 days. Normally, they go into labor at night or early in the morning, and the young they have do not have the reddish coat of the adults, but they are born with dark blue faces. , although it changes color after about four months.

The pups stay with their mothers for a year, after which they move to a new group, or until they have a new baby. During the time they are with their mother, curiously, this let other group members support the young .

5. A bulletproof stomach

Another of the most striking physical characteristics of the proboscis monkey is the size of its stomach, which weighs a quarter of its body weight (which tends to be around 20 kilos in males and 10 in females).

It is so big because it contains a unique and interesting digestive system that allows the nosed monkeys to follow a diet based on leaves and occasionally fruit. Inside their immense stomachs live a kind of symbiotic bacteria that help them digest food more easily .

6. In danger of extinction

Unfortunately, the beautiful long-nosed monkey is considered in danger of extinction since 2000. This is due to several factors. Although its predators are numerous and fearsome (like the crocodile, the pythons, leopards or eagles), the greatest danger to the long-nosed monkey is the human being.

First, humans are responsible that this species of monkeys, which can only be found in Borneo, is losing its natural habitat . In addition, some unscrupulous hunters hunt it because it is considered a delicacy or to be used in remedies of traditional Chinese medicine.

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And so we come to the end of our post focused on the Narigudo Monkey; an animal of the most interesting and charming, right? Tell us, did you know the information we have given you about this animal? Do you think we have left any curiosity? Do you want to propose other animals that you would like to discover more about? Resolve us and make us your proposals, we will read you with great interest!

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