Names of Demons | The origin of the most popular and original

As much the religions as the folklore of all the times usually have in their "cast" one or more personages or supernatural beings of evil character . In Christianity this being is the devil, Lucifer, the fallen angel. But there are many more Names of Demons. Join us to know the origin of the most popular and original.

In Ancient Greece, the word demon did not have a negative connotation. It simply indicated a spiritual being or a spirit and even a wise man as a philosopher could be. However, due to Greek translations of biblical texts, the word "daimonion" (δαιμόνιον) was given the negative meaning it now has and which identifies it with an impure spirit.

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Know the Names of Demons and their stories

Devil, is a synonym of demon and also comes from the Greek. It means slanderer, falsifier or liar. The appellatives that we propose to you next come from very diverse origins, but there exist many more names of demons, since if we pay attention to the Talmud, the hell was populated by 7,500,000 demons!

1. Names of Male Demons

  • Lucifer : he was the most beautiful of all the angels, but for his misfortune also the most magnificent. When he wanted to compare himself to God, he was expelled from heaven and considered the captain of the fallen angels who became demons. Its name means: The "Bearer of light".

Names of Demons

  • Dumah : in rabbinic literature it is the angel of death and destruction. He has a thousand eyes and carries in his hands a burning sword.
  • Gadreel or Gaderel : to this demon the tradition considers him the one in charge of deceiving Eva in Paradise.
  • Maalik : We find it in the Islamic religion and its mission is to keep the fire of hell.
  • Satan : although in Christianity names of demons As Lucifer and Satan are synonymous, for Judaism they are two different beings. Satan in Hebrew means "adversary."
  • Guayota : in the ancient Guanche religion of the Canary Islands was the being that represented evil in front of the good god. He was "the destroyer" and lived inside the volcanoes. If you want to know more about this demon, you can find it here: Guayota, the demon of the Guanche mythology that lived in the Teide .

Names of Demons 1

  • Bleat : was the chief of the demons or "fomorianos" of the Celtic mythology. To know the legend of this mythological being, read the article: Balar, the king of the demons of the Celtic mythology . Surely it will impress you! By the way, he had only one eye with five eyelids in the middle of his forehead.

Names of Demons 2

  • Sulak : was a demon of the Babylonian tradition and dwelled in the toilets. It caused a lot of diseases.

Names of Demons 3

  • Tengu : is one of the most popular demon names in Japan . It is a kind of man with the face of a bird that moves at great speed and kidnaps children and kills monks. In some traditions he became a minor protective deity of martial arts. We invite you to discover more information about Japanese culture at our entrance. Curiosities of Japan . They have no waste!

Names of Demons 4

  • Wutong She : is a demon of the Chinese tradition and lives in dreams.
  • Pazuzu : he is the king of the demons of the wind and the storms. Haul pests and pests and possibly your name sounds to you from the movie "The Exorcist".

The capitals sins They are also assigned demons, the main ones are:

  • Asmodeus it is the demon assigned to lust, a couple of Lilith, the first woman of Adam, begot thousands of devils.
  • Beelzebub is the one that corresponds to the Gula.
  • Belfegor Laziness is assigned.
  • Leviathan it is the demon of envy according to St. Thomas Aquinas. It has a snake shape and is related to Eve.

2. Names of Female Demons

  • Abyzou : It was a female demon that caused great terror in the Near East and Europe. According to tradition he was sterile and his envy of pregnant women led him to cause abortions. In case of not getting it, Abyzou , in many occasions, it finished with the newborn babies.

Names of Demons 5

  • Lilith, Lili , Lamia or Laila They are names of female demons related to what some traditions consider the first woman that God gave to Adam. Since she did not want to obey him, she was expelled from Paradise and condemned to give birth only to demonic beings and to become herself. For a few decades she is considered a pioneer of feminism.

Names of Demons 6

  • Batibat : is a female demon of the tradition of one of the ethnic groups of the Philippines. She lives in a tree and is peaceful, but if someone cuts her house, she becomes vengeful and because she is very fat, she sits on her chest and chokes him.
  • Empusa : is one of the names of demons that comes from Greek mythology. She is a devil who keeps the hades. It is also a shapeshifter.
  • Abrahel : she is the queen of the " Succubi "Or female sexual demons. If you want to know its complete legend you will find it here: Abrahel, the sexual and evil devil who takes feminine form .

Many of those names have been used in novels or movies and for that reason they are familiar to us. Do you know other Names of Demons and their stories or their origin? Share them with us and we can expand this list! If in addition to knowing names of demons, you are interested in knowing names of angels, you can find them in the post: Names of angels, archangels and demons | Did you know them? We are waiting! ð ??????

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