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Angels are spiritual beings that we find present in the three main monotheistic religions: Christianity, Judaism and Islam. Their function is to assist and serve God and, on many occasions, to act as messengers in their relationship with people. That is why the knowledge of the Names of Angels is important in our society . And for that reason, in Supercurious Today we want to share with you a compilation of Names of Angels and Archangels together with their meaning, as well as the review of a series of Names of Demons. Do not miss them and know all their stories.

Names of Angels, Archangels and Fallen Angels. Know them!

Names of angels, history of the angels

Fragment of 12th century orthodox icon. Names of Angels: Miguel and Gabriel.

Angels, according to religious tradition, were created by God long before men. Judaism considers them children of God and members of the divine council. They are beings of light who serve God and do what he commands them. Their tasks are, mainly, to introduce the soul to newborn children, to collect it from the deceased at the time of death and to serve as a messengers between divinity and humanity . This aspect will be perfectly included in the meaning of the names of angels and archangels.

The story of the angels that gather the main religions explains that they lived in Heaven in harmony and serving God when one of them, Lucifer, dominated by pride, wanted to be like God . At the command of a host of rebellious angels who followed him they tried to take their place, but their companions who had remained faithful overcame them under the command of the archangel Michael.

The angels who followed Lucifer were cut off their wings, were expelled from heaven and fell into the abyss : what we know as hell. There Lucifer became Satan and represents evil in all its meanings. This is the main myth that the Catholic religion exposes us as the difference between the forces of good and evil. For now, we prefer to focus on good, and share with you a selection of Names of Angels and Archangels. Then!

1. Names of Male Angels

The word angel has come to us from Latin, from the word "Angelus", and this was derived from the Greek word "ἄγγελος" " angels " which means "messenger". If we stick to the concept of angel as the celestial beings that belong to the ninth crown of the angelic hierarchy , there are not many names of angels that are known. Among the most common, is the generic itself: "Angel"

  • Angel: which means "The messenger."
  • Arariel or Azariel: that according to the Talmud is in charge of the waters of the earth and is invoked to have a good catch.
  • Puriel: who appears in the apocryphal "Abraham's Will" and, together with Dokiel, is in charge of examining the souls of the deceased when they reach heaven.

2. Name of Female Angels

Although, as we mentioned earlier, angels are androgynous beings (that is, they do not have male or female sex), their names are usually associated by cultures as feminine or masculine. Among the names of female angels we find some like:

  • Ariel: which means "Lion of God" and appears in the Hebrew Bible.
  • Abathar Muzania: which is mentioned in the writings of the Gnostic sect of the Mandelists and is in charge of weighing the souls of the deceased; it is also said to be the angel of the polar star.
  • Lailah: whose name means "Night" and according to the Talmud he helped Abraham in the fights against Sisera.

Names of angels, names of archangels

Henry Singleton "Ariel in the back of a bat."

3. Names of Archangels

The word archangel adds the prefix "arch" to "angelos" to form the Greek voice αρχάγγελος ( archangelos ). Arch it means "the one who commands", "the one who leads" or "the one who leads". The seven archangels, in the catholic church, are a high hierarchy of groups of angels, considered as the main , by those who are the other 8 choirs.

Can discover a lot more about them in our article on The 7 Archangels , where you will know who they are, their history and the meaning of each of them. In order to familiarize yourself with them, the names of archangels in the main monotheistic religions are:

  • Aniel or Hanael: which means the "Joy of God" and is usually represented by wearing an emerald green tunic, carrying a brown lantern. He is one of the 7 archangels of the Jewish tradition.
  • Nuriel: which means "Fire of the Lord" and responsible for the hailstorms. Sometimes it manifests in the form of an eagle and is considered protective of pregnant women.
  • Miguel: whose name means "Who is like God?" and was named prince by defeating Satan himself. Among other tasks is responsible for the training of guardian angels. If you want to know more about this archangel, we invite you to read the post: The Archangel Michael : all about this powerful creature.
  • Rafael: name that means "God heals" is considered as the protector of the couple and also performs cures.
  • Gabriel: whose name means "Strength of God" and is the main envoy of God to carry important messages to human beings.
  • Shamsiel: He is the one who watches the fallen angels. Its name means "Sun of God" and governs the 4th heaven.
  • Raguel: who represents justice and harmony as well as revenge and redemption. His name means "Friend of God."
  • Uriel: which means "God is my light" or "Fire of God" is the guardian of the key that will open the door of hell when the end of time according to the Apocalypse.
  • Azrael: which means "Help of God." For the Islamic culture it is the angel of death, but for the Christian and Hebrew tradition it is in charge of receiving in heaven the prayers sent by human beings.
  • Sariel: whose name means "Mission of God" being the one who brought to humanity the teaching of many things, among them the lunar calendar.

Names of Angels, Names of Archangels, fallen angels

"San Miguel Arcángel beats Lucifer" Guido Reni.

4. Names of Fallen Angels

The spiritual beings belonging to the angelic world are divided into angels and fallen angels, here are a few names of those who consider themselves both angels and demons. Some of the names of fallen angels are:

  • Abadón or Apolión: which means "Destroyer" and commands an army of locusts. For the majority of authors it is in the service of darkness, but some believe that it can be at the service of God. Will it be a double spy?
  • Dumah: we find him in Jewish literature. He is considered as the angel of death, with a thousand eyes, who carries in his hands a burning sword and represents destruction.
  • Gadreel or Gaderel: He is considered responsible for deceiving Eva taking the form of the serpent.
  • Maalik: that in the Islamic tradition he is in charge of taking care of the fire of hell.
  • Kushiel: also called "The inflexible" is who punishes the souls of people in hell.
  • Lucifer: whose name, ironically, means "Bearer of light" is the captain of the fallen angels. He is said to be the most beautiful angel and was expelled from heaven for his arrogance, as we saw earlier.
  • Satan: It turns out that, for Judaism, Lucifer and Satan are two different entities. Satan means "adversary" in Hebrew.

Names of Angels Angels and demons, fallen angels

The Fallen Angel, the work of Ricardo Bellver

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We conclude our collection of names of angels and archangels, so it is time to encourage you to participate in the comments section. Tell us, do you think there are angels? Why? Do you know any other interesting information about the existence or about the myths that there are angels? Do you believe in its protective power? Tell us your opinion in the comments! ð ?????? We will love discovering it!

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