Mohamed Hadid: Biography and Career

Mohamed Hadid Is a Palestinian real estate mogul based in the United States. He is known for the construction of hotels and luxury mansions, usually located in the famous Bel Air neighborhood of the city of Los Angeles, as well as in Beverly Hills, also in California. He has based his empire on the real estate business and his strategy is to acquire luxury homes, reform them and redecorate them to put them back in the market.

He has married twice and has five children. Two of them are supermodels. These are the famous models of Victoria's Secret, Gigi and Bella Hadid. Today the net worth of this businessman is estimated at about 100 million dollars, which includes several luxury homes and some cars. The real estate developer leads a life full of luxuries and surrounded by the rich and famous Hollywood. But not all the time was like this.


His family life

Mohamed Anwar Hadid was born on 6 November 1948 in Nazareth, in the State of Palestine, is the eighth son of the marriage between Anwar and Khairiah Hadid. As he told in an interview, his great-great-grandfather was the prince of Nazareth. But because of the creation of the State of Israel in 1948 (the same year in which he was born), his family was forced to leave their land to take refuge in Syria, where they spent several months in a camp.

His father, Anwar Hadid, was a respected US government official. Before leaving his country, Hadid's father attended a teachers' college in Jerusalem and studied law at a university in Syria. He later worked in a land settlement for the British authorities and also taught English at a teacher's college in Palestine before moving to Syria in 1948.

He briefly worked in the English section of the Syrian Broadcasting Authority before joining the Voice of America (VOA), the US government's international radio and television service. Hadid's father and his family lived in Damascus, Tunisia and Greece before moving to Washington D.C. U.S. They did it in 1962, when Anwar got a job at the VOA headquarters. Mohamed's father worked as a writer, editor and translator at the Voice of America for more than 30 years.

When the family arrived in the United States, it was not easy to adapt. Mohamed was a 14-year-old boy when he came to the mainland and attending a school where there were only a couple of immigrants did not make it any easier. He had no friends and was the only Arab at Washington & Lee High School.

That is why he took refuge in art and there he found a place where he could be himself. He began to paint when he was still a teenager with portraits of traditional style. But as he grew older, his lifestyle changed, as did his paintings. Modern abstract art captured his attention, but he never forgot the traditional style.

When he was 20, Mohamed Hadid attended North Carolina State University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, better known as MIT. But he left when he met his first partners.

Little by little, the artist expanded his perception of modern abstract art. He once said that you can not follow trends, but you have to create them. That is why over time, the artist incorporated other trends to his art style and was thus able to create unique and beautiful architectural wonders.

Your career as an entrepreneur

Today Mohamed Hadid is the person in whom billionaires and celebrities trust for the construction of their palaces. But Hadid was not always so well known. His fame and his money has earned it with great effort and dedication.

He began his career by restoring and reselling cars in the Georgetown neighborhood of Washington, D.C. After that he moved to Greece, where he opened a nightclub on an island. That place, called Aquarius, became one of the most exclusive discos on the European continent.

From that business he jumped on another. Hadid wanted to take advantage of the boom that was generating the oil, reason why it went to Qatar. There he began working with the country's new billionaires, designing and building their luxurious mansions. It was from that moment that he began his real estate business.

With the profits he obtained he returned to the United States to create his real estate business. Hadid Design & Development Group, the company of Mohamed, had its beginnings in Washington, D.C. Building residential and business real estate developments.

But the entrepreneur actually became famous for designing the luxury hotels of the Ritz Carlton Hotels chain in Washington, New York, Aspen and Houston. After that, Mohamed was hired to develop other incredible mansions, thanks to which he was able to amass a great fortune.

But Mohamed became known to the media thanks to his appearance on the television program The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. He was the wealthy friend of Lisa Vanderpump, who was kind enough to let the engagement party of Lisa's daughter, Pandora, take place in one of their lavish Los Angeles mansions.

A couple of years later, when Yolanda Foster joined the cast of the famous reality show, it became known that her ex-wife was none other than Mohamed Hadid. And they had three children together: Gigi and Bella Hadid, two of the best-known supermodels today, and Amwar Hadid.

Mohamed and Yolanda were married for eight years, between 1995 and 2003. The businessman had already been married once. His first wife was Mary Butler, whom he divorced in 1992 and with whom he had his first two daughters: Alana, who is a stylist and designer, and Marielle, who defines himself as the mother of two children.

Mohamed and Yolanda are reported to have had a friendly relationship after their separation. In fact, it was the entrepreneur who introduced him to David Foster, a music producer who became her husband, but who separated in 2011.

According to some court documents, after the divorce of Mohamed and Yolanda, Gigi's mother was left with a mansion in Malibu valued at $ 6 million, another incredible mansion in Santa Barbara, a couple of cars, $ 3.6 million Dollars in their bank account and a monthly pension for almost 30 thousand dollars of support for their children.

Their mansions

Mohamed Hadid not only likes to boast of the incredible mansions he has designed for others, but also of the ones he himself has displayed. One is located in the upscale Bel Air neighborhood of Los Angeles. It is a property of 4,500 square meters that has that modern style that characterizes its constructions. It has ten bedrooms and 14 bathrooms.

In 2012 he built another mega mansion located at 904 North Crescent Drive in Beverly Hills. It has been dubbed 'Le Palais' and is right next to the Beverly Hills Hotel. The beautiful property also has all the amenities a millionaire needs and even more. It has seven bedrooms and 11 bathrooms, glass doors and chandeliers.

It also has limestone columns as well as Egyptian marble walls. It has a large reception room, a bar, library, a luxury suite, a private cinema for 50 people, an outdoor swimming pool, a pond with swans, a large number of sculptures and a garage with space for about ten cars.

Currently Mohamed Hadid is working on an impressive mega mansion of almost 3,000 square meters at Strada Vecchia, Bel Air. The construction will feature an incredible contemporary design of curved walls of concrete, marble and glass, and will offer one of the most incredible views of the Pacific Ocean.

The lavish property has had enough problems with the Los Angeles Department of Construction and Security and its permits have been revoked on several occasions. But even so, Hadid has not stopped construction. It is said that this huge house will have a garage for 20 cars, multiple pools and the largest IMAX movie theater ever built in a house. But although the property sounds like the house that any millionaire would want and would be willing to buy, it seems that the construction has some drawbacks.

As has been said, the land on which the mansion is being built is unstable. And not only represents a danger to the house itself but also to the other properties that are below them. So after fighting with orders coming and going, Hadid has finally been sued and her company has been charged with three counts of construction complaints.

But the businessman seems not to be worried about the accusations. He has assured that this is a great misunderstanding. And what the city and its neighbors believe is a mega mansion is really two separate houses. This means that no building code is being violated.

The life full of luxuries and celebrations of Mohamed Hadid

His business as a developer of hotels and the most luxurious mansions made him one of the most recognized entrepreneurs in the United States. However, a few years ago his surname ceased to be a reference to name him, but rather his daughters, specifically Gigi, who in 2014 became one of the revelation faces of the world of modeling and fashion. Her younger siblings, Bella and Anwar, have also followed in their footsteps. So Mohamed is about to become the least famous of his family.

However, this does not affect him at all. In fact, he has confessed on many occasions how proud he is of his children. In his social networks he is defined as the"proud father of five". And the same love that professes for them, receives it back. His daughter Bella has defined him as his favorite man in the world, while Gigi has confessed to wanting him more than he imagines himself.

And at 68, his life is still far from complete and much less stagnant. Despite having had two failed marriages, the businessman has not given up on love. He is currently engaged to Shiva Safai, a businesswoman in the cosmetics world who is 30 years his junior.

Despite not having Gigi's 26 million followers on Instagram, Mohamed does have just over half a million followers in the social network of photographs. What makes it really a star in your world. It is from this account where the entrepreneur tells the world the details of his life, the luxuries that surround him, as well as the glamor and parties he usually attend.

Although Hadid is famous for its luxury constructions and its own mansions, the entrepreneur also likes to spend a lot of time at parties and in exquisite vacation spots. Like his famous daughters, the entrepreneur lives his life surrounded by friends and celebrities. And like every millionaire does not skimp on their holidays, which are usually European places like Paris, Sardinia, Saint Tropez or Bora Bora, among many others.

There is no doubt that everything surrounding Mohamed Hadid shines through for his money. But that does not mean he has not worked hard to achieve everything he has. In fact, at the age of 70 he is still working and apparently does not plan to retire yet. The patriarch of the supermodels Hadid, has gained by sweat strength his success. And he assures his daughters too.

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