Mobile Addiction: 7 Hooking Indicators

The Mobile addiction Is something common and we can see it in everyday life; People who eat with others talking about whatsapp, others who do not stop to check if they have a new message, people who stumble on the street to be annoying...

If you feel identified with some of these indicators, you may suffer:

Mobile addiction

1-You can not eat, drive, talk, work or do any activity without checking if they have spoken or called you.

2-You can not sleep without leaving the mobile on.

3-You wake up in the middle of the night to check if you have been called.

4-Constantly check the status in whatsapp of your contacts.

5-You feel anxiety or sadness if you forget the mobile at home.

6-You feel anxiety or sadness if you waste the battery and can not charge it or ask for a charger impulsively.

7-Being alone or with someone, you check if they have been called or sent a message on a constant basis.

Although there are other Negative consequences of mobile addiction , I'm going to focus on personal relationships because I think they are the worst and most affecting today.

Some time ago I was having a beer with a friend I had not seen in a long time. Incredibly he told me his stuff while he was looking at his cell phone and talking about whatsapp.

I looked around and there were tables that were in worse condition; All its members smiled and had a good time... while talking on the phone. When we left, I kindly told my friend that I think she has a mobile addiction problem and that next time, if she wants to stay, I prefer to pay attention to her.

Chatting whatsapp

Table for 2 or 4?

What is the first thing your partner (or you) do when you sit down to eat in a restaurant? It's probably putting the mobile on the table. Already missed all the romanticismâ € | Imagine the typical romantic meal with well-kept tables, wine, exquisite food, in the moonlight andâ € |movies on the table.

At the moment we do not give full attention to the other person, we divide it between the mobile and the person, and probably the latter is the one that leaves losing.

Even if we are with someone, we check the screen constantly in case someone has written, waiting for us to say something interesting and really How many conversations that serve us something we talk on the mobile? It is as if what the other person tells us is not enough.

The mobile on the table

Your attention is constantly directed towards the mobile, as if it were a son or partner. Part of our awareness is watching for the green symbol on the top left of the mobile.

Even if we do not respond, the same process of seeing who has written to us, Pick up the cellphone , Leave the mobile on the table and go back to service, breaks the Communication between two people . This way, your partner will feel less important than your mobile, or the person who is writing to you.

Why is attention important?

Attention is a way in which we show others that we care about them. A relationship is created when two people engage in mutual attention. This happens only if the two parties are present and do not pay attention to other things.

When you put the cell phone on the table, the intimacy relationship is broken and more parties come into play. On the other hand, If the conversation you keep by mobile is negative or a discussion, it will transmit that emotion and that will affect the real relationship .


A couple of days ago my father was called at 3 o'clock when he was finishing his lunch and he was at work. Also a few days ago I asked a friend for whatsapp a favor, took less than an hour to answer.

However he apologized for taking so long to answer and gave me an explanation. Then there are other people who complain because it takes more than a minute to answer.

With the new technologies, the sense of privacy is being lost. If you carry the mobile over, they can reach you anywhere. There is no place or time where you can be quiet doing something without being disturbed by anyone

It is necessary that we have moments and places in which we are not available and in which we devote our time to what we want and who we want. The next time you go out with someone you care about, turn off the phone. " Get up" To be in one place and with only one person, not be available and make that privacy different.

Ask yourself: What will I see on my mobile phone is as important as the relationship with the person I'm with?

There are many ways to improve your life, some require a lot of effort and perseverance and some less. Turn off and keep your cell phone away when you are with someone, it will improve your life and it will be worth the effort you make.

And did you have problems with someone's addiction to mobile phones?

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